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Experienced Website Design Freelancer, based in Singapore, I always try to keep my knowledge up to date with the latest trends in the web design & development industry.

29 Jan 2024

Hire a freelance web designer in Singapore for your next website design project with our guide to the four crucial website pages in 2024. Optimize your website success with expert insights.

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21 Sep 2023

Websites that have seamless functionality and look excellent are important for any business. However, a website without maintenance is not worth it; ongoing maintenance is equally essential to developing a website. Website maintenance is necessary to blossom over time. It also guarantees that anyone interacting with your website consistently enjoys the best user experience. Website … Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Website Maintenance: Why Website Maintenance Is Essential for Your Online Success”

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13 Sep 2023

Websites are more important for a business. As a freelance web designer in Singapore with over 14+ years of experience in the industry, we understand that your website is the visual storefront and your primary online presence. Your website is a gateway for potential customers to reach out to your products or services if you … Continue reading “Types of Website Designs in Singapore – Unleash the potential of your website with Subraa”

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11 Jul 2023

Creating a strong online presence is extremely important for both individuals and businesses. Your website acts as the face of your brand and plays a crucial role in marketing your products or services. When it comes to designing and developing websites, WordPress is widely recognized as a top choice due to its popularity and versatility. … Continue reading “Custom WordPress Website Design and Development: Enhancing Your Online Presence”

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27 Jun 2023

Business Card Design: In the fast-paced digital era, where online networking and virtual communication dominate, it may be tempting to perceive business cards as outdated. However, these definite and personalized marketing tools continue to hold significant value in establishing and promoting your professional brand. Some may argue that they are an outdated networking method. In … Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Business Cards: Elevating Your Professional Brand”

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12 Apr 2023

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re launching an informational website, blog, an e-commerce site, or an online portfolio, your web page is often the first point of contact between you and your audience. That’s where domain and hosting come in. A domain is … Continue reading “Understanding Domain and Web Hosting: A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Service for Your Website”

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06 Dec 2022

A business’s logo is often the first thing customers and potential customers see. It sets the tone for how they perceive your company, products, and services. As such, it is essential to have a logo that accurately reflects who you are as a business and helps build a strong brand identity. A logo redesign can … Continue reading “Logo Redesign – How to do it right?”

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15 Jun 2022

CMS stands for Content Management System; when you hire a freelance web designer in Singapore, they will provide the option for you whether you would like to build the website in Content Management System or a static informational website. As a business owner, you may be new to many terms in website design like CMS, … Continue reading “What is a CMS and Why should you use WordPress”

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08 Jul 2021

Website Design, Poster Design, Flyer Design or any creative design needs images or illustrations to convey the message. A plain textual design may not be successful all the time. Your freelance web designer Singapore must have advised you on the importance of images in the website. Not just images, quality images are a must. Not … Continue reading “What are Royalty free Stock Images – A Beginners Guide to Stock Images”

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02 Feb 2021

Successfully you have hired a freelance web designer Singapore for your website design and development. Your website designer has requested a few answers from you for a set of questions, normally known as a website design questionnaire. As a business person you only know that you need a website which could help you bring in … Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Website Design Questionnaire”

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26 Jul 2020

Understanding the basics of color and the influence it has on people is important for any freelance web designer Singapore or logo designer in Singapore. Brands built over understanding colors wins, colors may help to boost your brand or it can also cause a negative impact on your brand. Colors do not have a consistent … Continue reading “Understanding Color Theory – Why Designers should care”

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09 Jul 2020

Websites can be designed by heavy graphics, medium graphics or minimalist. When you hire a freelance web designer Singapore, your design preferences are considered before kickstarting the website layouts. When I say minimalist web design then I am referring to the Less is more design methodology. Minimalism is not just reducing the usage of graphics … Continue reading “Minimalist Web Design – A Guide To The 4 Essential Features”

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03 Jun 2020

Good Logo Design, isn’t the term fancy enough to know more about logos and how do you design it right. Which feature in logo design is actually considered as good and how do you want your logo design singapore to convey about your business. As a business owner you might be able to detail about … Continue reading “Top 5 logo features that is essential for a good logo design”

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25 May 2020

Investing for your business future is always advisable, be it a situation of pandemic. Website Design is important for every business as online presence is vital for every company and businesses be it a renowned or a startup. Hiring a freelance web designer Singapore helps to understand the local audiences and could help to achieve … Continue reading “Is it the right time to invest in Web Design – A Freelance Web Designer Guide”

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13 May 2020

Watermark your work, the most important aspect in this digital world. Businesses can use their logo to do a watermark. But do you know an impressive logo as a watermark helps to link back to your website or the original source. Professional logo design Singapore Freelancer could help you with the design of your custom … Continue reading “Tips on how to design a Logo and use it for Watermark”

