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How to become a Professional Web Designer – Tips to Get Started

Web design is a much easier concept if you understand the basics and follow the ethics professionally and not a complex subject to handle. I have simplified the key points in this article for the Freelancers who are stepping into the Web Design field based on my experience as a Freelance Web Designer Singapore Web Design projects for the past 13+ years.

Professional Freelance Web Designer - Subraa
Professional Freelance Web Designer – Subraa

What do you think is the secret behind a successful web designer, is it luck or the clients? The answer is neither luck nor the clients, it’s the freelance web designers quality output and the way he handled the clients, the support he rendered when the client is in need.

This article will discuss the secret of successful Web design and how to be an effective Freelance Web Designer Singapore.

  • Guide the customers with clear navigation
  • Be Responsive – Let visitors experience the same in all devices
  • Increase the Website loading speed
  • Make sure there are no broken links
  • Employ pleasing colors that motivates the visitors to read more

Guide the visitors with clear navigation:

Guide the visitors with clear navigation
Guide the visitors with clear navigation

The success of any website design is to make your visitors stay in the website to learn more about the products or services. As a Freelance Web Designer, the first step in making the visitors stay in your page is to provide a clear uncluttered layout with clean navigation. This would ultimately grab attention of the visitors and would naturally convert to your client.

Employing similar design for every navigation elements aids the visitors to identify them at ease and as a Web Designer it is also a responsibility to differentiate the visited and unvisited navigations. You may differentiate them by changing its theme appropriately.

How do you achieve this, when you gather the requirements from the client, you need to analyze what are all the main menu navigation the visitors would need, where should the call for action button take them, what are all the sub menu how you can minimize the sub menus, what can be moved to the footer quick links etc. The research and analysis of the target audience will help you to categorize the navigation menus.

Responsive Website Design – Let visitors experience the same in all devices

Responsive Web Design Singapore - Subraa
Responsive Web Design Singapore – Subraa

Business owners always thinks that if they have just the website displayed fine in their laptop or desktop. As a web designer you need to make them understand that it is not just enough to have the website look nice in their system but should also look better and clear in their customers system and not all the customers will have the same laptop or desktop as like the owners.

As the customers always likes to browse on the go, it is very vital to have a design that could adapt to the devices. A desktop version of the website may not suit for iPad or an iPad version may not suit the mobile devices. It is always advisable to adapt to responsive website design to minimize the cost of having multiple websites.

Recently, I did face an issue with one of my clients with the image displayed in desktop and mobile version. He just wanted a bigger look of the image as like in desktop in mobile as well and he was wondering how the big image became small and could viewed completely where as in desktop few top portion of the images got cut off. As a Web Designer Singapore, you will face these sort of questions from your clients. So be prepared with the screen resolution, the images view etc when you meet up the client to give them a clear idea of how responsive website design works.

Increase the Website loading speed

Quick Loading Website Design - Subraa
Quick Loading Website Design – Subraa

Employing heavy-weight elements in the Web Design may increase the loading time of any Website, thereby forces the visitors to lose interest on browsing through the Website. The recommended techniques that can speed up the Website and enhance its performance are listed below.

You may

  • Compress the images without affecting their quality
  • Employ leverage browser caching technique
  • Optimize the scripting and styling orders
  • Minify the CSS and HTML files
  • Employ CSS sprites
  • Avoid or minimize redirects
  • Enable gzip compression

Make sure there are no broken links

No Broken Links - SEO Singapore
No Broken Links – SEO Singapore

Just imagine a customer is more interested in your service and wanted to read more and download your brochure for example, but when the customer clicks on the link to download the product brochure he just receives a 404 page or an empty page. This is just a simple instance where you are missing your potential customer.

Any visitor hates the presence of broken links in the Website and things become worse when they land on to a haunted island clicking on the broken links.

So, how do we solve this?

Simple approach is to avoid the broken links is to cross verify each and every link destinations once the Web Design process is complete.

Employ pleasing colors that motivates the visitors to read more

Professional Website Design - Subraa
Professional Website Design – Subraa

Bright colors in general attracts a customer, but too many bright colors in a website is definitely not a treat to the eyes and if your target audience are old they would hate staying on the website.

As a visitor, one may wish to visit a intended page that is well designed with pleasing colors avoid using too bright or too dull colors throughout a website. However if you are designing a website for an event company, restaurants, pub or any travel websites then you may need to use vibrant and dull colors in combination. A bright color for a call for action for instance grabs the users attention.

To conclude with

I have provided the very basic yet vital tips for website design for web designers who are going to step into freelancing. While learning these basic tips you should also be aware of Interactive Design, in my previous article of Guide to Interaction Design, I have detailed the need to know the purpose of interactive design. Happy coding, welcome to the world of Freelancers.

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