Food & Beverages Industry and Digital Marketing

“Any nutritious substance that people eat or drink”

It’s nothing complex or any alien thing. It is “Food” I am talking about. Now, you may think why Food is being discussed in this article and what is the need for it. The forthcoming article would cover the below list of topics

  • Food culture in Singapore
  • Role of Food and Beverages industries in Singapore
  • Essential elements and key factors that decide the success of Food and Beverages Industries online presence

Singapore is undoubtedly the destination for all Food lovers and Restaurants in Singapore has served quality healthy food for the taste buds throughout the Nation. Society with cultural diffusion, various race, religion and dialect has absolutely cleared path for combination in nourishment around Singapore.

Filling their stomach isn’t the primary focus for any Singaporean, rather eating for taste has turned into their way of life. Below list convey the cuisines in Singapore [Courtesy: Wikipedia]

Chinese cuisine:

Chinese immigrants of the past are the masters of Chinese cuisine and as the years passed out, Singaporeans adapted this cuisine altering them according to their ingredients availability and recent trend. The cuisines were named with reference to southern China dialects

Most popular Chinese cuisines:

Bak kut the, Beef kway teow, Beef noodle soup, Bak chang, Bak chor mee Ban mian, Chai tow kway, Char kway teow, Char siu, Chicken noodles, Crab bee hoon, Drunken prawns and many more

Malay style:

Malay Peninsula and Sumatra were the major influence for Singapore Malay cuisines and unsurprisingly the taste vary from their neighboring countries. Indonesian and Malaysian immigrants in Singapore make this cuisine as best of its kind and has influenced the entire country by its taste and quality.

Most popular Malay cuisines:

Acar, Ayam penyet, Bakso, Begedil, Belacan, Curry puff, Dendeng paru, Goreng pisan, Gudeg putih and many more

Indian style:

Influenced by society of multiple culture and tradition, Indian immigrants have mastered the Singapore Indian cuisine with assortment in flavor and texture. The taste of Indian cuisine may be a complete contrast to the local Singaporean lifestyle however, Singapore Indian cuisine never lacked in its popularity.

Most popular Indian cuisines:

Appam, Murtabak, Naan, Roti prata, Soup kambing, Soup tulang, Tandoori chicken, Dosa, Vadai and many more

Popular cross-culture cuisines:

Cereal prawns, Ayam buah keluak, Kari debal, Kari lemak ayam, Katong Laksa, Mee goreng, Sambal kangkong, Satay bee hoon, Tutu kueh

Many popular cross-culture cuisines prevail in Singapore to compliment this beautiful Country and Food and Beverages Industries play an imperative part. Emerging as an successful Food producer depends on few factors listed below

  • Quality and Taste offered to their customers
  • Online presence of the restaurant
  • Reputation of the restaurant

The imperative factor out of the above list is “restaurant’s reputation” and can be accomplished through “food quality” and “online presence”. Having limited knowledge in cooking and food quality, let me concentrate on enhancing the restaurant’s online presence. Online presence for any Business depends on below listed key factors

  • Attractive Website – conveying restaurant information and portfolio
  • Social Media Optimization – creating awareness through Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization – online promotion

Having discussed more on attractive Website design, UI/UX part, images and responsiveness in my previous articles, it will be fair enough to just concentrate on essential elements of a food industry related Website. Below is the list of Website essentials for any restaurant Website

  • An attractive banner – with attractive images related to food and beverages
  • A strong About us page – portraying the history of the restaurant with certifications
  • Menu section – portraying the food menu available with attractive images and pricing
  • Ecommerce option – enabling the customers to order the food and complete the payment online
  • Informational contact page – helping the customers to contact the restaurant without any challenge
  • Blog page – dedicated to showcase the cooking ability and share restaurant related articles

Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are well-known twin sisters moving towards the same destination with two different strategies.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is an online business strategy helping you enhance your online presence through Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Behance, Pinterest, Google + and many other are the platform to work. Graphic designers & Content writers contribute a lot towards SMO and below list decide the SMO’s success factor

  • High quality Food videos and images – that speak your Food menu items and business
  • Attractive [tasty] captions & content – sharing your special menu items, business information and offers
  • Food #Hashtags – related to Food and Beverages industry
  • High qualitySocial Media post – combining all the above key factors
  • Food campaigns – sharing your Social Media posts within specific locality audience

Should you require more information on SMO, you may visit the below Live journal articles


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) opts various online Marketing techniques & strategies. Let us link SEO with Food & Beverages industry and explore the key achievement factors

  • Creative Infographics – portraying special cuisines with attractive images & contents
  • External Blogs with quality Articles – related to Food and Beverages industry linking back to business Website
  • Generating positive reviews – to enhance the reputation of the restaurant
  • High rated backlinks and Local business listing – with information of special cuisines and offers
  • Guest blogging – in Food related blogs proving your expertise in Food and Beverages industry
  • Video and PPT promotion – showcasing your expertise in Food and Beverages industry

Many other OFF-page SEO techniques prevails yet, the above list is proven to succeed without any uncertainty.

Should you require more information on SEO, you may visit the below Tumblr posts

To summarize the fact, it is obvious that Food industries in Singapore engage in effective Digital Marketing techniques combined with their progress towards maintaining their good reputation by their ambience, quality and taste of Food served to the Singapore people. The outcome being more visitors travelling towards Singapore and increase in revenue for the Singapore Government.

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