How much does a Professional Logo Design cost in Singapore in 2023?

A well-designed logo can make all the difference in a world where brands constantly compete for attention. The logo is the first thing every customer will see in a business, and it has the power to stimulate emotion and leave a lasting impact. Logo design is always underrated and considered as not so important identity for a business. My article today details the importance of professional logo design while detailing, so I would also brief you on why logo design in Singapore doesn’t cost S$30 or less.

Logo Design Cost
Logo Design Cost

To be more precise and to explain the facts in broader terms, I would refer to the logo design, which is done for S$30 or low, as Cheap logo design services and the other as professional logo design services in Singapore. In this article, you will also learn the facts about why a good freelance logo designer Singapore doesn’t charge low and the importance of investing in logo design for your business identity.

Hiring a professional logo designer or a good freelance Singapore logo designer helps in ensuring that your final logo design output will be unique in communicating your brand identity. Logo design cost in Singapore can be from $100 to a few thousand dollars.

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How much does a logo design cost?

Professional logo design costs between S$150 to a few thousand dollars. But if you are a small business or start-up looking to design a logo with a limited budget, a good logo design should cost between S$150 to S$1500. You would probably get the best design within this budget.

The cost for logo design varies between logo designers, and there is always a difference between the logo design, which is done for $5, $100, $1000 and $10000 logos. The other designer quoted me $50 for one logo, and what is the big deal you do and charge me more? Logo design Singapore prices vary between logo designers, and we can split the logo design ranges into three levels. The budget-friendly logo design package in Singapore varies somewhere between $100 to $600. Some logo design services in Singapore charge up to $1500, which is mid-range and others high-end.

The main difference between the logo designs is the process the logo designers follow. A decent logo design cost will be $100 when you already have the concept in mind and would just like to digitalise the design. Logo designs cannot be created instantly or in a few hours. Logo designing services in Singapore takes at least two days to come up with the initial design concepts, maybe in a day if you have the design already.

You can hire a freelance logo designer who is nearby so that if you are not familiar with the process, you can have a call easily to get a detailed overview of the logo design process. When you opt for a logo designer, choose an expert to design your logo based on your requirement. Meet him once to understand more about the process, how much experience they have and how they bill you. You can expect a higher quote from some freelance Singapore logo designers who have a proven track record.

Logo Design Service Providers Price Ranges from How it works
DIY Logo Maker Free – $50 Online logo maker platforms that provide pre-made templates and design tools.
Freelance Logo Designer $50 – $500 Freelance designers offer custom logo design services based on client specifications. Prices can vary based on the designer’s experience and skill level.
Contest Websites $200 – $1,000 Online platforms where businesses post a design brief, and multiple designers submit their designs for a prize. The cost is based on the prize amount and the number of designers who participate.
Branding Agencies $10,000+ Branding agencies offer a comprehensive suite of services, including market research, strategy development, and brand identity design. Prices can vary depending on the agency’s reputation, size, and expertise.

Note: These prices are for guidance only and can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the design, the number of revisions, and the timeline for completion.

A logo is a short immediate recognition of your business. It is an aspect of the identity of your company’s brand, and it comes in various shapes, sizes, fonts, hidden meanings, etc.

If a logo is meant to help you in various aspects, then why do people opt for cheap logo design and don’t bother to invest more in freelance logo designer Services? Well, it depends on people’s perspective of how they want their business to be viewed.

What makes a good logo design?

A good logo design, well, the term itself is hypothetical. What is considered good in someone’s perspective is considered as not good, worse in others. Let’s take a generic scenario of a famous brand for better understanding.

When someone first checks on the FedEx logo, they just view it as a Typography based logo. They couldn’t understand the hidden meaning behind the logo, but the logo has a hidden meaning. Notice the arrow, and it actually refers to FedEx speed and accuracy. As mentioned above, good logo design always refers to people’s perspectives.

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What are the types of Logo design?

