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Hi there! I am Subraa, freelance web designer and developer near you. I specialise in Web Design, Logo Design, eCommerce Web Design, Graphic Design, SEO/SMM.

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A professional look for your brand always wins. As a professional freelance web designer in Singapore I have helped many businesses create an online presence and with my proven strategies in SEO have helped them rank in the first page of Google.

Based in Singapore it is easy for me to understand the business needs and customer requirements to design a website that converts. I also offer website maintenance service at a more affordable cost, you can choose between hourly, monthly.

Be it my Website Design or Graphic Design I believe in minimalist approach. Designs are always based on target audience and it has helped me to create a freelance website design and development portfolio across domains and sectors.

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I have worked on various amazing projects in a team or as a freelancer. These companies trusted in my expertise.

I enjoyed every single working experience and I like to continue taking on new projects. Check out my previous projects or contact me to invite me for a next assignment.

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Responsive Website Design

Web Design adds value to your business. Websites adapting to devices rank top in Google. As a freelance web designer in Singapore, I have ample experience in mobile friendly web design and web development. Responsive websites provide an optimal experience while going through your website or products in mobile.

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WordPress CMS Website Design

User experience combined with creative web design drives leads. As a freelance WordPress developer in Singapore, I have experience developing CMS websites in WordPress for businesses of all sizes and all my web design services for clients are within their budget and timeline. Few of my WordPress development services includes blog development, blog integration, website design, WordPress theme customization.

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Branding combined with design and development of best user experience and digital marketing, all in one go.

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  • WordPress Website Design
  • Static Web Design
  • Website Redesign
  • Website Revamp
  • Web Development
  • Corporate Website Revamps
  • WordPress CMS Website Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Web Design
  • eCommerce Website Design

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Freelance Graphic Design Services in Singapore - Subraa


  • Logo Design
  • Newsletter Design
  • Name card Design
  • Corporate PowerPoint Design
  • Company Logo Design
  • EDM Design (Newsletter)
  • Creative Name Card Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Poster Design
  • Post Card Design

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SEO and Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore


  • Google Ads
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google My Business Page Creation
  • Google My Business Page Optimization
  • Copy writing
  • Social Media Ads Design
  • Facebook Post Design
  • Instagram Post Design

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Solutions with good ROI

Creating a website just isn’t sufficient as every business has a website built. Investing in SEO, SMM, SEM has never failed. When you are on the top page of Google your customers notice your business. Majority of customers don’t go beyond the second page and if you are not in the first page you are losing business.

A good understanding of the market is important for any Digital Marketing agency and I have proven strategies that help businesses build online marketing campaigns with greater ROI. Setting up a campaign is not sufficient, you need to have a functional website, a good logo to identify your business.

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Web Design Services in Singapore without any compromise in quality. As a professional Freelance Web Designer and Graphic Designer I have served a large number of renowned clients. Building a search engine friendly website along with the SEO services to rank in top of Google is the success behind my web design services.

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Experienced Website Design Freelancer, based in Singapore, I always try to keep my knowledge up to date with the latest trends in the web design & development industry.

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03 Jun 2020

Good Logo Design, isn’t the term fancy enough to know more about logos and how do you design it right. Which feature in logo design is actually considered as good and how do you want your logo design singapore to convey about your business. As a business owner you might be able to detail about … Continue reading “Top 5 logo features that is essential for a good logo design”

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25 May 2020

Investing for your business future is always advisable, be it a situation of pandemic. Website Design is important for every business as online presence is vital for every company and businesses be it a renowned or a startup. Hiring a freelance web designer Singapore helps to understand the local audiences and could help to achieve … Continue reading “Is it the right time to invest in Web Design – A Freelance Web Designer Guide”

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13 May 2020

Watermark your work, the most important aspect in this digital world. Businesses can use their logo to do a watermark. But do you know an impressive logo as a watermark helps to link back to your website or the original source. Professional logo design Singapore Freelancer could help you with the design of your custom … Continue reading “Tips on how to design a Logo and use it for Watermark”

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Good Logo Design, isn’t the term fancy enough to know more about logos and how do you design it right. Which feature in logo design is actually considered as good and how do you want your logo design singapore to convey about your business. As a business owner you might be able to detail about your business to your customers but do you think you can do the same for everyone over the web. This is where logo design comes into picture and a professional logo design reflecting your business helps to convey about your business to all your viewers.