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16 Apr 2020

As the world is fighting towards putting an end to Coronavirus, the Government of Singapore has requested us to stay at home and avoid unnecessary visits outside during this pandemic. As a freelance web designer Singapore, I have shared many articles about web design, logo design and digital marketing, however during this crisis as we … Continue reading “THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU ARE AT HOME – COVID-19”

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08 Apr 2020

Are you able to retain your audience on your website for a longer time? Are the number of visitors increasing on your website? Can someone get the exact idea about your business and services that you provide after visiting your website within a few minutes? Are the graphics relevant to your website content? Can users … Continue reading “Essential Tips for improving your Web Design”

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28 Mar 2020

Social media, the most preferred lead generation platform due to its growing number of users. Whether you provide logo design services in Singapore or a web designer in Singapore you would need to make the audience aware of your services. The best platform to do it is via social media. How to improve Social Media … Continue reading “How to improve Social Media Lead Generation for your Business in 2020”

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16 Mar 2020

WordPress has been helping over a large group of population of all ages with different skill levels. WordPress is free and anyone can download WordPress and and can easily build any kind of website without any restriction. As a freelance web designer Singapore, I always recommend WordPress to most of my Clients who approach me … Continue reading “The why and how’s of WordPress”

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20 Feb 2020

The digital world is upgrading fast and we are adapting to technologies as we upgrade. Changes are inevitable, be it freelance web designer in Singapore or Logo designer in Singapore adapting to changes and advising the clients of the latest trends in the digital market and helping them with the needs are necessary. A very … Continue reading “Why, When and How to redesign your old Website”

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15 Feb 2020

Minimalism as the word suggests is maximising simplicity in the logo design, you make use of the design elements which are existing. Minimalist approach is not just for Logo Design Singapore but also for any kind of design spread across the domains. A complicated, too colorful design may look good for the business owners however … Continue reading “Minimalist approach in Logo Design, Singapore”

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28 Jan 2020

Confused of the various file formats you have received with your logo deliverable. Not sure of how to use it or where to use it. Then this article is for you. Using the correct image format for the right job means your design output will be perfect. A poor image, blurred print or a missing … Continue reading “How to use the Logo File Formats (Everything you need to know)”

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21 Jan 2020

Website Design is considered as an essential part of any business in this digital world. Online presence is a must for a business for clients to learn more about your services. Many small businesses ignore the concept of website design and think it is out of budget or a lavish investment. As social media provides … Continue reading “How a poor Website Design can spoil your Business growth”

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04 Jan 2020

Websites built in WordPress CMS powers 34% of the internet and it is the most preferred content management system by any freelance web designer in Singapore. Websites are either custom designed or developed based on themes. If you are running on a budget or is okay to have your websites built over a design which is … Continue reading “Why WordPress Themes are necessary?”

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02 Jan 2020

Be it a basic website or a business website design, it has become easier to develop with less to no knowledge of coding. One of the most popular sites that allows you to create your own website or blog no matter how new you are to website-building, is WordPress.  What is a WordPress plugin by … Continue reading “What is a WordPress Plugin?”

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30 Dec 2019

Logo has a major influence on your customers and their perception of your brand. Logo design Singapore has gained significant importance recently as customers try to understand that every business needs a logo and no big brands are without a logo. Understanding the fact that the logo is important clients also realise that they need … Continue reading “Why your Business needs a Logo?”

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27 Dec 2019

Festive seasons are loaded with promotions and offers, and shopping or availing a service with the best promotional price has never been so exciting. Subraa, Freelance web designer in Singapore has some exciting and great promotional offers this new year, take advantage of the offers now and get ready to give a great entry in … Continue reading “Best Web Design, Logo Design and Digital Marketing New Year Promotion in Singapore”

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17 Dec 2019

It is always a joy to shop products or avail services at a promotional price on festive seasons. Not all web design, Logo design, Digital Marketing Singapore promotions are genuine. Subraa, Logo Designer Singapore have great deals this Christmas for websites, logo, digital marketing services.  Christmas promotions in Singapore for Web Design, Logo Design, Digital … Continue reading “Trending Christmas Promotions in Singapore”

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07 Dec 2019

Fonts helps to represent a brands image and it is more vital to choose the right font for a logo design Singapore. When we think about a business, we recollect the image/graphical representation of the logo however it’s not just the graphical elements which will bring in the required attention to your brand, it is … Continue reading “How to choose the right Font for your Logo Design”

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08 Oct 2019

Flyers are the most important in promoting a business and it plays major role in advertising. To advertise your product or event or services flyers invariably works!!  Flyer design has gained its importance in marketing and it still has its significance in this digital marketing era. If you are a business concentrating on local audience or a small group of people … Continue reading “Tips and Tricks to make your Flyer Design stand out of the crowd in Singapore”

