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How a poor Website Design can spoil your Business growth

Website Design is considered as an essential part of any business in this digital world. Online presence is a must for a business for clients to learn more about your services. Many small businesses ignore the concept of website design and think it is out of budget or a lavish investment. As social media provides free advertising area online, web design is often ignored by many who do not understand the fact that website design is the first and foremost thing required for marketing.

How a poor website design can spoil your business growth by Subraa Freelance Web Designer Singapore
How a poor website design can spoil your business growth by Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore

There are many online tools over the web to use for building websites, however not all the tools help to build a quality website which converts. You could feel that website design is simple by using an online tool however many forget to understand the fact that website layout needs to be structured based on the target audience and not according to the website owner preference. Websites which are built based on business owners preference without considering the users may sometimes spoil your business. Hire a freelance web designer who could help to design a layout which is according to the user as well as search engines. If you are hiring a web designer you need to consider the below facts and try to avoid certain aspects which might have an impact on your business.

Well Organised Layout, avoid complex navigations

Your customers are more likely to find about your services and reach you via the contact form or your phone numbers only if you have a well organised layout of contents. User experience should be the prime factor when you design a web layout. A contact button placed in the top right corner and is made visible even if the page scrolls are more likely to grab user attention. As a user if you are successful enough to find about the services, products, contact information in the web page then your layout is successful enough to convert. Common aspects that has to be avoided while designing a layout are frequent ad pop ups, complex navigations, smaller fonts, dull to too bright colors. A minimalistic website with spacious content always wins the race.

Represent your Brand, avoid Inconsistent Style

Websites should always be a representation of your brand, the colors should match the primary colors of your brand logo design. Websites help to directly represent your brand online, hence it is a must to create a trust among your visitors, this would help you to gain referrals and also returning customers. A good FAQ section in your website could help users learn about your brand more easily. Content is most vital and relevant content about your services, a short crisp synopsis of the services/products in the home page creates a positive image of your brand. Ignoring the typography, color palettes, usage of different fonts in the same page, different colors for the paragraphs etc ruins the image.

Non clickable navigations

A simple click on the navigation menu takes you to a page to read in detail more about you. If your content is not ready for a navigation then try to avoid placing the same in the menu or put up a blank page with coming soon. Also the logo when clicked should navigate to the home page at any point of time. This is one of the prime mistakes that many website designers make while developing a website. Users are more keen with user experience when they have availed the facility to navigate to the home page when they click on the logo in some other website which is missing in your website may cause disappointment.

Loading Speed

If your website takes quite some time to load may be more than 10 secs to load then you are more likely to lose your prospective client. Survey has proved that visitors tend to bounce back if the webpage responds slow. Images which are not optimised, videos of bigger size, Web designers make a rough estimate about the internet speed and upload high quality images without optimising which increases the page weight and inturn affects the loading speed.

Non responsive, no cross browser compatibility

With the growing number of smartphones and easy availability of internet with high speed people browse their favourite websites on the go and it is more important for any website to have a responsive layout. A responsive website design helps to adjust the website layout according to the device in which it is viewed, providing the best user experience. Browser compatibility is also a factor that many web designers fail to address, viewing your website in just a single browser is not enough and it is not necessary that your users will also use the same browser to view your website. A website which is cross browser compatible is viewed perfect in all browsers.

Using royalty free high quality stock images, relevant contents, Call to action buttons, well structured layout, fast loading pages are the desired features of a good website design. A poor website design not only loses customer for your business but also fails to gain trust among your users. Avoiding the above mistakes can help to gain a positive image to your brand and helps in business growth.

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