5 mistakes to avoid while designing a Flyer

Flyers are the budget friendly effective marketing strategy for all generations. Subraa specialises in providing budget friendly packages for designing flyers. Flyer design is helpful to promote your products or services to a wide spread audience. Create professional flyers that would blend with your business needs. However, not everyone engages the assistance of a creative flyer designer when it comes to designing for print materials design.

5 mistakes to avoid while designing a Flyer by Subraa, Freelance Graphics Designer in Singapore 5 mistakes to avoid while designing a Flyer by Subraa, Freelance Graphics Designer in Singapore

I have highlighted a few of the mistakes to avoid when designing a flyer.

Flyers are an excellent way to elevate your business and attract new customers if it is done right. As a flyer designer if you try to overcome the below mentioned points when designing then you can create a design which best sells your products/services.

Don’t try to pack everything in:

Pamphlets or flyers has a very limited space. And yes, the fact is you need to inform your readers everything within the very limited space that is available. The intended message for your targeted audience has to get communicated properly. Hence put only those information which you think needs to be conveyed for your audience. Don’t overload or overdo your flyer. It is also true that you would love to inform everything that you do for your readers but, remember flyer is simply meant to draw attention about the product or an event and not giving a history about your company or your services. Do not over do your flyer by just dumping all the information of your business. Minimalistic design with a clear call to action is the key.

You may have to consider only information which you feel is most impactful for your target audience. Choosing a great and attractive headline is very much required to grab the attention of the reader. A considerable amount of empty space should be there on your flyer which will make your text more readable. Dumping too much information isn’t necessary, have your website link so they can check for more information.

Don’t use too many colors and fonts:

Are you thinking to include multiple colors for fonts, headings, phone numbers etc. Then think twice before doing so, your preference is not important here rather your audience preferences must be considered. Too many font styles and colors on your flyer would make it unprofessional or may be readers would simply not like to read it. Avoid to implement all on one flyer.

Instead, stick with one font style and maximum of 3 colours. Avoid using too many color schemes and give that clean and neat look to your flyer. In short, it should influence the reader to read.


– It is also true with the flyer too. Nobody wants to get yelled all the time. If your flyer contains all upper case it may look like you are screaming at your audience. At the same time, be selective on the text you would want to use as upper case.

Avoid low resolution and irrelevant images:

Including images are highly appreciated and highly welcomed by your audience. They speak more than a thousand words. Not just any image, the one you decide to apply on flyer should be relevant, attractive, high definition quality, sharp and clear.

Relevant – it should be relevant to the concept for which you are designing a flyer

Attractive – It should grab the attention of readers, simply by seeing itself it should influence the reader to read further to know more about it. “The Know More” factor is important here.

High definition Quality: Refrain from using low quality images or free images which loses resolution during your print. Royalty free stock images or personally shot HD images can be used while designing a flyer.

Sharp and clear – Images you have decided to include should look very keen and obvious to the message that is intended to the targeted audience.

Give it a proof reading:

Once you have designed a flyer and as a final step you would go ahead with the printing process. Give your flyer for proofreading.

Even a minor grammar mistake can spoil your reputation, when it comes to flyer promotion. Audience tend to question your product when they feel that the company is not able to provide a good promotional material without any issues.

Therefore, before the printing process, you may ask your colleagues or your proofreading team to do this job for you. Because, any mistakes which is overlooked by you may be noticed by someone else. See to it, that all the information is grammatically correct, relevant, correct information is provided. Not even a digit should be missed from the contact information on the flyer.

As flyer is a small piece of paper used as a promotional tool for your products and services. Every little information would look big. Readers would keenly notice on every line of the text mentioned on the flyer and if they encounter any mistakes on it, there are chances that they might lose interest to further read it and also it would spoil your brand reputation.

Missing out important information and including useless information:

These both are considered as a sign of bad flyer. Important information such as company name, logo, contact information, dates and venue – if any event – all these are important information that you should not miss to include.

Non relevant information such as – you don’t necessarily have to include biography about the company. Be crisp, clear and to the point. The purpose of the flyer may be different at different situations, you need to observe the core motive of the event and analyse the necessity of the flyer for a particular situation and only then you would include necessary information related to the purpose of the flyer for that particular event.
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