Pamphlet and Brochure – Are they same?

Pamphlets and Brochures are both cost effective advertising tools. They have been used for several decades yet still existing and considered as effective. Flyer design has always had its importance in marketing promotion. Now due to the technology development printing has become advanced, it allows the designers to be creative. Although, both these print materials are comparative and have a common purpose there are several differences that set them apart.

However, the terms flyer design also known as pamphlet design and the brochure design are being interchangeably used by many and also considered as the same entity, this is because they serve almost the same purpose. Therefore, to understand the differences first we have to understand what they are. So let’s jump into the topic.

Is the Pamphlet and Brochure are same Are Pamphlet and Brochure same by Subraa, Freelance Graphic Designer in Singapore

What is a Pamphlet?

Pamphlets are a small leaflet or a flyer that contains information or arguments on a particular subject. Pamphlets are usually printed on a single sheet cut or folded in various ways according to the client’s requirements of the pamphlet. The information are printed on one or both sides depending on the client’s requirement. Pamphlets are a non-periodical print publication that is used to informate the public about something or someone rather than direct selling. There are three main types of pamphlets they are. Civic pamphlets, cultural pamphlets and Educational pamphlets.

Civic pamphletsare used for civil activities like information about local issues, ordinances, election updates etc.

Cultural pamphlets are used for providing information about different countries and cultures about their geography,location, demographic data etc.

Educational pamphlets are used to inform people about a particular topic such as business, science, languages etc.

Example: A pamphlet is a single sheet paper that is handed out to the audience at a conference hall or roadside or MRT or anywhere. It should be about a particular subject.

What is a brochure?

Brochure is also a common marketing tool like pamphlets and has either a few or a single page folded a few times. It generally contains images and information of a particular brand’s product or services. Brochures can be bounded or unbounded sometimes a brochure is also made in the form of a flyer and can be either one side or double sided. Brochures are generally of two types they are Bi folded and tri folded.

Bi-folded Brochure

Bi fold brochure is a brochure that has a single fold dividing it into four large panels. These panels hold information and images about a certain company. They are often used as informational brochures as they have a lot of space for content. These are used when you have a limited audience and your mode of distributing is hand or retail stores.

Tri-folded Brochure

Tri fold is as the name implies has three folds that makes it into a 6 large panels. These are often used for approaching a larger target and it is slimmer than the Bi-folded brochure. They are also suitable for hand delivery, mail, retail or showrooms.

Example:Brochure is a multi sided printed paper that contains information of a company’s product or services. A good example of a perfect brochure is a furniture company’s brochure that contains images of its furniture and its information on the sides of its brochure.

Pamphlet & Brochure Differences

Although there are several similarities between these two, they are not the same. There are several differences between them that sets them apart. So, I have listed a few differences below


As a brochure designer, you need to focus on the purpose of the brochure, which is highlighting a company’s product or services and explain briefly about it. Whereas, pamphlets are used to deliver information on a single subject. Sometimes, they are also for awareness on social issues or anything of the sort. Brochures are generally used to make people be aware of the offer that the company to its customers or the brochure will contain a promo code which they can use to get discounts but pamphlets are made to informate people rather than selling.


Brochures are very large in size and they can have a maximum of 8 panels whereas in a pamphlet the maximum number of panels is 4 and they are smaller in size when compared to brochures. The most commonly used brochure sizes are 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17, and 11 x 25.5 and they have a large space as they should contain complete details about the company’s product or services but pamphlets are relatively smaller in size than brochures and their main purpose is to attract the customers so its fonts are small size but well readable.

Paper used

Brochures are printed on glossy sheets and contains many attractive images making it more attractive than pamphlets. A brochure can be made of a single paper which can be folded once or twice or they can also be printed on multiple papers and made to stick together by stapling, saddle stitching etc. Whereas, pamphlets are usually printed on a single paper.


As brochures are printed on glossy sheets they are way too expensive whereas, pamphlets can be printed on normal paper making it cost effective. The other aspect that makes brochure costlier than pamphlets, brochures are made of high quality images and designs.


Brochures usually are usually made of folded panels or stapled pages. Bi-folded and tri-folded brochures are not the only types of brochures that are available there are a lot more like classic trifold, single gate fold, double gate fold, four-panel fold, z fold etc. However bi and tri folded brochures are the most commonly used brochures. Pamphlets are most often printed on a single page but may or may not contain folded pages.

The gap that separates brochure and pamphlet is narrowed and is almost closing over the years as many people started using them as same terms. But, both these effective old advertising tools are two very different entities having a few similarities that confuses people as well as the one who added it as a synonym to another in the dictionary. This article should have given you the key points that separates them.

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