Essential Website Design Practices- Add Less for More and Make It Enjoyable

In our previous article, we have stressed on the right use of whitespace and typography. This article highlights the importance of adding less to convey more and adding the element of fun in the website design without going overboard. In web designing, the perfection is achieved when nothing is left to convey, not when nothing is left to add.

Add Less and Convey More

If you are a regular reader of web design and development related articles, you must have read somewhere that more than 55% of the users spend less than 15 seconds on a webpage. With that little amount of time available, it is not easy for a website to convey the intended message in a persuasive manner. It is possible when the website is delivering the message effectively within these 15 seconds. Adding more stuff is not going to help the website in achieving more traffic, better rankings and attention of its users. The user is going to ignore the unnecessary content. Increased page load time is another performance fallout of adding unnecessary features in a website.

The unnecessary content is not going to add any clarity to the website; it will simply add clutter to the web design. Instead of looking for what you can add, you should look for what you can remove to make the website content more concise and persuasive.

Consider an example. There are 9 menus in the navigation bar of a website. Now, the user will need more time to figure out which link he should open. On the other hand, instead of 8, there are only 4 or 5 options available to the user; he can easily locate the information of his interest.

Add the Fun Element and Make It Enjoyable

We are not asking you to add some tom &jerry stuff in the web design. You want a user to remember you and products or services you offer. Users remember something that is impressive and enjoyable. A user will recognize you if you are different from rest of the pack. Give your users the ‘fun’ experience. Just give a slight touch of fun to make the website impressive, engaging and memorable without crossing limits.

A great website design gives a reliable helping hand to your brand. To make the best use of the conversion potential of a website, a healthy dose of great web design is essential. An experienced freelance website developer knows how to put together different web design elements to get a final great website design.

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