Types of Logo Design - Singapore
Types of Logo Design in Singapore

Logo designs can be categorised based on the below types

  1. LetterMark Logo design
  2. WordMark Logo design
  3. Pictorial Marks logo design
  4. Abstract Logo design
  5. Mascot Logo design
  6. Combination Mark
  7. Emblem Logo design

Lettermark Logo Design
Lettermark logo designs are made of text, i.e. fonts. The lettermark logos usually are the abbreviations of the company name. For example, the CNN logo stands for Cable News Network. CNN stands as an excellent example of Lettermark logo design. Lettermark logos are helpful for clients who are already familiar with the public.

WordMark Logo Design
WordMark logo design is also text based. However, it has the full business name. Google logo is an excellent example of WordMark Logo design. Google logo is famous for its font and elegant looks.

Pictorial Mark Logo Design
Pictorial marks are just logos represented as elements. Twitter logo is an excellent example of a Pictorial Mark Logo design. Apple logo is also an example of a pictorial mark.

Abstract Logo Design
Abstract logo designs are geometric marks kind of design. The Pepsi logo is an excellent example of Abstract Logo Design.

Mascot Logo Design
Mascots are based on the characters. When you like your business to represent a friendly and fun image to your customers, then you can opt for a Mascot logo design.

Combination Mark Logo Design
Combination mark logo design, as the name suggests, is a combination of the logo design types. If you want your logo to have an image as well as put an equal emphasis on font, then you need to opt for a combination mark logo design.

Emblem Logo Design
Educational institutions prefer to have emblem logo designs. It is considered the oldest type of logo design as it nearly represents the seal kind of design. Text inside a symbol is how emblem design is described, and if the designs are too complex, your text may not be visible in smaller prints.

What affects a logo design?

What affects a Logo Design?
What affects a Logo Design?

As a logo designer in Singapore with over 12+ years of experience in the logo design industry and with over 400+ logos designed and 1500+ logo concepts derived, I have faced multiple scenarios from clients, which generally affect the process. I try to explain to my client their queries before taking up the projects. I have provided below a couple of scenarios I have faced for your reference.

Scenario #1

Speculative requirements from clients’ is one of the main factors which affect freelance logo designer creativity.

“You design the logo first, and I will pay you for the logo if I like it.”
“You do the mockup, and I will pay only after seeing.”
“You come for the meeting with the mockup, and then I will decide to accept the quote.”

The above scenario happens every day for every other logo designer, and this is very unethical. Why do freelancers need to invest time and effort in a project which has no guaranteed payment? They are also much like doctors and tutors. You pay for the effort they spend on your project. The above aspects affect the logo designer’s creativity, thus leading to a loss of interest. Few freelance logo designers may accept; however, the style and quality will not match that of professional logo designers.

Scenario #2

When a client contacts a freelance logo designer, and the logo designer provides his starting price, say S$150, the first question that the client asks is

“In Fiverr, I can get a logo designed for S$5, and why are you so costly? Come on; I’ll pay you S$30. You design me a professional, unique logo with unlimited revisions until I am satisfied.

“Why pay S$200 for a logo when I get it for $5.”
“I have someone else ready to work for S$20. Provide me with the design for S$30, and I will award the project to you as I like your creative logo design.”
“I need unlimited revisions for my logo until I get satisfied.”

Well, to say the fact, yes, in Fiverr you get a logo designed for S$5, but are they unique? Are they looking professional? Are they accepting multiple revisions? Are they providing based on your requirements? Are the service providers selling the logo only for you, or do many have the same logo in different colors?

The logos designed cheaply are always knocked off from somewhere else. Most of the portfolios provided by the service providers are of others, and you can see most have the same designs as their portfolio. I have personally experienced this when I needed urgent help.

Why is Professional Logo design different?

A professional logo design or an effective logo design should be minimalist, appropriate and catchy. The logo design process of top freelance Singapore logo designers has an actual design process which usually involves the below steps.

Logo Design Process - Subraa, Logo Designer Singapore
Logo Design Process – Subraa, Logo Designer Singapore

Understanding your requirement:The design process of a professional logo designer starts with a discussion knowing your needs and requirements or a questionnaire which consists of a set of questions to understand the logo design requirements better. The requirement brief is very crucial to understanding the client’s preferences and business needs. Your logo design Singapore designer is good at logo designs, but he cannot understand all the business needs.

