Web Developer Prefer WordPress than any Other Platform

In the year of 2003, WordPress was launched as a platform for publishing blogs. However, now it is one of the most powerful web development platforms and content management systems. There are more than 74.6 million websites depending on this web development and publishing platform. That’s why; no one has a good reason to question the reliability of the WordPress. According to oDesk, the fifth most requested skill is WordPress development. Therefore, when you have to opt for one of the advanced web development platforms, it should be the WordPress.

Freelance WordPress Developer Singapore WordPress is the most used web development platform because of the following reasons:

  1. Open Source: One can download, install, use and also modify it free of cost. As it is open source software, you are free to study and toy with its source code. There is a large group of volunteers (WordPress consultants) writing plugins, creating themes, updating documents, translating WordPress, answering support question and writing patches for WordPress. There is a lot of useful WordPress stuff which you can get free of cost.
  2. Easy to Learn and Use: WordPress is the easiest to learn and use web development platform. It takes only a few minutes to learn and WordPress’ official support forum and the WordPress community is always ready to help you.
  3. Expandable: The functionality of the WordPress is extendible and expandable as there are 43,505 plugins available for download. All these plugins are rated and reviewed by real users. There is a huge collection of themes available for different kind of websites be it photography, sports, construction etc.
  4. Search Engine Friendly: WordPress is specially designed to be search engine optimization friendly. WordPress is written using fully optimized code. Moreover, Yoast SEO and there are several other free and premium SEO plugins available in the WordPress directory.
  5. Easy To Manage: Updating WordPress is pretty easy. It comes with a built-in updater which notifies whenever a new version of plugin or theme is available. You just have to click a button to update WordPress when a new version is released.
  6. Safe And Secure: different kinds of websites including e-commerce are developed using WordPress and therefore, it is carefully designed by keeping safety and security in mind. It can be further fortified by using a WordPress security plugin.
  7. Handles Different Media Types: It has built-in support for handling image, audio, and video content. As it is ombed enabled, one can also import other oEmbed enabled websites’ content like Tweets, YouTube videos, Sound Cloud audio etc.

When your website is developed using WordPress, then you need not worry about its performance. Moreover, a website developed in WordPress also costs less. There are many freelance WordPress developer Singapore offering website development services. If you need to hire an experienced freelance WordPress developer then visit Subraa now!

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