Logo Design Singapore - Subraa, Logo Designer
Logo Design Singapore – Subraa, Logo Designer

When you want your business to reflect who you are and what your business does all in a simple glimpse then it is a must to hire a professional logo designer. Logo Design services in Singapore are gaining popularity and many of the business owners have started to understand the importance of logo design. Logo design is not just an image, it is a reflection of your business when it comes to building your reputation online. 

A good logo design should have the below features

  1. Simple
  2. Color
  3. Font
  4. Size
  5. Relevant

Logo Design should be simple

Logo design mainly focuses on visual components. A simple minimalistic design is the one which creates the best impression among your viewers. A simple logo design is easier to understand. A simple logo design requires a good knowledge of the business, a professional logo designer and most importantly experience in designing logos. A complex logo or too many elements in a logo is not really understandable by your customers. Logo should be simple and help to connect with your customers. Simple logo doesn’t mean 

Choosing Colors for Logo 

Colors always have an emotional influence on the viewers. Choosing of colors for the logo plays an important role, this is where your visitors will emotionally get connected to your brand. Every color has its own meaning and usage of these colors helps to make or break your brand. Understanding color psychology is a must for every logo designer. The color green exhibits peace, earthy, organic etc. red is furious. When you want to showcase a luxury feeling you could choose between gold, black and pink.

Influence via Fonts

It is not just the colors which influence visually your visitors, typography also plays a major role in projecting your business image. Typography is not just the usage of fonts, it comprises the size of the text, the style of the text whether it is bold, thin, medium or normal. The letter spacing also does influence the look of the fonts. 

Serif fonts – When you like to exhibit a professional image for your brand or an established look for your business then you can opt for Serif style fonts. A trustworthy feel is built with serif fonts.

Sans serif fonts – A casual image for your company logo can be portrayed with the Sans serif fonts. Sans serif is modern and engaging and is suitable for brands to exhibit a simple look.

Script fonts – Script fonts or the curvy fonts is useful when portraying a fancy image for your brand.

Handwritten fonts – Handwritten fonts are used when you want to exhibit a friendly look however it is not useful for professional companies.

Above all, fonts are used in the logo for clear readability of your business name. Choosing a legible font combined with the perfect color could help to nail a good design.

Size of logo

Size of the logo depends on the shape which you have chosen to represent your business. The shapes are used in different forms in the logo and it also represents different characteristics of the business. Shapes are circles, oval, curvy, triangles or rectangles. Logo designers can combine the shapes to create a new one based on the creativity. In recent years responsive logos are becoming more popular, and different mediums need different sizes. Your logo may not fit in all mediums with the same structure, it is inevitable to adjust the logo based on the need and optimise the size for the best fit. 

Responsive logo design doesn’t mean you need to have different designs for different social media platforms or the print mediums. Logo designs are responsive when it is of different sized variations with the same design. Keeping the logo design style should be consistent with the original logo.

Relevant Logo Design

Your logo design must communicate about your brand, when you think how a simple logo can help to convey the brand message, your logo designer can help you with the same. Logo designs need not just have some icons or graphics your business offers, logos should convey the value of your business or any relevant information. For example a dentist logo need not mention that he is a dentist when the logo has some details regarding the dental services. If you are opting for a simple minimalistic design, then at times it becomes impossible to portray the needed information in the design, at this time you can use tag lines to help your customers understand the nature of your business. For example, “ Web Designer + Digital Marketer” a tag line like this helps your customers understand the nature of your business services.

