5 Mistakes Great Web Designers Always Avoid

A website is deployed to create new business opportunities or to increase customers. What if it does exactly opposite of this? Instead attracting, it lures away your visitors. This has happened with websites of many brands. In some of these websites, something was wrong because of the code and some websites lost visitors due to the design. The website design is one of the important factors having an influence on the usability and performance of a website. Several mistakes that web designers make are listed in this post. If you are a web designer or a client, be sure that following mistakes are avoided in your website:

  1. Moving forward without grid: Designing without grids deprives the designer and web design from order, consistency, and efficiency. Grids empower the design with a layout making the navigation easier for the user. Moreover, grids also improve the efficiency of the designer as it becomes easy and quick to add elements.
  2. Using non-customized themes: The use of pre-designed themes/templates is pretty common in web designing. There are thousands of free and premium themes available on the internet. However, the theme you have downloaded is also available to others. You never want your website having the looks of hundreds of other websites. Therefore, use customizable themes only.
  3. Wrong and poor quality images: Every good website has good images. If you are using irrelevant images lacking resolution, then this is not good for your website. You might have seen, in many websites, the text used in infographics is not clearly readable. The users immediately leave these websites.
  4. No search box: A user can leave your website for good if he has to wait to find what he is looking for. Not everything is visible to the user. Visitors always know what they are looking for, but sometimes they do not where to find it. You can save their time by adding a search box in your web design.
  5. Complicated navigation: It is a vital part of website design. Moreover, it also plays a key role in improving the browsing experience of a visitor. It makes the way for a visitor to find what he is searching for. Making it complex downgrades the browsing experience.

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