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04 Oct 2019

Internet users are increasing in numbers and users go to google to search for everything online. Digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing as you have the exposure to interact with your real time audience. Digital marketing has now become an essential part of every business rather than just an optional part. Every business should … Continue reading “The need for Digital Marketing for your Business in Singapore”

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03 Oct 2019

Powerpoint presentation does always has its own importance in a company. Be it a new product launch or a business presentation, PPT slides always plays a crucial role. It is always wise to use custom designs based on the write ups of the slide for your business presentation if you would like to keep your … Continue reading “List of Tools to make PowerPoint Presentation more effective”

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01 Oct 2019

When you have plans to start a business, your main focus will be to drive customers to your shop or make them subscribe to your products etc. To make this happen few may try all the traditional marketing ideas however few make use of the Digital Marketing which helps to reach your business to a … Continue reading “The importance of Digital Marketing to Business in Singapore”

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30 Sep 2019

Brochure is the common and first marketing medium which strikes us when we are planning to drive some customers to our shop. A business like beauty salon is definitely in need of brochure, not just a simple design but a compelling design of their services offered would create an intuition in your customers to avail … Continue reading “How to design an attractive Brochure for your Business”

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20 Sep 2019

SEO is an internet marketing strategy that can help rank your websites in search engines. Ranking organically in SERP is important for any websites. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the best way to increase your web traffic. Understanding the search engine algorithms and creating a strategy based on the same would help you to … Continue reading “Top 10 essential SEO ranking factors you need to rank your Website”

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13 Sep 2019

Why do you give desktop computers more important and mobile less important when it comes to web designing? Now mobile phones are everywhere according to several census more than 50 percent of mobile users are through mobile phones and the remaining percent is shared between computers, laptops, tablets etc. Because mobile is the reality of … Continue reading “Why mobile friendly websites are important?”

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12 Sep 2019

Every business needs a unique identity. Logo is a symbolic representation of your business. Logo need not always be symbolic, it can be of wordmark or a combination of symbols and fonts. The main idea of designing a logo is to make an impact on your business among your customers. You require a visual identity … Continue reading “Top 5 Logo Designing Software”

11 Sep 2019

“Website”, Have you read the word correctly? Did you spell check the word? Now, you did go back to read the first line to double check the spelling and do you know in this 10 seconds about a 100 websites would have been uploaded to the web. Every second counts and this is how the … Continue reading “5 remarkable web design tips to make your website extraordinary”

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10 Sep 2019

Flyers are the budget friendly effective marketing strategy for all generations. Subraa specialises in providing budget friendly packages for designing flyers. Flyer design is helpful to promote your products or services to a wide spread audience. Create professional flyers that would blend with your business needs. However, not everyone engages the assistance of a creative … Continue reading “5 mistakes to avoid while designing a Flyer”

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09 Sep 2019

Website traffic usually relates to the quality backlinks your website has. Backlinks as such means the website that links back to your website. As a Digital Marketing freelance Singapore service provider I have written this article about quality backlinks that would help in organic traffic. Have you ever wondered why so much importance is given … Continue reading “How to promote your website with backlinks in SEO?”

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06 Sep 2019

Logo gives appearance to your company, it is often referred as a face of a company a well. It is pretty much true because when you hear a person’s name the first that comes to your mind is their face, however if you forget their face then probably you forgot their name as well. Likewise, … Continue reading “List of important things that you need to know about Logo Design in Singapore”

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04 Sep 2019

Are you in search of best professional web design software? Website design is the need for every business and there are many free and paid software which allows you to design and develop the websites by drag and drop functionality. I have listed in this article the top web designing software and tools to construct … Continue reading “List of top 4 Web Design Software”

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02 Sep 2019

Customers requirements are changing and increasing daily and it is necessary for businesses to keep up to date with market trends and growing needs. You might have upgraded your business but have you upgraded your logo to reflect your new business line. Your Customers should be made aware of the change, it’s not just marketing … Continue reading “What you need to know about Logo Design in Singapore?”

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31 Aug 2019

Search engine ranking of a website, are you aware that there are multiple factors which determines the ranking of your website on top of google. Domain authority has gained a great importance. The metric which indicates the authority of your website is called Domain Authority (DA) and it helps to rank a website on SERP. … Continue reading “5 Simple ways to boost your Website’s Domain Authority (DA)”

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30 Aug 2019

Digital Marketing as such comprises of many components. Contents always helps to build reputation, quality content is always important to build trust with your audience.Had it come to your notice that every time you read something on digital marketing concept, Digital gurus often speak about the importance of quality content. A positive brand image is … Continue reading “Why is Content important in Digital marketing?”

