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Flyers are great way to grab attention of your customers for any promotions, introductory offers, shop openings, services flyer etc. Flyers should be designed to cover your right audience. Designing a flyer is not just by making use of online templates, designs should be based on writeups and legible fonts and graphics with call to action clearly visible.

Flyer Design | Unique design flyer services in Singapore by Subraa

Flyer Design | Unique design flyer services in Singapore by Subraa

Flyer design types in Singapore

Flyer design types in Singapore

Professional attractive flyer designs have never been easy and Subraa helps to design flyer at a very low price and with a quick turnaround time. The flyer design is completely based on your writeups and the purpose it has to meet.

For an effective flyer design, it is necessary to keep your branding consistent, logo in its original colors always speaks. The brand colors should be maintained while designing wherever applicable. Flyers are designed to deliver your message with a powerful impact and a good flyer design Singapore freelancer will help you grab attention of its audience with his designs.

When you hire a flyer design Singapore freelancer for designing a flyer and distribute to all customers in HDB or handover the pamphlets in shopping malls or MRT then you are giving your customers a chance to remember your products, services and offers. You could get the most out of your flyer design when you handout the pamphlets at the right place and to the relevant target audience who are in the age group. For example, distributing a pamphlet of digital lock to an age group on less than 13 is not relevant whereas distributing the flyers in HDB and Condo would gain more attention.

Flyers with one clear Call to Action in bright colors and legible fonts and phone numbers and social media icons in big typography will help your customers reach you easily and research over web about you.

Flyer Design: FAQ

What do I need to design a flyer?

Flyer size starts from A7 to A3 size. A7 is the smallest size, A6 flyer size is the double of A7, A5 flyer is the double of A6 flyer size, A4 flyer is the double of A5 flyer design and A3 is the double the size of A4 flyer design.

How do I choose a paper stock for my flyer printing?

Paper stocks needs to be checked with the printers, generally flyers are printed in Glossy (shinny finish), Matte (smooth, more contrast) and Recycled papers (natural feel). You could check the quality of the finish with your printers and opt for the paper.

What makes flyer design attractive?

Flyer designs must have attractive captions, larger texts, high quality photos of your products/services, legible fonts, promo code for your services, brighter colors. All the above features help in creating an attractive flyer.

What file types should be provided for flyer printing?

Normally the printers accept common file types like Ai, pdf, jpg. Subraa helps in providing all the above file types when you avail the flyer design services at no additional charges.

Flyer Design Project: FAQ

Flyer design sizes in Singapore

Flyer design sizes in Singapore

When will I get my flyer design if I hire Subraa, Flyer designer?
When you approach Subraa, with the writeups ready for your flyer you will get the designs ready in 3 to 4 working days. Once the mockup designs are confirmed, the flyer print ready files are emailed (AI, Pdf, Jpg)

Can I suggest my own design?
Of course, you can provide your design preference and I could help to give a professional touch and get your print files ready.

Will I have the copyright of my flyer design?
Subraa provides the complete copyrights of your design during the final flyer design files delivery at no extra charge.

How can I approach Subraa?
You could call Subraa at +65 9795890 or email your requirements to [email protected]. Alternatively, you could also use the live chat available in