5 Reasons to use Flyers to promote your Business

Do you think flyers are old fashioned? Think wise, when it comes to promoting a special event or promotional Flyer Design plays a major role in awareness creation of your events or promotion among the audience. No matter what you want to advertise whether it is a product, event or a service, flyers work!

Flyers are important in marketing. Yes, I’m living in the era of high technologies and still saying flyers are effective. There is a reason to why flyers have been a major advertising tool for many years. Flyers are our budget friendly medium to promote business.

5 Reasons to use flyers to promote your business by Subraa freelance graphic designer in Singapore 5 Reasons to use flyers to promote your business by Subraa, freelance graphic designer in Singapore

The technology has given the advertisers dozens of choices to advertise their product/services, but not every start-ups can afford the money. Therefore, these cost-effective advertisements can serve them good. Using flyers to advertise your product can be done in a very cheap price but is very effective for covering the local audiences. You can distribute the flyers by following the below methods:

  • Door to door mail drop
  • Newspaper insert
  • Street distribution
  • Instore distribution

Like all the other form of advertisement, flyers should also help your sales and marketing. Flyers are like an empty sheet waiting for you to design creatively. So making it creative and appealing or ugly and distracting is in your hands.

5 Reasons for why flyer is still effective in marketing

1. Cost effective

This is a world that spends millions on advertisement and expects ROI higher than that, sometimes they get and many times they don’t. But using flyer as an advertising tool and getting a higher ROI is very easy, especially for a startup or small businesses.

The money you have to spend for a flyer is very cheap, especially when you have your own inkjet printer. However, it is not wise to save your money on designing the flyer, because that is the most featuring element of a flyer so make it effective and creative.

2. Effortless

Distributing the flyers is easy when you know where your customers spend their time. After finding it out you can hire people to distribute them in those areas. You can also ask popular local spots to distribute it for you, for example, Collaborate with a local restaurant and tell them to distribute your flyers to all their customers when they leave.

However, designing an attractive flyer requires a certain amount of effort, For eg: you may have to hire a professional flyer designer, but they are nowhere near to how much effort you have to put for other means of advertising. A compelling flyer requires a certain level of planning and creativity. Your success depends mainly on your flyer’s design.

3. Tangible

One of the main advantages of a flyer is that it is tangible.

But why? Because the human brain can easily trust the things that you can touch, so flyers can develop trust in consumers mind.

Your design should be prompting enough for the customers to open the flyer and find out more information. Flyers also allow you to benefit from a quality print finish which can make a big difference when it comes to your customer grabbing it to read.

4. Personal attachment

Tangibility provides trust but distributing the flyer personally creates attachment. When a person stands and distributes a flyer at least for their efforts people will look at what it is about. Even if they are busy, they will put it into their bag or pocket to give it a look later.

You can also impress your customers by providing incentives like providing an offer for the flyer, that will add some worth to the flyer as it has some value to it. You can also find out by measuring the sales that if providing an offer for the flyer has worked or not.

5. Eye catching

The reason why flyers have stayed evergreen is that they work well and people actually read it. In modern day advertising you dump all the advertisements on a website and people have become so sick of it and that makes the viewers to ignore even a well designed poster. And there are ad blocking software that don’t even allow your add to reach your customers.

But flyers are very attractive and noticeable. Imagine yourself waiting in a cafeteria and you see a flyer right in front of you then you can’t help but notice it. So, when flyers are placed at the right time, right place with an attractive design, then it can be very effective.

How Subraa can help you to design flyer

To make an effective flyer, the design has to be very unique and compelling. It’s not possible for you to create a compelling design by yourself during your hectic business development, you can always approach Subraa for Flyer Design Services.

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