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28 Aug 2019

When you start marketing your business you definitely need a logo to represent your business. Logo design Singapore plays a crucial part to identify your business online. It would let your users to identify your business quickly across any platform of marketing. How to create a powerful logo for marketing – By Subraa, logo design … Continue reading “How to create a powerful Logo for marketing your Business”

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27 Aug 2019

Do you think flyers are old fashioned? Think wise, when it comes to promoting a special event or promotional Flyer Design plays a major role in awareness creation of your events or promotion among the audience. No matter what you want to advertise whether it is a product, event or a service, flyers work! Flyers … Continue reading “5 Reasons to use Flyers to promote your Business”

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26 Aug 2019

Pamphlets and Brochures are both cost effective advertising tools. They have been used for several decades yet still existing and considered as effective. Flyer design has always had its importance in marketing promotion. Now due to the technology development printing has become advanced, it allows the designers to be creative. Although, both these print materials … Continue reading “Pamphlet and Brochure – Are they same?”

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21 Aug 2019

Trend, the most unstable and always changing term of the era. Trend is difficult to predict, it just rushes out of nowhere. Sometimes, it travels from the past too. As a website designer I could foresee the below list of website design trends could possibly make a good impact in the Singapore web development environment. … Continue reading “Top 6 web design trends you must know in 2019”

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20 Aug 2019

Digital marketing has been very popular for more than 3 decades now and you have landed in this article looking for digital marketing strategies that work which you could implement for your client or to implement digital marketing to boost your own business. Digital marketing strategies vary based on business needs, goals, target audience. A … Continue reading “What are the 5 most effective digital marketing strategies”

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19 Aug 2019

Logo is inevitably the most important part of any business or marketing. Living in the digital era, having a professional logo design in Singapore is very important for any business and logo design plays a crucial role in influencing business. Free logo maker or professional logo designer – by Subraa In the recent times free … Continue reading “Free logo maker or professional logo designer, which is better?”

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12 Aug 2019

Mobile devices can no longer be ignored, as technology grows customers tend to view most of the websites on the go and the usage of mobile and tablets are on the increase. Freelance Web Designer in Singapore tend to develop the websites to be more compatible to devices and it is a default feature. The … Continue reading “All you need to know about Responsive Website Design and Adaptive Website Design”

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05 Aug 2019

The rise of technology has widened the marketing place and many consumers are more keen in watching for the brands and Logo Design Singapore has gained more vital importance in Singapore growing market. Digital marketing is at its peaking and rising daily. It doesn’t matter whether you are starting to design your own brand now … Continue reading “10 most common Logo Design mistakes to avoid at all costs”

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03 Aug 2019

Advertising using flyers helps you to deliver services at your clients door steps. Do you think flyers are useless and old fashioned? As a Freelance Graphic Designer I would say no, you can go through this article to change your perspective of Flyers and its role in marketing your business. Importance of Flyers in Marketing … Continue reading “Importance of Flyers in Marketing – Is flyer design still effective in Singapore?”

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03 Aug 2019

Real estate or Property business is highly dynamic and highly competitive, if you are a property agent looking for a Freelance Web Designer Singapore to develop your property website which is compatible with all devices then you must also be aware of the features that are necessary for the Property website. Many customers spend most … Continue reading “8 Must have features for Property Website Design Singapore”

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01 Aug 2019

Choosing a color scheme for the website designing in Singapore is quite challenging as colors in general has the tendency to change users mood. As a Freelance Web Designer, I have shared my views on choosing a color theme for the website development which will not affect the users interest, distract the users from your … Continue reading “How to choose a perfect color scheme for my Website Designing – Essential tips to pick a website color palette”

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26 Jul 2019

As the market grows, the number of customers also increase. In this competitive world it is most important to have a logo designed to create a uniqueness of your business. As a freelance logo designer Singapore, I have detailed the most important steps to create your business logo designed in this article. Be it manufacturing … Continue reading “How to Design a Perfect Logo – A step by step guide to design a Logo”

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26 Dec 2018

The first thought which comes to mind when you are planning to present a new project, or a marketing strategy is to prepare a technically stuffed, strikingly professional PowerPoint presentation design which could impress your audience without boring them and convey the key points.The best powerpoint slide design should always help to support your key … Continue reading “How much does a Corporate PowerPoint Presentation Design cost in Singapore”

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25 Dec 2018

Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore found inspiration for this year’s festive promotions on Web Design from the old sayings of simple act of kindness can spark a trigger in one’s aspiration. Festive season is just knocking the door as a Freelance web designer Singapore, Subraa has lots of promotions on Startup Web Design Package, essential … Continue reading “Best Christmas promotions on Web Design from Subraa – Freelance Web Designer Singapore”

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19 Feb 2018

Creating a privacy policy for your website is necessary and as a web design company Singapore you would have struggled to create one for you or for your clients. There are many privacy policy generators online that could help you or your customers create one which abides by the law and will encourage trust among … Continue reading “How to create a Privacy Policy page for your Website – Privacy Policy Generators Online?”

