How to create a powerful Logo for marketing your Business

When you start marketing your business you definitely need a logo to represent your business. Logo design Singapore plays a crucial part to identify your business online. It would let your users to identify your business quickly across any platform of marketing.

How to create a powerful logo for marketing - By Subraa, logo design in Singapore How to create a powerful logo for marketing – By Subraa, logo design in Singapore

Professional business logo is what you need to market your business. With the help of logo on any kind of promotional materials, be it on merchandise or in banners or flyers. Wherever your logo is, it speaks your company values. Therefore, Logo is forever considered to be the front line of your business and in order to obtain solutions to your marketing strategy you need “That perfect logo” .

In this article, we are going to let you know the few aspects with which you can create a logo which is marketable. Any kind of business is successful when it is marketed in the right direction and for that marketing, you need a solid great logo designed by logo designers or design professionals who can give you the expected image which would best suit your business.


For your logo to be a marketable one, your logo designer has to design it in such a way that it should grab the attention of the users at the very first glance. To create such an impression, there are few elements which goes inside, when designing a logo by a logo designer.

Elements like:
Its color
Its type
Its typography
Its graphical images

All the above elements has to be chosen as per the business style. For eg: For a shoe company, you may consider a graphical image of a women with high heeled shoes. A marketable logo is the one which exactly matches the nature of the business and it should go along with its targeted audience too. You may also have to consider on the logotype. You may like to refer my earlier articles on types of logos. There are 5 common types from which a business can choose one for designing your logo. Remember, to decide on the type first, before proceeding further with the design.
You may keep in mind these points for creating a logo which is a marketable one.


You are creating a logo with an intention to create a brand image, you should always stick on to this intention. Hence, when ever your logo designing team does it for you, ensure to have uniformity in it as you may have to use this logo across platforms. All your marketing materials like stationery, merchandise, business card, Advertisements etc. Keep you logo design to be simple and consistent so that it appears and looks good in whichever platform it is put on. Too many detailed and complicated designs may lose it original version when it’s resized. For eg: Emblem logos has too many complicated designs. While adapting such logotype you need to ensure that you are creating a simpler version for printing purpose, otherwise the original version with intricate designs may look bad or even ugly when its made too small to print on a business card. Therefore, always remember to maintain uniformity in the fonts, colours, designs on all the marketing materials that should contain your company logo.

Logo Types:

Types of logos play a vital part to make your logo a marketable feature. Logotype should be chosen according to the nature of the business. There are 5 common types like wordmark, lettermark, combination, iconic and emblem. All the types has its own special features. For eg: Lettermark is the one, which has only the single letter of the business name highlighted. Like, the one used by McDonald – A big yellow coloured M and it is for sure a successful one. McD’s business owners might have chosen the images of burger or fries for their logo, but their decision of choosing lettermark logo instead has for sure separated them from the crowd. Now they stand distinctively. Emblem logotypes depicts on any traditional values. You would have seen that many educational institutions and government bodies uses emblem logotypes as they provide services which reflects any sort of traditional values. Choosing of logotypes which closely matches with your business type will make your logo familiar soon and would be a marketable one.


A logo which is designed and looks professional will portray a business which is stable, reliable and positive. The one, which looks a little candy and filled with colours will describe a company which is fun oriented. Likewise, the projection of the designs or colors or the images used is important. If you are a bank and you would want to give your consumers a feeling of safety and security,then your logo should be depicted in such a way. The way you portray your logo is essential for your business to reach the masses. Brand awareness and brand reputation is established only if your logo is portrayed in a right way.

Creating a logo design which will fit appropriately on all your business communications is a challenge and a professional freelance logo designer can help you achieve this. Although many opt for cheap logo design services the fact remains that a professionally designed logo is unique and excels in market.

With a little focus on the points mentioned above, you would be able to create one which can be used in all your marketing communications. Finally, a good logo is one which speaks for itself, which itself is a marketing tool, helps creating brand awareness. To professionally create such logos, you can reach subraa, freelance logo design in Singapore.

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