Determine your brand personality

Although the above five features are more important for a good logo design, as a business owner before you hire a logo designer in Singapore it is important to answer the below questions which would help you to determine the brand personality or how you like your business to be projected, answering these questions will also help you to give your logo designer a brief introduction about how you want to build your brand image.

Start answering the below questions

  1. Should your brand exhibit a playful tone or a serious tone
  2. Does your brand fall under luxurious category or is it a value for money
  3. Would you like to exhibit a modern look or a classic feel
  4. Is your brand focused on Gender.
  5. Does your brand focus on young peoples or matured peoples.

The trends in design change every year and it is important for your logo to be versatile. Memorable logos are not created or designed overnight. It requires a lot of analysis and design ideas and an experienced logo designer who has a good understanding of the latest trends and marketing needs will help to create one. You could learn more about the logo design process and how much does a logo design costs in Singapore from my previous articles. 

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Investing for your business future is always advisable, be it a situation of pandemic. Website Design is important for every business as online presence is vital for every company and businesses be it a renowned or a startup. Hiring a freelance web designer Singapore helps to understand the local audiences and could help to achieve the desired results with budget friendly packages. Web design is more important in this COVID 19 crisis as many businesses have started to work from home and your customers are searching for services, products online. Until now you may have ignored the online presence of your business, your business would have performed among the local population but the situation is different and even your potential customers would like to see you online.

Invest in Website Design - Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore
Invest in Website Design – Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore

What is Web Design?

Websites are the virtual door of your business to the internet. Websites are the face of your business, Websites are designed by considering the target audience, user experience, business nature and most importantly the writeups. The Website’s prime focus is on user interface and user experience and it lets you to advertise your services or products to your customers online. Websites are your business open 24/7 over the internet and customers from any location can find your services at any time of the day. Websites enable your customers to learn more about your products and services, hence it is vital to have a professional website design that helps in generating leads.

What are the types of website design?

Web design covers a wide range of services, here are the top categories in web design that every business is likely to use to set up their online presence.

  1. Static Informational Website Design and Development
  2. WordPress CMS Website Design and Development
  3. eCommerce Website Design and Development
  4. Landing Page Design and Development
  5. Website Redesign
  6. Website Revamp
  7. Blog
  8. WordPress Theme customization

Static Informational Website Design and Development

Static websites are built in HTML/CSS, Jquery, Java script. Static websites have fixed content and when you hire a freelance web designer Singapore, he would set up the page layout and design based on the write ups provided. Changing of the content or layout requires programming knowledge and coding skills. Static websites are less vulnerable to hacks as there is no database backend like CMS websites.

Best Suits for businesses looking for an online presence and have less updates to the website or has an inhouse developer who could manage the codes or for clients who are ready to invest in hiring a freelance web designer for website changes.

Website Design and Development duration is within 7 working days for a standard 7 page website with custom design, if you are opting for a ready made template it is within 3 working days you can get the website live. Static informational websites are budget friendly with quick turnaround time.

WordPress CMS Website Design and Development

WordPress CMS rules the web with almost the majority of the business websites are based in WordPress. WordPress websites are easy to manage and maintain compared to static websites. Premade plugins to help with the functionality are available which requires less effort to create the required functionality for the website and most importantly majority of the WP plugins are free. WordPress websites are customizable even for a novice user who is new to coding. They are user friendly. A good website maintenance care plan would help to secure the websites against possible hacks.