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05 Feb 2018

These days, every business strives to make first best impression to the audience through websites. Web Development Singapore is very vital for business of any scale. If you are not owning an easy to use responsive website, then you are losing customers. Reading, searching more about the services while on the go is very popular … Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons to believe that your Website needs a redesign now”

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23 Jan 2018

Having the right set of plugins can help to build your business websites to the next level. As a Freelance Singapore Web Designer many clients have requested for various functionalities and plugin suggestions. For extending and adding functionality to WordPress, WordPress plug-ins are most effective tools. The plugins add functionality to a website and makes … Continue reading “Best WordPress Plugins – Essential for Professional Websites”

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30 Dec 2017

From choice of element to color, your logo says a lot about your company – so choose your design wisely. Probably you are here in this article searching for Logo Design Singapore and is keen to know what are the available options in logo design and looking for an affordable freelance Logo Designer Singapore. Confused … Continue reading “Types of Logo Design: What type of logo is right for your company”

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14 Dec 2017

Web design is a much easier concept if you understand the basics and follow the ethics professionally and not a complex subject to handle. I have simplified the key points in this article for the Freelancers who are stepping into the Web Design field based on my experience as a Freelance Web Designer Singapore Web … Continue reading “How to become a Professional Web Designer – Tips to Get Started”

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27 Nov 2017

Do I really need a Website – Subraa After years of helping clients build their online presence, I was very shocked to learn the fact from few recent meetings, that many doesn’t understand the purpose of a Website, why it is more important in this digital world though your business rocks currently and the importance of a … Continue reading “Does my small business really need a Website design?”

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14 Nov 2017

A well-designed logo can make all the difference in a world where brands constantly compete for attention. The logo is the first thing every customer will see in a business, and it has the power to stimulate emotion and leave a lasting impact. Logo design is always underrated and considered as not so important identity … Continue reading “How much does a Professional Logo Design cost in Singapore in 2023?”

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08 Nov 2017

In this blog article, I would like to review the most common mistakes which a freelance web designer or freelance web developer make while designing responsive websites. Responsive web design has become the digital industry’s most popular design trend, a realistic response of the browser to support multiple screen sizes and devices. As we design … Continue reading “Common Web Design mistakes you need to avoid”

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19 Sep 2017

Nature has gifted us many of the natural food & medicine and as a human we tend to move towards artificial world that ruin our health and fitness. We march towards fast foods and eat food cuisines just for taste and forget the importance of health and hygienic food. Diabetes is the disease that is … Continue reading “Let’s make Singapore Diabetes free Country”

18 Sep 2017

A Freelance Web designer’s tips to potential clients. Hiring a good Freelance web designer off late has become a serious task for many prospective clients. This article is intended to help clients who are facing issues in finding good freelance web designers without any frustration and hesitation. Having around 8+ years of experience in the … Continue reading “The right way to hire a Freelance Web Designer in Singapore”

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15 Sep 2017

Guide to Interactive Design – Tips and Tricks for Freelance Web Designers This article serves as a good source of knowledge for beginners who are interested in learning about Interaction design in web designs. If you are a freelance web designer or an Interaction designer yourself, read through the article and share your comments. As … Continue reading “Quick Guide to Interactive Design – Tips and Tricks for Freelance Web Designers”

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22 Aug 2017

The forthcoming sections is to create awareness of the following topics Essentiality of Meta Tags and Myths Smart usage of Heading Structures with respect to SEO Overview of Link Building an importance Meta tags “Under-rated Snippets of text that helps you dominate the Search Engines” Why Meta Tags? You are the owner of your Website … Continue reading “Meta Tags, Headings and Link Building – Importance and Essentials”

12 Aug 2017

“Any nutritious substance that people eat or drink” It’s nothing complex or any alien thing. It is “Food” I am talking about. Now, you may think why Food is being discussed in this article and what is the need for it. The forthcoming article would cover the below list of topics Food culture in Singapore … Continue reading “Food & Beverages Industry and Digital Marketing”

20 Jul 2017

• Are you a SEO Analyst? • Striving to improve the Search Engine ranking of your Website? • Looking for a smarter technique to increase the traffic to your Website? Well! You have reached your destination to gain proper awareness! The solution is “MOZ” ranking. Increase the Domain Authority and Page Authority of your Website, … Continue reading “Moz Ranking – Domain Authority and Page Authority”

05 Jun 2017

Business presentations often tend to receive a negative blow and are frequently boring with very long contents and speeches and dull visuals. PowerPoint presentations need not be plain looking with default fonts and content. So, what distinguishes a good PowerPoint presentation from a poor one rather an uninteresting one. Yes, it’s the content and visuals. … Continue reading “TIPS AND TRICKS FOR STUNNING BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS”

19 Feb 2017

Are you a SEO Expert? Web Developer? Confused about SEO and Web Development? Not to Panic! Let us discuss below! With the progression in innovation, there arises a debate of how significant SEO is with the Web Development and should SEO be a part of Web development process rather delaying it to the end. How … Continue reading “SEO with Web Development: Any significance inside?”

