5 Simple ways to boost your Website’s Domain Authority (DA)

Search engine ranking of a website, are you aware that there are multiple factors which determines the ranking of your website on top of google. Domain authority has gained a great importance. The metric which indicates the authority of your website is called Domain Authority (DA) and it helps to rank a website on SERP. As your domain authority gets increased, there are chances of getting ranking in search engine result page and your business would end up in getting more organic traffic.

5 simple ways to boost your domain authority (DA) - By Subraa Freelance Web Designer Singapore 5 simple ways to boost your domain authority (DA) – By Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore

This mere idea emerged from the ideology of page ranks which was earlier introduced by Larry Page. PageRank concept is still in existence and used to measure the importance of web pages and websites.
In this article we would see,
What is Domain Authority?
How to increase your domain authority?

What is DA?

DA of a website is determined by its score between 0 to 100. The higher score your website gets, the better it is for your business. This score would predict how well your site is performing in terms of ranking on search engines.

DA is not same as PageRank – already introduced by Google, which actually influences the ranking. Well, Moz and other companies with similar systems are trying to reproduce the ranking algorithm of Google by considering all the known factors which would necessarily affect your ranking and give scores to domains for the purpose of comparisons only.

You may also, understand it this way.

DA is dependent on the data that Moz has about your website which is rare cases are not accurate as Google’s. It is very normal and usual thing that you may have low domain authority but high ranking in Google.

Other things you should know about DA is:

DA does not takes into consideration about Google’s penalties.
A website which has google penalty obviously loses its ranks in search engine results. But as far as Moz is concerned the DA will still be high even if your site is under Google’s penalty.
Domain Authority considers only 40 factors to provide ranking to your site, while Google has more than 200+ factors.
It is a fact that DA score is hard to change, unlike google ranking – if you work on your site SEO toay your rank results will be visible on the same day or the next day. But in DA, increasing its score cannot be done immediately.
DA is a logarithmic approach. Which means, you can improve your DA score from 20 – 30 but it will be a challenge to improve it from 70-80. As you scale up, it becomes difficult.

There are few ways to follow to increase your Domain Authority Score

Working on off page SEO
On page SEO optimization
Working on Technical SEO
Mobile friendly website
Improving page speed
Increasing social signals

Work on your Off Page SEO:

Increasing your DA score – your link profile does that for you. “ Link Profile” is the most important of all metrics. You will receive a higher DA score if you have a strong and clear link profile.

So, What is a strong link profile? When your website has incoming links from high authority websites and from related websites.

Now, I will tell you how to improve your link profile – This process is known as Off Page Search Engine Optimization and is associated with methodologies with which you can obtain good links to your site. You need to remove bad links or broken links from your profile. You may use tools like Moz explorer or SEMrush to identify toxicated links. Post identifying, you need to contact the website owners asking them to remove or to add “nofollow” tag. For unlinking, you may use Google’s disavow tool too. Make your link profile stronger by gaining good links from other related websites. Link building is a detailed topic on its own, Let’s not get into it now, we will focus on creating a stronger link profile, there are two ways – Natural Link building and Blogger outreach.

In the former method, your website should be having a real good quality content. When your visitors read it, they like it and they link it. The second method is blogger outreach – In this way you need to reach to webmasters and show that you exist, with the help of this, you may get chance to linking your website in their articles.

On Page SEO Optimization:

By this, what i mean is, you need to work on your page and content. Optimizing tiles and descriptions would help you solve the purpose of obtaining higher DA score. Concentrate on proper usage of Headings. There should be SEO optimized Permalinks. Try not to force keywords in your content, let it flow naturally. Add internal links to your contents of the website is a powerful SEO technique, you need to adapt one for your site’s performance in DA’s platform. Finally, get noticed by Google’s featured snippets.

Work on Technical SEO:

It is related with low level SEO task and if you have done it correctly at the beginning you don’t have to deal with it again. But, if it is not done properly,this can leave a great impact on your DA score.
For Technical SEO you need to register your website with Google’s search console and Bing Webmaster tools. Optimizing your xml sitemap and submitting to Google, would definitely help. Continue checking your robots.txt file. Ensure Google and other search engines can crawl your website without any problems. Structured information is clearly understood search engines hence have a schematic data on your contents.

Responsive Website Design:

Mobile friendly website design is not an option for you, it is a mandate factor for every site which exists today and will exist tomorrow. The reason is as clear as that – smartphone usage is rapidly increasing. Users do mobile search than desktop search. Google’s one of the ranking factors is mobile friendliness. So you definitely don’t have to miss it. Remember, if you do not have a mobile friendly website, there would be a negative score on your DA.

Improve your page speed:

Page’s performance speaks. Page Performance means the speed of the page. Google’s algorithm for ranking intakes this factor also in account. A website which loads faster has and advantage over other websites. Improving the page speed will automatically improve user experience which again would lead to lead generation and more conversions. Tackling speed issue is a hard task and you need a developer or a technical person who does that for your website. So, hurry, hire one for your company now. If you are a start up business owner and would not be able to hire one, then you can try the following by yourself.

  • Remove unwanted plugins
  • Get upgraded to wordpress and their latest versions
  • Ask Your hosting provider to give a report on your servers performance
  • Consider the size aspect of image files which may lead to the slow loading
  • You can use streaming services like youtube for videos.

Increase your social connectivity:

It is a common known fact that the pages or sites which are popular in Google tend to have many likes and shares. So gear it up, work on building social network for your website – especially on your Facebook business page. To ensure your page and website gets shared or liked, include social media buttons on your contents.


Having done all this for your website, now it is time to have some patience. As I already told earlier in this article that obtaining DA score is not easy and getting ranking in Google’s search page. DA score cannot be achieved overnight. Moz crawlers would take time to read and evaluate your website. Hence, do not be too worried about your DA score, it is just a number which shows how strong is your domain, comparably with other ones out there in Moz database. Lower DA score does not mean that your site will not perform well on Google. It is just a myth that the higher DA score, the higher ranking – NO. A higher DA score means you are travelling in the right direction.

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