Essential Website Design Practices – The Conversion Potential

It is always great to have a website with a rich visual appeal. However, a website design endowed with the greatness of visual appeal only cannot fall into the category of great website designs. A great website design is productive. It goes far beyond the appearance. Admittedly, you need constant and complete attention of visitors for the conversion. But bear in mind, your website is not a painting exhibition. Users visit a website to get some sort of information, to buy, to avail or to sell something. They do not visit a website to admire its visual appearance. Conversion is achievable when you start a meaningful and successful conversation.

The conversion potential of a website

A website designed with a comprehensive understanding of users’ needs, with the clear insight of the action a user wants to perform is what a user wants. With this, you can start a productive conversation and utilize the conversion potential of the web design to the fullest. A designer should see the conversion potential of a website as an integral part of the design. When a clear message is delivered in a concise manner, you can achieve a remarkable rise in the conversion rate. You can get returns on the resources you are investing in web design and online marketing only when a casual visitor is becoming your customer, subscriber, member or performing any other expected action.

Web Design Elements Contributing to Visual Appeal, Conversation and Conversion

There is a huge scope of web design, more deep you dig, more you know. However, following are the four important elements of web design that drive more traffic and perform more conversions for your website:


A picture is worth a thousand words. So, use a picture that can speak a thousand words that are beneficial for the visual appeal, conversation and conversion. The reward you reap using this element depends on how effectively you are using images in the website design.


The color has nothing or a very little to do with the conversation. However, an attractive and eye-catching color scheme can multiply the attractiveness and visual appeal of a website.


The text comes into play only when the design has grasped the mind of a visitor. It is the text that delivers the message. No one reads boring thousand words. Use fewer words to convey more.


A user can be convinced to perform an action only if he is able to locate the information of his interest. You are throwing a spanner in your work if you are making the navigation clumsy and complicated.

Any experienced agency or a freelancer offering web design services in Singapore never forgets to consider the conversion potential of a website design, because the visual appeal is not the everything.