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07 Nov 2016

The attitude of everyone changes as per their education background and it has turned into a major pattern as of late to be a boss of their own Business rather than working for others and having their bank account credited with regular scheduled pay. IT field is of no exception, with each and every Freelance … Continue reading “Mystery behind Freelancing: Web Designer to a Freelance Web Designer”

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21 Oct 2016

If you are an experienced and skilled web developer, money will spin around you. A lot of individuals are making a good amount of money in this profession, a lot of them, not every web developer. If you are restricting yourself to coding only, you will get limited opportunities. The rule is simple, more skills … Continue reading “Which Are The Technologies I Should Learn To Be A Web Developer?”

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12 Aug 2016

In the previous article, we have discussed three properties of JavaScript array – indices of an array, built-in properties and custom properties. We also discussed how we can create custom properties for an array object. In the continuation of the previous article, we are going to discuss two more things about JavaScript array you probably … Continue reading “You Might Not Be Familiar with These Things about the JavaScript Array – 2”

08 Aug 2016

A brand logo is a lot more than a visual brand identity. It makes a statement for the brand so that potential customers can recognize it instantly. It differentiates you from the rest of the pack. See the logo of Walmart, it says “Save Money. Live Better”.  A logo is used on the website header, … Continue reading “Simple and Easy To Use Tools for Creating a Logo”

04 Aug 2016

When you are working on a website development project, you are prone to some mistakes that you do not want to make. These mistakes not only increase your headache but also force you to stretch your working hours. CSS is the most popular language used for creating website design layouts. However, the code has to … Continue reading “Common Mistakes Committed By Developers While Writing CSS Code”

28 Jul 2016

Every programming element is important. However, the array is special. It enables you to use a single variable to refer the storage of multiple variables. With an array, it has become much easier to handle multiple values. There are some limitations of this referenced data type. This is the reason why Java, C#, and other … Continue reading “You Might Not Be Familiar with These Things about the JavaScript Array – 1”

23 Jul 2016

So far, we have published articles to enlighten you with website design and development. In this article, you will be introduced to the fastest and the easiest way of creating a 3D animation. With clicks of mouse and strokes of a pen, you can transform any 2D sketch into a 3D animation and that too … Continue reading “Mosketch – Create 3D Animations Using Your Mouse and Strokes of Pen, No Coding”

19 Jul 2016

In our previous article, we have stressed on the right use of whitespace and typography. This article highlights the importance of adding less to convey more and adding the element of fun in the website design without going overboard. In web designing, the perfection is achieved when nothing is left to convey, not when nothing … Continue reading “Essential Website Design Practices- Add Less for More and Make It Enjoyable”

18 Jul 2016

Webpage Is Not a Newspaper A website is not like a newspaper. It is not written in any textbook that you have to paint or fill every pixel of the webpage. The effectiveness of a website design is also judged by the way white space is used. Now, you can see the white space as … Continue reading “Essential Website Design Practices- The White Space and Typography”

13 Jul 2016

It is always great to have a website with a rich visual appeal. However, a website design endowed with the greatness of visual appeal only cannot fall into the category of great website designs. A great website design is productive. It goes far beyond the appearance. Admittedly, you need constant and complete attention of visitors … Continue reading “Essential Website Design Practices – The Conversion Potential”

09 Jul 2016

A logo is a small graphic mark, set of characters or a combination of both. It is a small thing. It is laid somewhere on the website, packaging, uniform, vehicles, or any other thing associated with a particular company. Is it really a small thing? If it was, why logo designer would work for extended … Continue reading “Designing a logo? Here is what experts suggest”

05 Jul 2016

You are not alone if you are unable to find the best place to add social media buttons to your website. There are some people who argue that these buttons should be avoided as according to them, these buttons have some unfavorable effects on the performance of the website. However, your website reflects the personality … Continue reading “Where to Place the Social Media Buttons On the Websites?”

30 Jun 2016

A user visits a websites to get some sort of information and the information has the power of influencing the purchasing decisions. The visual appeal of a website has an influence on what that particular user is going to buy. There are numerous stats, facts and figures demonstrating the effect of look and feel of … Continue reading “6 Essential Components of a Visually Appealing Website Design”

28 Jun 2016

It is rightly said that content is the king. It endows a website with ranking, traffic and also plays a part in scooping up the brand awareness. Well organized quality content is the key. However, if the quality content is carelessly cluttered on the web page, it is likely to fall flat in delivering the … Continue reading “How to Optimize Webpage Space and Present Content on the Website”

23 Jun 2016

If you have ever worked on a web application project, you are already familiar with the Extensible Markup Language (XML). For some reason, lately it has begun to lose the favour of developers. They have got a faster and more flexible format. If you search for “XML vs JSON”, one of the top results on … Continue reading “Is JSON truly an alternative to XML”

