Common Mistakes Committed By Developers While Writing CSS Code

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When you are working on a website development project, you are prone to some mistakes that you do not want to make. These mistakes not only increase your headache but also force you to stretch your working hours. CSS is the most popular language used for creating website design layouts. However, the code has to be error-free, clean and optimized. If you want the design to be stable and consistent, you must avoid these mistakes. And, if you don’t, the design will be flawed and cluttered. Moreover, any other designer accessing the code will be unable to rectify and modify the code. In this post, we will highlight common mistakes designer are likely to commit.

Improper Layout Planning

When you fall short in upfront and proper design layout planning before you start coding, you might face some troubles in the interaction of different elements. You know very well how difficult, time-consuming and annoying it is to rethink and redesign when you have already written one or two KLOCs. The simplest way to avoid this mistake is to pen down the design before writing code.

Not Considering Different Browsers

This mistake was not a grave one when there were only a few browsers. In the past few years, the scenario is completely changed. Now, we have several browsers. And, every browser has dedicated variations for desktop, Smartphone and tablets. Now, a freelance web developer and designer have to consider all popular browsers to make sure that the design does not act as an obstacle in the smooth and consistent accessibility and performance of the website.

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No Documentation

Do it for other developers. Documentation and comments are helpful for other designers and developers working on the same project. By reading comments, other team members can get a quick idea of that code. It will save time and efforts of another developer who is going to work on the project.

Poor Readability

For the sake of performance, some developers remove the white space existing between two CSS definition. White spaces and blank lines are also consuming the time of the compiler. By eliminating white spaces and blank lines, developers can promote the performance of the website. However, the readability is compromised.

Using Animations without Purpose

With animations, a designer can perk up the aesthetic value of the website. No doubt, this will attract visitors. However, if the animation is doing no major purpose other than enhancing its appearance, avoid it. An animation consumes a lot of resources. Therefore, keep it out of the design layout.

No Code Validation and Verification (V & V)

In the popular water fall model, there is a dedicated phase for validation and verification. With proper V & V, we can ensure that there is no error or bug in the code and the code can result in a stable and better design.

29 Jan 2024

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