For example, an enameled wire company needs a logo design, and logo designers would not be familiar with enameled wire. However, if the business owner gives a brief description of the business and in which way it is influencing the customers. In that case, the logo designers can understand the business needs and target audience and come up with an effective company logo design. A face-to-face meeting with the client or a Zoom meeting would be helpful in learning more about the requirements.

Requirement Analysis: Since you have given a requirement brief, don’t expect your logo design Singapore designer to provide an instant design; the requirement brief is the starting or the first step in the design process. Based on your input in the questionnaire and your requirement brief, your business domain logo designers starts researching over the web to understand the nature of the logo styles in the domain. During this stage, it is also important to study about your competitors, the visual aspects of logos in your business domain, how people visualize the existing logo design etc., are important to start moving to the next step of logo design.

Sketching & Conceptualization:Logo designers start conceptualising the idea based on market research and analysis in the above two steps. Creativity comes into the picture in this stage. Logo designers in Singapore start sketching logo ideas to create the concepts. A different variation of the concepts is sketched to bring out the theme or hidden concepts. This stage of sketching and conceptualisation takes much time. A logo designer creates rough diagrams of how he likes the logo based on the design preferences or the element preferences. As a business owner, you cannot understand much of the design in this stage as the complete sketching of the logo depends upon the logo designer.

If you have a reasonable budget and a good amount of time to be invested in logos, then logo design Singapore freelancers spend more time sketching the concept else; a rough idea will be enough to digitalise the logo as they get an idea of what and how they need.

Digitalisation and Presentation: Based on the sketch logo, designers start to design the logo in Adobe Illustrator. Professional logo designers use Illustrator software to design the logo. Photoshop is not the preferred choice for creating a logo. The digitalisation of the logo concept sketches with appropriate fonts and colors will make the logo design look complete. At this stage of design, you present the client with the concepts. Once the idea is approved by the client or if the client has any suggestions over the design revisions, you make the requested corrections and suggestions and provide variations of colors and variations of fonts.

This stage can sometimes spoil the design as some business owners try to stuff their preferences in the designs. Many clients fail to understand that the logo designs are for the business and their target audience. The client’s preferences cannot be inserted into the logo when it is sometimes invalid or outdated. In contrast, a logo needs to be evolving over time. As a logo designer, if you feel your client’s preference may spoil the concept, then speak with them and give a brief explanation of how it would break the logo concept.

Not all time, the clients are wrong. Sometimes a simple tweak by incorporating the design idea may click and create a catchy eye logo.

Logo Rollout: The Logo that is designed is delivered to the client in all formats suitable for use in all digital and print media. The final logo design deliverables depend on the freelancers and your chosen logo design package. It is crucial to have your source file of the logo, as it is always helpful to edit or print.

A unique and effective logo is designed after all the above design processes are completed. Do you think all the above effort of a logo designer would cost just S$30 or less?

Suppose you are serious about designing a unique identity for your business and looking to hire a logo designer in Singapore. In that case, you need to ask the below questions before you choose a logo design Singapore freelancer.

  1. Are the logos different from free logos available on Google search? Do they gain immediate identity?
  2. Are the company logo designs based on the business nature?
  3. Do they convey a company’s business?
  4. Are the logos designed different from free logo makers?
  5. Do you provide the source file of my logo?
  6. Do you give me the complete copyright of the logo to me?
  7. Can I trademark my logo?
  8. Quality?
  9. What process do they follow in designing?
Logo Design Singapore Freelancer - Subraa
Hire Logo Design Singapore – Subraa

What do you get for your money?

Irrespective of whether you hire a logo design agency or a freelance Singapore logo designer who has a proven track record, you should know exactly what you will get for the money you pay.