21 Jun 2016

A few months ago, you designed a wonderful website for one of your clients. Then one fine day, you received a mail from the client. He thinks that a few changes in the font size, colour and style can scoop up the visual appeal of the website. It is an easy game for you. What … Continue reading “Benefits of Using CSS in Website Design”

17 Jun 2016

It is proven in stats that in the modern times, to reach the pinnacle of success, a business have to make a significant investment the digital technology. According to last year’s survey of Gartner, businesses are allocating one-third of resources to the technology. Customers have a small device in their pocket that they use for … Continue reading “Need To Hire a Freelance Web Designer? Dig deep into the portfolio”

17 Jun 2016

At some point in the time when a client communicates with the representative of the web design company to know the progress, sometimes they say “we are working on the wireframe”. The client probably knows what the wireframe is or, maybe not. It is the skeletal framework representation of a website. The web design community … Continue reading “What Is Wireframe and How It Simplifies Web Designing?”

17 Jun 2016

If you have been playing with codes for years, you already know how CSS has changed dramatically during the span of last few years. Now, there is a good number tools available at our disposal that we use to build lean, optimized and fast code. When the client asks to make some changes in the … Continue reading “Get rid of bad CSS code and make it better”

09 Jun 2016

Working alone can accompany a considerable measure of advantages, yet there are a few things that dependably appear to be less demanding when you are in a more organized environment. One of these things is social event criticism for your work. With practice, you can figure out how to venture back and give a quite … Continue reading “Critique Your Own Work – Tips For Freelance Website Designers”

07 Jun 2016

It is obvious that you probably must be planning to become a freelance web developer, designer or a blend of both if you are going through this article. You have been through all the diligent work and learned to code, yet now it’s an ideal opportunity to harvest a portion of the rewards that having … Continue reading “Freelance Web Developer – A Brief Career Guide”

03 Jun 2016

A well designed and optimized website can really make a difference when you have to achieve your internet marketing goals. Now it is the job of the website developer to make the website visually attractive and easy to navigate to make sure that the purpose of user’s visit is served. Your potential customer has no … Continue reading “7 Website Development Principles Developers Should Always Remember”

31 May 2016

It was 2008 when Mary Meeker, a well-known analyst predicted the potential of small devices to access the internet. Mary stated that 2014 would be the year when the number of individuals accessing the internet using mobile devices would surpass the number of individuals using computers. And, this happened. In the present scenario, more than … Continue reading “Reap the Rewards of Responsive Website Design”

25 May 2016

Being a freelance web developer Singapore, your time is really significant to the achievement of making a worthy site. Notwithstanding, the issue comes when you wind up overworked and you can’t stay sorted out to continue everything streaming great. In case you find that you require some assistance in sorting out your day to finish … Continue reading “Top Tips That Can Organize Freelance Web Developers Singapore”

24 May 2016

Freelance web design services are valuable for small and medium-sized companies that want to capitalize the internet marketing to its fullest potential. Freelance web designers can provide you with all the features and benefits of a website that can boost the recognition and growth of your business on the internet. If your website design meets … Continue reading “Understanding the Importance of Hiring an Experienced Freelance Web Designer”

20 May 2016

On the off chance that you are searching at a moderate cost and snappy work for your organization, you can employ a freelance website developer & designer. Selecting a consultant will give you a chance to understand the flexibility of expression with extreme visual measures looked after appropriately. Experienced web architects functioning as specialists will … Continue reading “Perfect Reasons to Prefer a Freelance Website Developer/Designer”

16 May 2016

Here it is recapitulated how it is possible for a Freelancer with good web design skills to greatly enhance his or her working prospects by amalgamating those skills diligently. Freelance web design in Singapore is not only about designing the website; it is also about making the products & services of the company getting sold … Continue reading “Explore How A Freelance Web Designer Can Win Multiple Orders”

12 May 2016

Getting to the important administrations offered by a freelance web designer will certainly help you in experiencing the desired results in an immaculate way. Web designers accessible on freelance platforms will have the immaculate capacity to serve your needs proficiently and to furnish you with every one of those components and advantages that you avidly … Continue reading “Considerations Prior You Approach a Freelance Web Designer in Singapore”

06 May 2016

The internet not only offers convenience but it is also vulnerable. And, when it comes to launching an online business, safety is the key concern as the internet is equally and impartially useful for both good and bad guys. Therefore, people are always all set to shred some extra greenbacks to fortifying their e-commerce website. … Continue reading “Why is WordPress ideal for e-commerce website development?”

