Why is Content important in Digital marketing?

Digital Marketing as such comprises of many components. Contents always helps to build reputation, quality content is always important to build trust with your audience.Had it come to your notice that every time you read something on digital marketing concept, Digital gurus often speak about the importance of quality content. A positive brand image is always built using quality content.

Why is content important in digital marketing - By Subraa Digital Marketing Analyst Singapore Why is content important in digital marketing – By Surbaa, Digital Marketing Analyst, Singapore

Content – showcases different meaning to different users with different goals

So, What is Content ?What do most of us understand from this word? Yes, rightly thought. It’s any text which contains some meaning. In short, Any sort information is termed to be content. So, What makes it so special? Why do marketers have to give importance to this piece of art when building any marketing strategy. I will address to all such queries in this article. With the paradigm shift in our digital ecosystem, you should throw light on why organization has been concentrating so much on their content while constructing digital marketing strategy.

If your website has content, Users have reason to visit your website – as simple as that

If there is no content, there is no website at all.

Let me also help you in understanding the reasons on how content is influential in lead generating. There are three major reasons as to why content is essential, I would throw light on it individually So that you could get a grasp of how it is helping to grow the business. In today’s context, A strong digital marketing is one which is a combination of many components like social media and search engines. It would really become difficult for you to decide on which component is to be focussed, with each element to be more important, you also do have a very crucial element than the important one, and that is “CONTENT”

Reason # 1: Content educates your targeted audience

More than anything, education is the primary thought a potential customer would be having in their minds. The information on your website would help them arrive at a decision whether to buy the product or not. Right sort of information is the way by which they get educated about the product and services of the company. A well developed content at this stage may influence the buyers decision which in turn would lead to income generation for your business. Only appealing content is not sufficient, informative content is the need of the hour. Informative content typically takes the form of blogs, product page information, home page, About us page etc. It also includes, tutorials, reviews about the product and services etc. Content should always be informative in order to let the audience decide on the buying options. With the help of content you may also provide solutions for what the audience is looking for. Inform your consumers on how would a particular product be helpful in solving their issues. For any website be it any industry, content only speaks. If there is no weightage in your content, then visitors might not be interested to read it, which leads to less number of visitors and in turn your traffic ratio also would come down. To avoid such circumstances, write your content effectively and most importantly Informative.

Reason #2 : Content act as a fuel to SEO

All of us, directly go to search engines whenever we are in need of any information or if there are any questions or concerns pertaining to any product or any concept. This means, if your enter any query in Google search engine, Google has to pull websites or articles or blogs which ever matches with the specified text on its search engine. This is named as Search Engine Optimization.

So, if you would want Google to pull your website whenever it encounters related search, you need to optimize your content in your blog or website to make it appear in those relevant searches. In this manner, you can attract new leads for your business. Therefore it is important for you to have a very strong content.

SEO always works on techniques like keyword placements, backlinks, website visitors etc. Your content should be in a way that it fuels these techniques. Without a proper and strong content, you would not have anyone who would read your website, nor anyone who would visit your blog. In this case, traffic for your website would come down resulting in high bouncing ratio and less number of visitors for your website or blog or posts. The content you create should be engaging and grabbing audience attention and should allow them to act upon it. If your content is pretty impressive and attractive, very sooner you shall be on the top of search engine results.

Reason #3: Great Content is a cost effective way to bring in new leads

You may wonder, how can content bring new leads to your business. It definitely will, if your showcased content has that matter within. These days content marketing is widely spoken and has gained popularity among digital marketing techniques. The reason is, it is one of the cost efficient strategy that you can implement on your current ongoing websites or projects. Your business may already have resources who are developing content for you. Which means that you need not hire anyone more to enhance or execute content marketing strategy to your current marketing techniques.

With the help of content, you may engage and most important influence your audience. Engaging is the former part and Influencing is the later one. For all the small businesses that generally rely on consistent traffic to increase their brand reputation and boost their sales is with the help of content marketing only. Lead generation is essential and it can be attained by effective content.

As per the research report from DemandMetric, Content marketing has proved to cost 62% less than the traditional ways of other marketing tactics. Content marketing generates 3 times greater leads than the rest. But, you need to remember that “All that are good consume time” likewise, content marketing is time focussed and it may also take a while for your business to see the results of your efforts. You need to invest time in creating a quality content for Social media as well, You may have to consider spending as little as six to eight hours per week in developing content for your social media sites, which would fetch you good results. And not all small business can ignore this. Creating a good content is not only an affordable marketing tactic but it also shows you Return on Investment. And when you see this ROI over time, you would start believing in the power of content and its marketing.

If you look forward for maximizing content ROI, the way is to create a content marketing strategy which takes your targeted audiences into consideration. Ensure that you do not have to create content just for the sake of creating it. You need to understand who are your target audience, what all topics would they be interested in to visit on your website, what is the latest trend etc. There should be strategic approach than a very generic approach and it should reflect in the topics you choose and your promotional methods.

I have highlighted on most essential reasons of importance of the content in digital marketing, however, content is a big world in itself and there are many other factors associated with its reason for existence in digital marketing.

Content serves many other aspects like

Brand reputation, conversion, SEO efforts, Your brand’s SME, Relationship with customers, Withstand the niche competition etc, you may have to explore every topic in detail for further understanding the need for article content in digital marketing.

Having described all the benefits, I believe, it has become easy for you to see why is content important to grow your business, be it any type – small or big. Not only it does boost your visibility but also helps in building healthier relationships with all your current and future customers.

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