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Designing a logo? Here is what experts suggest

A logo is a small graphic mark, set of characters or a combination of both. It is a small thing. It is laid somewhere on the website, packaging, uniform, vehicles, or any other thing associated with a particular company. Is it really a small thing? If it was, why logo designer would work for extended hours to design this small thing? Is your brand’s visual identity small? It is actually more than a visual identity. It has an impact on the customers’ perception about a brand. It is the first impression. Logo designers are in demand and they are getting a good amount of money for designing the same. And yeah, it is small, but not simple. There are numerous aspects to be considered while designing it.

If you ask an expert, he will give following suggestions to design a winning logo that can be productive for the business:

Be Clever and Make It Unique

Unique means uniquely unique. Carrier and Ford, both have a massive reputation. However, logos of both brands are quite similar. Here are some more pairs of brands having very similar logos:

Bacardi and Swiss Air Force

Belfast and Devon


Dosh Dosh and David Airey

Energy Armor and Electronic Arts

Understand the Brand

It introduces your brand. It has to reach a specific audience. The audience should be able to identify it and the logo should be able to deliver a message. For example, see the logo of World Wildlife Fund. It is featuring a Panda. The logo of Library Lovers Art Auction depicts a paint brush.

Colors Speak

Red is the symbol of energy and affection. Green color symbolizes growth and organic. White reflects simplicity, cleanliness and purity. Pink color is reserved for fun and flirt. If you are running a website for online dating, the pink color should be there in the logo.

Keep Calm and Wait

Do not expect your brand logo to become an icon instantly. The popularity of the logo greatly depends on the success of the product and the market in which it is being sold. It is not a wise move to change the logo if it is falling short in achieving its objective.

Make Use of Online Tools

There are plenty of free and paid online tools and resources that can be used to create a brand logo. You just have to search; you can find many websites providing online tools to assist in logo designing.

However, instead DIY, rely on an experienced freelance logo designer in Singapore. It is about the identity of your brand, your recognition.

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