28 Apr 2016

You have deployed your website on a server having excellent up time and in the initial days, there was some traffic on your website. However, suddenly bounce rate is increased. It might be wrong to doubt the skills of your SEO team. Perhaps you should test out the usability of the website. If the interface … Continue reading “Why Website Usability Testing is Important”

04 Apr 2016

You must have seen a three lines stacked icon in the top left or top right corner of your mobiles phone’s display while accessing a website. After you click on this icon, you will get the menu of all pages in the website. Due to some good and bad reasons, this new kind of menu … Continue reading “Is It Ok To Use Hamburger Menu in Website Design”

02 Apr 2016

There are a lot of business activates depending on the internet. A professional doesn’t know when he has to send an important email. You have placed an order and have to make the payment urgently, but you are not at home or office and you do not have laptop with you. Still you can perform … Continue reading “Why Your Website Should Have Responsive Web Design”

31 Mar 2016

For starting a business, an identity is must and for identity, logo is must. It creates the visual identity for a business which is really important for the marketing. A perfectly designed logo not only reflects the culture and character of a business but also its products and services. A logo relevant to your business … Continue reading “Hiring Experienced Freelance Logo Designer in Singapore”

28 Mar 2016

A website is deployed to create new business opportunities or to increase customers. What if it does exactly opposite of this? Instead attracting, it lures away your visitors. This has happened with websites of many brands. In some of these websites, something was wrong because of the code and some websites lost visitors due to … Continue reading “5 Mistakes Great Web Designers Always Avoid”

25 Mar 2016

Browsing your website is one of the ways for people to judge your business. In this era, when everything is being searched on the internet, it is important for a business to deploy an optimized website which is easily accessible on all devices. A website undoubtedly has an influence on the success of your business. … Continue reading “6 Factors to Consider While Hiring Freelance Web Developer”

23 Mar 2016

For the design and development of a website, there are two options available to small business. They can either hire the services of a web design agency or a freelance website developer. This is always a difficult decision, especially for startups and small businesses. The marketing budget of small businesses does not allow the services … Continue reading “Benefits of Hiring Freelance Website Developer in Singapore”

21 Mar 2016

For making a business successful, acquainting people with the products or services of the business is very important and a great marketing strategy achieves this for a brand. In the simplest words, marketing is a two step process. In the first step, a brand communicates with people and the second step is to convince and … Continue reading “The importance of logo for a brand”

19 Mar 2016

A few years ago, search engine optimization was considered after the website was developed and deployed. However, in order to compete and strengthen their online presence, clients these days are expecting website developers to consider search engine optimization right from the website design and development. And, this is the reason why a freelance website developer … Continue reading “Writing SEO Friendly Website Source Code”

16 Mar 2016

Web designers have a good number of powerful tools and software for designing great web design easily and quickly. Modern web design is made up of numerous elements improving the visual appearance and usability of the website. There are many websites in which animation is an entrenched part of the design. An animation in simple … Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Using Animations in Web Design”

14 Mar 2016

Navigation menu is that part of the website which greatly enhances the user’s browsing experience if designed correctly. It is the navigation menu which helps a visitor in the navigation a website. Users always abandon a website which is not easy to navigate, and this increases the bounce rate, and ultimately adversely affects the ranking … Continue reading “Top 5 Tips for Designing Navigation Menu”

11 Mar 2016

In the year of 2003, WordPress was launched as a platform for publishing blogs. However, now it is one of the most powerful web development platforms and content management systems. There are more than 74.6 million websites depending on this web development and publishing platform. That’s why; no one has a good reason to question … Continue reading “Web Developer Prefer WordPress than any Other Platform”

09 Mar 2016

There are many freelance web designers and a good number of web design agencies out there in the market. For achieving the objective of the website, clients always want to count on a web designer or a team of web designers having expertise in magnificent and user-friendly web designs. It is the website design which … Continue reading “Hire Quality Freelance Web Designer in Singapore”

08 Mar 2016

A few years ago, a website was counted as a less necessary cost for a Business. Why a Business needs a website? How and how much it is beneficial for a Business? Brands of all sizes after understanding the importance of having a business website, have deployed their own websites and are also investing money … Continue reading “Hire a Freelance Web Developer in Singapore”

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05 Mar 2016

August 6, 1991, is the date when the first website was published. In this span of 25 years, web designing trends are changed numerous times. In the first half of the 90s, tables and slicing design were pretty popular. Where tables enabled designers to align things vertically plus define things in percentages or pixels; in … Continue reading “Evolution of Website Design Trends”

02 Mar 2016

A business without a logo is a business without an identity and if it has no identity, it is not even in the race. A business logo is a unique graphic or word mark or a combination of both which makes a brand recognizable in the market. All commercial and non-commercial organizations have logos as … Continue reading “Freelance Quality Logo Designer in Singapore”

01 Mar 2016

What you cannot say with words, you can say with a picture. And, this is rightly said – a picture is worth a thousand words. On a web page, you do not have enough space for thousands of words. And, visitors also do not have enough time to read thousands of words. So, in the … Continue reading “How to Use Images Effectively In a Website Design”