The logo design final deliverable must include the file formats which can be used by the clients for various needs. However, many logo designers have some restrictions in providing the source file of the logo according to the packages you choose. The logo design package which you have opted for might have some limits, and it is better to check with your logo designer about the logo design deliverables that are included in the logo design package you choose.

Although many logo design services in Singapore do not provide all the file formats, Subraa, a logo designer in Singapore, provides all the file formats irrespective of the package chosen, you get the source file for the basic logo design package as well.

Many freelance logo designers know they need to provide different file formats as deliverables along with the final logo design. Yet, a few might be confused with the file formats they have to provide as some of the clients prefer to have different file formats, which may be what their printers would have requested.

Make sure the freelancers provide the below as part of the deliverable.

  • Your final logo design in various formats
  • High-resolution vector format, which is helpful in printing
  • Web optimised format
  • Source Files
  • Full copyright of the logo

    Logo Final Deliverables Explained

    If you are a business owner who is not too technical, you may feel that the below logo design file formats are too hard to understand. I have tried to explain the different file formats in layman’s terms.

    Logo Design Deliverable - Subraa, Logo Designer Singapore
    Logo Design Deliverable – Subraa, Logo Designer Singapore

    Usually, the final logo design deliverable will consist of the below file formats.

    1. Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop file
    2. PDF
    3. JPG
    4. PNG
    5. SVG (optional)
    6. EPS (optional)
    7. TIFF (optional)

    Adobe Illustrator format is the source file which your professional logo designer would use to design the logo, and it is very much helpful for the logo design Singapore freelancer to edit the logo designs in future if necessary. So which file as a business owner will I need to put up on my social media or letterheads or in my PPT slide designs, well you would only require a Logo in PNG (logo design without any background, i.e. transparent background), or if you need a file with a background, then you can use the JPG file formats, other than the above two file formats you can also use PDF if required.

    If you pass the logo to your website designer, you can share the SVG, JPG, or PNG logo files.

    There are only two types of medium where your logo will be used. One is the print medium, and another is the digital medium. When you go for the print design, you would require an AI file, PDF file or EPS file for printing. If you are going to use your logo in a digital medium, then you have to use JPG, PNG or SVG files. Here is the list of best computer for graphic design

    There is no shortcut in logo design unless you download a template and use it when your business doesn’t care much about the unique identity. You need to choose the right kind of logo type for your business. Every type of logo design has some advantages and disadvantages. Speak to your logo designer to get advice on the right kind of logo design at the right logo design cost. 

    Get a perfect logo designed and get your ideas to reality with professional logo design services from Subraa. It’s never too late to invest in a professional logo design, and you can get a logo design Singapore quote for free by clicking here. You can also check my recent logo design portfolio and learn more about me. Contact me at +65 97957890 (Call/WhatsApp) or email at [email protected] to learn more about my logo design process and how I could help you with gaining a unique identity for your business.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. How much does a logo design cost?
    Professional logo design costs between S$150 to a few thousand dollars. But if you are a small business or start-up looking to design a logo with a limited budget, a good logo design should cost between S$150 to S$1500. You would probably get the best design within this budget.

    2. What actually is a logo?
    A logo is a short immediate recognition of your business. It is an aspect of the identity of your company’s brand, and it comes in various shapes, sizes, fonts, hidden meanings, etc.

    3. What makes a good logo design?
    A good logo design, well, the term itself is hypothetical. What is considered good in someone’s perspective is considered as not good, worse in others. Let’s take a generic scenario of a famous brand for better understanding.

    4. What are the types of Logo design?
    Logo designs can be categorised based on the below types
    LetterMark Logo design
    WordMark Logo design
    Pictorial Marks logo design
    Abstract Logo design
    Mascot Logo design
    Combination Mark
    Emblem Logo design

    5. Why is Professional Logo design different?
    A professional logo design or an effective logo design should be minimalist, appropriate and catchy. The logo design process of top freelance Singapore logo designers has an actual design process which usually involves the below steps.

    6. Why do I need a logo for my business?
    A logo is crucial for your business because:
    It Creates instant recognition and distinguishes your brand from competitors.
    It establishes a strong brand identity and conveys your business’s personality and values.
    It builds credibility and trust among customers, enhancing brand loyalty and recall.

