Essential Tips for improving your Web Design

Are you able to retain your audience on your website for a longer time? Are the number of visitors increasing on your website? Can someone get the exact idea about your business and services that you provide after visiting your website within a few minutes? Are the graphics relevant to your website content? Can users easily navigate to the key services?  Is your website user-friendly?

Essential Tips for improving your Web Design by Subraa Freelance Web Designer Singapore
Essential Tips for improving your Web Design by Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore

Above are few of the basic questions which will help to judge about your website. If you are lacking in any of the above parameters provided in form of a questionnaire then you may have to do a serious workout of your website. The competition to list on top pages of Google is high and only a few go to the 1st or 2nd page of Google to find out the services they require. I have listed here a few tips to increase your website traffic.

Just by excelling in the limited aspect you can’t improve your website. There is a lot to be improved other than website design and content. You need to take care of how your website is responding with the audience. How are you addressing the core concerns of the users? Is there any help portal if they get stuck in between to help be able to navigate to other options?

Ideas and innovations are needed to execute, as Steve jobs said that customers don’t know what they need unless you show it to them. Addressing the concern of the user and making the website user compatible should be of utmost priority. So let’s proceed further with tips and advice given below:

Make a plan

Don’t start designing your website abruptly. Try to figure out first what kind of service you are going to render to your user. You need to plan effectively how you are converting first-time visitors to potential customers. You ought to deal with the issues they are facing and come up with required maintenance.

You need to get inside the visitors mind-sets to understand their demands. Accordingly, you need to decide which kind of content, website design, and catalogs are needed to retain the customer. You can interview the people and apply some research methodology to get their views. After this, it will be easier for you to execute your plan.

Remove the unnecessary stuff

Certain things on the website are going to detract from the value and throw a bad impression to the audience. Making complicated animations and using ambiguous words will take your visitors away.

The website should be categorized in such a simplistic manner that on the first visit only it should seek further attention.  Don’t write too lengthy articles or don’t make your pages only textual. Give it an essence of pictorial as well as textual blend.  Avoid the words which are being used most of the time.

Include social media share and follow option

If you have some great collections don’t confine it within your website. Let it be shared with the entire world. The inclusion of social share options will help in perpetuating the reach of the people. It will increase the traffic to the website.

Even you can make people follow your social media page. It will be one of the happening parameters to judge the quality of the content being uploaded.  These share buttons contain an icon of different social media channels and allow it to share among your network.

Use the right images

Don’t try to fit any kind of picture with your content. It might not be aligned with the message you are trying to convey. Though there is an ocean of pictures available, you need to be choosy with the image.

Even in the pretext name of a realistic approach, don’t put any random picture of the organization. It’s like the first impression of the organization for the job seeker, clients, consumers etc. It should aid the user in navigation also.

Make the users spend time with your websites

Don’t make the homepage extra-long but keep it up to a size that you can scroll easily. Try to display the maximum possible options on the front page and provide them with the guidelines or further navigation option.

Make it classy so that after scrolling through 3 to 4 sections only, the visitor should get the essence of the overall business. Include intro videos, features of the products, an overview of service, about us, testimonials and resources.

Mobile view

Websites which are not mobile friendly are losing their visibility. Google prefers mobile friendly websites, and the responsive layout for your website should be user friendly as mobile users are growing in numbers.

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