8 Must have features for Property Website Design Singapore

Real estate or Property business is highly dynamic and highly competitive, if you are a property agent looking for a Freelance Web Designer Singapore to develop your property website which is compatible with all devices then you must also be aware of the features that are necessary for the Property website. Many customers spend most of their time on mobile while travelling. So the advertisers are now more driven towards social media and web pages. Hence it has become merely a qualification for a company to have a website. Because to gain credibility you have to make your presence on the web.

8 Must Have Features of a Property Website in Singapore 8 Must Have Features of a Property Website in Singapore

The dynamic and interactive nature of the web has influenced all the business domains, real estate is not an exception to it. Real Estate is one of the top most businesses of the century. Real estate is a highly competitive sector. It needs a lot of investments and can only be successful if it reaches the target customers. Website is a better way to increase your customer base and also to address the requirements of the customers.

Customers have become tech savvy. They clearly understand how the web works and very choosy when it comes to online sources. Therefore, to impress such customers you have to stay competitive. You need to keep your web platform updated and trendy. Your web platform should be rich in feature, highly engaging and SEO friendly. So it is important to keep your property listings highly persuasive. In this article let’s learn the important features that should be present in your property website.

1. Videos and images:

Property selling is an art. To master the art you have to understand what the customer wants. Customers always want to see the property before considering whether or not to buy. Hence it is important to post the images of the property on the site. And who would like to read vague words without any attractive images. Customers will flock on a website that is attractive but the design should not affect the loading site adversely because it might result in losing a potential customer. So it is important to hire a professional freelance web designer who understands the Singapore market.

Today as the customers have become techcentric, they are not satisfied with just images. They want something better, something that might take them on a virtual tour of the property itself. Videos are the only way to make that happen. And videos can create a strong positive intent on the customers mind. Video should be made using a lot of attracting elements with a mild background music and if it contains the testimonials of the previous buyers then it might increase the trust factor for the customers. Videos and images can be highly influence the customers, hence make sure you do it effectively.

2. Faultless navigation:

Navigation includes all the links, Call To Actions(CTAs), menus that are present on the website. An improper or faulty navigation might create a bad impression about your company. Therefore make sure your website’s navigation is flawless and the links are taking the customers to the page that they intend to go. A good navigation system will provide a smooth and interactive menu. The menus should be well organised. The main menus and sub menus should be arranged properly. Main menu titles should be placed carefully because they represent all the sub menus that comes below them.

When you make changes in your page when the website is live, keep a check if all the pages are redirecting properly. Because we never want our valuable customer to be redirected to a not found page. Also make sure that you male the CTA more appealing by using efficient text label, attractive colors and screen elements.

3. Attractive design:

Your website should have an eye catching attractive design. An attractive design can make a good initial connect with the customers and can prolong their stay on your website. A good design should prominently display the CTAs, links, buttons and the menus. It should also complement the content with its engaging theme.

It is always nice to have some decorative design but make sure it does not deface the website. The design shouldn’t steal your content’s thunder it should just support it. You can also use CMS like wordpress because it provides you plenty of themes, hence you can select a design that appeals to you the most.

4. Easy to search and easier to contact:

The customers should be convenient while searching for their required information about your property. The site should contain advanced search filters that would help the customers to reach their requirements. In this competitive market, you should make sure that you provide your customers a user friendly website or you might lose a section of customers.

The visitors coming to your website will be on a property hunt, so you have to make sure that they contact the property owner easily, when they find a suitable property. To enable this, you should place a listing owner form on the sidebar or footer of the listing page, below listing description. Therefore any customer who wants to contact the property owner can immediately do it and send an enquiry message to the listing owner.

5. Google maps:

Now google maps have become a mandatory feature for a property website. Maps helps the users to easily identify a location. Also it helps the customers to view all the amenities that are present in the area. It also helps for navigation and direction. It makes the website look glamorous. Moreover they are an effective and convenient way to display address. Hence using google maps on your property listing site is necessary.

6. Social media and blogging:

As a professional Freelance Web Designer Singapore who has developed property websites for property agents in Singapore and digital marketing expert, I have realized that social media has now become a part of people’s life. Hence if you approach your customers through them, it will be effective. You should link your website on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. And you should also update regularly on your social media handles about your website and business. And when people share your posts, you will get popularity to your site which will increase the site’s traffic and search ranking.

Posting articles on trending real estate topics might help the customer to develop an insight about real estate. This also increases your web traffic and search ranking. It also gives credibility to your company.

7. Detailed listings and amenities:

The listings are the main pages of a real estate website. Customers will need a detailed description about the property. So your design should allow you to have a very detailed listing page.

You can show a range of MLS(Multiple Listing Service) properties to the visitors by using IDX(Internet Data Exchange) facility. With MLS listings, users can easily find their desired property.

The selling features of a property are its on-site facilities such as parking space, swimming pool, grocery stores, accessibility to schools and universities etc.

8. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation):

SEO is the founding stone of any digital marketing strategy. With an effective SEO approach your site can beat the competitors and stand out prominently in search results in various web directories. Google prioritise only the stagnant companies that update information regularly over the years. Therefore, you have to update the website regularly about the upcoming properties and write articles on trending topics.

Using the above mentioned features you can create an effective property listing site. The contents that you add on the website should be well researched and well written. You should also market the website by using advanced digital marketing tools such as Google analytics, Google trends, SimilarWeb etc. But there is more to digital marketing, you cannot just learn about digital marketing by reading articles. You need experience, knowledge and creativity. Approach your friendly professional freelance web designer Subraa who is based in Singapore and has experience in helping property agents with developing the website and make them rank in google at a very affordable cost. For more information visit my blog on features for property website design.

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