Custom WordPress website design and development would take upto 2 – 3 weeks of development. WordPress websites are cost effective if your website content will be changing frequently. You need to hire a Freelance WordPress Developer Singapore to maintain your website, this can be done easily at your end.

eCommerce Website Design and Development

Online stores website design and development in short eCommerce website design is on demand during this pandemic. As many shops and restaurants are closed, business owners are pushing their business online to ensure continuity of business. eCommerce website designs are user friendly and need to be built secure. Listing of your products, information of your products, stock management, order management, tracking, out of stock, featured products, on sale products, out of stock products etc needs be tracked and maintained without any issues. eCommerce websites should be user friendly which is the main feature which would pull in customers and make them buy your products.

eCommerce website design and development would take upto 2-3 weeks of development for a custom design, however Subraa helps to set up eCommerce websites within a week if all the writeups, products are ready for the website to help business to continue their business as quickly as possible. Flat 10% off on eCommerce website design is also offered by Subraa to help businesses with their online store.

eCommerce websites are not cheap when it involves much effort to set up a secured store.

Landing Page Design and Development

Landing pages are sales pages which have specific targets to achieve. If you want customers to subscribe for your product, then you can have a landing page which focuses only on subscribing for your product. Landing pages cannot be too graphic oriented, a landing page which converts are very minimal with clear CTA and relevant content. Adding tracking scripts and having a good mobile layout is very important in the case of landing pages design.

Landing pages normally take around 7 days to create a layout with specific CTA and design and development. Landing pages cost less dollars compared to the website design and development.

Website Redesign/Website Revamp

Websites which do not help in generating leads or don’t interest your customers are worth redesigning. Website redesign isn’t just applicable for the old websites, when a website is not providing the intended information to your audience and when your audience bounce back just in seconds after landing to your website then it’s time to do a redesign or revamp of the website.

Website revamps normally take around 10 – 15 working days as first we need to categories the content displayed in the old website based on hierarchy. If you are looking to do a redesign then we need to first figure out what went wrong with the existing website design that failed to attract your customers. Website Redesign or website Revamp normally costs the same as a new website.


It is not just business which needs investments, our interests, our hobbies must have been put on hold due to time constraints, when we are now working from home we can utilise the best possible to give some priority, a blog which helps to post our ideas, personal sharings would help to relieve stress. Blogs are personal sharing websites like you share your experience, travel, cooking, hobbies etc.

Blogs normally take 5-7 working days to set up and it costs the same as landing pages. You can now publish your experience the way you think.

WordPress Theme Customization

WordPress themes are for those businesses who need their website to be up in 1 to 2 days. WordPress themes allow easy customisation of the layout and content. There are free themes which are available on the web, however a premium theme is recommended for support and updates which keeps your website secure and less vulnerable to hacks. WordPress theme customization is affordable and is quick to get your website rolling. Subraa, specialises in theme customization, WP themes can be customised with our own design which is business centric and according to audience preferences.

Time to Invest

Investing in website design for your business is never a bad idea. It is important to stand out from your competitors at this time and it is also important to be visible. Getting a website designed by a professional freelance web designer Singapore is important as they are very much aware of the target audience and you should also consider investing in SEO service to make your website visible to your audience.

Get a free quote now from Subraa, freelance web designer in Singapore who is in the web design industry for almost 12+ years and has completed 1150+ projects. With affordable web design and logo design Singapore solutions, Subraa has helped setup digital presence for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Contact Subraa, Call or WhatsApp now at 97957890 or [email protected]

Interested in my Blog, visit for more. Here is an article about the color schemes Essential tips to pick a color scheme for website designing

Watermark your work, the most important aspect in this digital world. Businesses can use their logo to do a watermark. But do you know an impressive logo as a watermark helps to link back to your website or the original source. Professional logo design Singapore Freelancer could help you with the design of your custom logo.

How to design a logo and use it for watermark
How to design a logo and use it for watermark

You have an excellent skill of photography and have listed your photos online, and you find the same photo used by some other website user without giving back a credit to your work, you are left shocked. Many online users face this sort of copyright issue and can see the usage of their works by some other website users. To stop or avoid misusing the works we can watermark the images. Watermarks help to prevent the copying of the works and watermarks can be simple or complex. A simple watermark which is for instance your logo or your brand name can be in your image or the video which you have created to let the users know that the original source is from the website in the watermark.

