Does my small business really need a Website design?

Do I really need a Website - Subraa Freelance Web Developer
Do I really need a Website – Subraa

After years of helping clients build their online presence, I was very shocked to learn the fact from few recent meetings, that many doesn’t understand the purpose of a Website, why it is more important in this digital world though your business rocks currently and the importance of a Web Design Singapore. In this article I would be detailing the necessity to have a Website and how a Freelance Singapore Developer can help you with the website design and development.

Most common questions for website design

  1. Why my business really needs a website?
  2. We are 50+ years in business, what is the need of the website design now?
  3. Why website design is so costly?
  4. I don’t sell any products online, so why do I need a website?
  5. Why do I need SEO?
  6. What is SMM?
  7. My customers are old and not tech savvy, do I still need a website for me?
  8. What do I get if I design a website for my business?
  9. What will I get for the money I invested in designing a website?
  10. How can I hire a freelance Singapore Website designer?
  11. Why should I pay you more for a website when I get it free from websites like WIX

Many small business owners or startups may feel that they will not be able to benefit much from website design or may feel that the website development will be a loss of investment or think that their customers don’t use a computer and just limit their vision only to the 20% of the population who doesn’t use the internet. As a freelance web developer, I would like to brief you that you are missing the 80% of the population who could turn as a potential customer while concentrating on just 20%.

Do I really need a website?

Well the answer is YES, you should have a website irrespective of the business size or years of existence. Your website can be your potential market tool to promote your services or products.
Here are the top 5 factors, you need to know about a Website:

  1. Your website is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Even if you are in holidays your website provides the necessary information to your customers and helps them to know about your business more at their convenience.
  2. You are being recognised by a person from the other part of your location, this expands your reach to a wide range of customers
  3. Allows your customers to communicate with you, using contact forms, social media, online chat.
  4. Your eCommerce website sells directly, hassle free shopping for your customers. You customise the delivery time, mode of payment etc and distinguish your business from others.
  5. Reduces the cost of marketing, website is your online marketing tool which helps you to reach to wide range of customers than compared to a newspaper ad.

Companies spend quite a few bucks for printing the brochure to advertise their products and services, however the same can be done by website with a one time investment. Though you get your business through word of mouth or recommendation, the first thing everyone would look for is a website under your company name in google.
A more possible hidden advantage in creating a website design is, it will help you with rewriting your business goals and provides a new perspective to your business. When you start writing the content for your website you would realise that you haven’t made time for a longer time.

Keep your customers informed

New customers or prospective visitors may prefer to know your history, specialisation. A short brief of about you or your business helps in gaining trust from your customers and helps them to avail your services in a comfort zone.

Consider your website as an online brochure, if you are making a change in a product or discontinuing selling a product, or adding a new service to your business whatever the case may be, you are keeping your customers updated with a simple edit in your website.

Make you customers avail the new promotional offers with no major investment by using website as your voice for your business. Create a short video of your business and upload in the website which helps to reach more.

How much does it cost for website design?Website Design Promotion - Subraa Freelance Web Designer
When you opt for having a website for your business, you must also be aware that having a website means you need to pay for the basic 3 listed below

  1. Website Design and Development
  2. Hosting
  3. Domain

Website design and development is the actual files where you put the images, graphics and content
together. Hosting the website is you move the files to a larger server so the public can access, the cost depends upon the service providers. Domain is the unique web address where your customers can find you for eg: If you need help in hosting you can contact your freelance web designer Singapore, he could guide you through the whole setup.

Websites usually cost from S$100 to S$10000 or more depending upon the requirement. However, a freelance web developer who has proven track records and expertise and know how to make your website the perfect marketing tool will charge in few thousand dollars.

On the contrary I would suggest better to have no website than to have one which looks bad and spoils your business reputation. Always check whether your freelance web developer follows the guidelines for good web design. You can learn more in this article regarding the web design mistakes that needs to be avoided while web development.
To summarise a website is a marketing tool which is a one time investment and continues to pay back. As the internet users continues to grow, it is very vital to have an online presence for every business irrespective of the size of the business or years of experience.

I’m Subraa, Freelance web Designer Singapore helps you create professional websites with all the features needed for a startup or small business like contact form, social media integration, responsive web design etc. Having worked with major clients in Singapore, as a freelance web designer, I love to help small business create online presence at a very nominal rate.
You could always email me at [email protected] for a free quote or call me at +65 97957890.

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