    7. What are the various options available in Singapore to get your logo designed?
    Here are a few popular options:
    Graphic Design Agencies: Some graphic design agencies in Singapore specialize in logo design. They have experienced designers who can create custom logos tailored to your requirements.

    Freelance logo Designers: Freelance logo designers offer their services independently. They provide a more personalized approach and may offer competitive pricing.

    Online Logo Design Platforms: Several online platforms offer logo design services, allowing you to create a logo through their user-friendly tools and templates. However, if you want a unique logo design, you must choose professional logo designers.

    When choosing a logo design service, consider factors such as their portfolio, reputation, pricing, and turnaround time. Communicating your design requirements clearly and providing any necessary brand guidelines or inspirations to ensure the desired outcome is recommended.

    8.Can Subraa help with the unique logo design?
    Yes, as professional logo designers, we can assist in creating a unique logo design that stands out from the crowd. We have the expertise to conceptualize and craft a visually distinctive logo that represents your brand effectively; by incorporating unique elements, typography, and creative concepts, at Subraa, we can ensure your logo is one-of-a-kind.

    9. Can you also assist with Corporate Identity along with the logo?
    Certainly! In addition to logo design, we offer comprehensive assistance with corporate identity to help your brand make a lasting impact. Our services go beyond just creating a logo, as we specialize in developing a cohesive and professional brand identity across various touchpoints. From designing business cards and letterheads to establishing brand guidelines, we ensure consistency and professionalism throughout your corporate identity. Let us help you build a strong and memorable brand presence.

    10. What would be the duration to design a logo?
    The duration for logo design varies depending on the complexity of the project. Typically, the logo design process takes 6 to 12 working days, including concept development, revisions, and finalization. However, we prioritize delivering a high-quality logo within a reasonable timeframe, and we can discuss specific timelines based on your business needs.

    11. What are the factors for a good logo?
    A good logo possesses the following key factors:
    Simplicity: It should be easily recognizable and memorable, with a clean and uncluttered design.
    Distinctiveness: A strong logo stands out from competitors, conveying a unique and recognizable brand identity.
    Relevance: It accurately represents the brand’s values, personality, and target audience, creating a meaningful connection.
    Versatility: It maintains its visual impact and legibility across different sizes, mediums, and applications, ensuring consistent brand representation.

    12. Which logo color is best for my brand?
    The choice of the best color for your business logo depends on various factors, such as your target audience, industry, brand personality, and the emotions you want to evoke. We consider the following while designing the logo:
    Research your target audience and their preferences to select a color that resonates with them.
    Understand color psychology and choose hues that align with your brand’s personality and values.
    Consider industry trends and competitor analysis to stand out while maintaining relevance.
    Test different color options to see how they visually represent your brand and evoke the desired emotions.

    13. Why should I not use an online logo maker for my logo design?
    Using an online logo maker may have limitations for your logo design:
    Lack of Originality: Online logo makers often deliver pre-designed templates, resulting in a generic and imitative logo that fails to stand out.
    Limited Customization: The level of customization and flexibility in design elements may be limited, limiting your ability to create a unique and customised logo.
    Brand Identity Challenges: Online logo makers may not consider your brand’s specific nuances and personality, making it challenging to reflect your brand identity accurately.
    Quality and Professionalism: To achieve a high-quality and professional logo that effectively represents your brand, it is recommended to work with logo designers who can provide personalized attention and expertise.

    14. Is the pricing for logo design packages negotiable?
    The pricing for logo design packages is fixed on several factors, such as the project’s complexity and the level of customization required. Our pricing are fixed for the packages, and there may be room for negotiation in some instances. It is best to discuss your specific requirements and budget with us to explore any potential flexibility in logo design package pricing.

    15. What happens after I use all my free logo edits?
    You can request additional rounds of design revision to ensure the logo meets your satisfaction. Please note that each round of design revision incurs a charge. This allows us to dedicate time and resources to refine the logo according to your feedback and preferences.

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