This article is split into three, in the first part we will learn about what a logo is and what are the different options that are available to create a logo. In the second part of the article we will learn more about how to do the watermark and in the third part you can know more about Subraa, logo designer Singapore and how you can hire Subraa for logo design services.

Why do I need a logo design?

If you are interested in showcasing your works in the digital world or if you have a business or a company then you definitely need a logo. Logo is the identity of your company, your logo can also be your business name. When I say it can be your business name then it is must to follow the same lettering pattern, same colors etc this is where logo design comes into picture. Your work or company’s recognition is determined by logo design. Logo can give you a positive impression, a nice gesture to your users if designed properly else it could also throw a negative impact due to ametur design.

How do I get my logo designed?

Logo designs can be done by hiring a logo designer in Singapore or a logo design agency or downloading a template design from the readily available websites or do it yourself.

Template Logo

Downloading the already designed logo and just inserting your business name seems to be a good idea and is more cost effective with quicker turnaround time, however think again this logo template would have been downloaded by 1000 others before you or more than that. When you list your logo along with your business it would not have a great impact on your professional image. Your customers might have already seen this logo somewhere else. They would have mistaken you are the same business whose quality was not good or it is some other business service provider, you are now missing your potential customers.

Freelance Logo Designer

You need a professional custom logo design however have a budget constraint and are looking for affordable logo design services in Singapore then you can opt for professional freelancers. Freelance logo designers help to provide custom logo designs based on your business needs and target audience. Experienced designers have a logo design process wherein they start from scratch gathering the requirements, knowing your preferences, and then hand draw the concepts and digitalise. Freelance designers charges vary depending on the experience.

Logo Design Agency

Logo Design agencies have more than 2 designers work on a logo and come out with different concepts based on the business needs. Design agencies charge more than freelance designers and it is based on the budget business owners opt between companies and freelance logo designers.

Do it Yourself

If you think you can get your logo designed free of cost and you can do it on your own then yes you could do it, however hiring a professional logo designer helps with getting a logo that helps to identify you uniquely. You can use free softwares that is available to create the design. Logo designers always welcome users’ input while doing their design. They would first gather your preferences and then start designing the concepts. When you want to represent your work or company uniquely then it is a must to have a custom unique logo designed.

Create Watermark Logo

Now that you have designed your logo and are ready to place it in your works, the next step you need to do is get a png of the logo which is optimised to smaller size for web use. Your logo designer would have provided the various file formats along with your logo final deliverable. Png files are of transparent background and can be placed on the images without losing the quality and clarity of the image.

Watermarks can be added to the images using photoshop or Illustrator. You can also request your logo designer to provide a file of your logo in png with a watermark effect. Many online websites are also available for including watermarks. When you use your logo as a watermark make sure to place it in a position where people cannot edit and remove it. A watermark logo placed at the footer can be easily cut off from the image, so make sure to place it in a position so if erased will affect the quality of the photo.

Hire Subraa, Logo Designer Singapore

When you are searching for the best logo design service in Singapore, you need to learn about Subraa, logo design in Singapore Freelancer. Subraa has vast experience in designing logos and has designed over 250+ logos for businesses of all sizes and sectors. With a wide range of logo design services, Subraa has affordable solutions that fits every business needs. Logo concepts are always hand sketched by Subraa and digitalised based on the business needs. Starting from lettermark logo, combination logo, mascot logo design, minimalist logo design you can avail all logo design services at a competitive price and you can trademark the logo without any additional cost.

Mother’s day promotions are on for Web Design and Logo Design packages. Special promotions for eCommerce websites. Contact Subraa, Call or WhatsApp now at 97957890 or email your requirements to [email protected] and get your website design and logo design at an affordable price in Singapore. Get your business online now with promotional offers from Subraa!!

To learn more about logo design you can read my article on Why your Business needs a Logo in Singapore 2020