How to promote your website with backlinks in SEO?

Website traffic usually relates to the quality backlinks your website has. Backlinks as such means the website that links back to your website. As a Digital Marketing freelance Singapore service provider I have written this article about quality backlinks that would help in organic traffic.

How to promote your website with backlinks in seo by Subraa, SEO Services in Singapore
How to promote your website with backlinks in seo by Subraa, SEO Services in Singapore

Have you ever wondered why so much importance is given to backlinking to improve your organic ranking. When google does a crawling of your website then the google or any other search engines will look for the backlinks and will try to understand how your website pages are linked to one another.

So how can I succeed?
To be honest, there is no certain formula to SEO success, if there is then every business would have done it. It’s effectiveness is its difficulty. However, there are several things that you can do that will give you an advantage over others. One such thing is backlink.

What is backlink?
Backlinks are also called “inbound links” that are used to link one website with the other. Backlink is a link of your pages with other external websites, in simpler terms you write quality content or advertise in someone else’s website and give a link to your website so the interested reader can navigate to your website.

Why are backlinks important?
Backlinks are very useful to uplift your websites rank. Backlinks implies that other website’s vouch for your content that makes the google think that you provide quality content, therefore if a lot of sites put backlinks for your sites then your site’s ranking will go up resulting in increased search visibility.

Earning backlinks:
SEO is the main parts of digital marketing strategy to increase the website traffic. Earning backlinks will potentially increase your site’s SEO ranking. Earning these backlinks is called as link earning or link building. Earning backlinks from trustworthy, popular, high-authority sites are very useful whereas, backlinks from low-authority and spammy sites are potentially won’t be of any help. You can achieve this by partnering with many sites and mutually share backlinks. Make sure you choose the website which will display your backlink wisely because only a potential website can get potential audiences to your site.

Now that we know what backlinks can do, let’s learn how to do it. Below are 5 methods by which you can use to earn backlinks

1. The broken-linking method:
This method works great to increase your backlinks as it is a one-way method. This method is done by reporting broken links to the webmasters and of course you will mention your website to replace the broken links. The chances of a backlink to your website are high as you are doing a favour to the webmaster by providing them broken links. Approaching the webmaster in a friendlier tone will increase your chances so be friendly and Introduce yourself and provide the exact location of the broken links so the masters can easily find the broken site. Give the webmaster suggestions not order and request them to replace it with your website. Often this will work but a few webmaster might refuse to link it to your website, in that case quit the conversation and next time try different webmaster.

2. Using Infographics:
Infographics are a potential way to increase site traffic and gaining valuable backlinks. Everyone loves to learn new things and they prefer knowing it visually rather than reading. As graphics are easy to understand and visually attract audience using in your website can bring more audience. Your infographics should contain about trending topics or revealing and interesting topics. First research and gather information for your infographics and then hire someone to do the visual design of it. Once you are done with creating infographics now you have to distribute it. There are number of infographic directories in which you can submit yours. Email your infographic link to people who have clicked on similar infographics or shared them on their social media.

3. Guest blogging:
Guest blogging is an effective way to gain new audiences. By guest blogging on other pages your contents will be exposed to several new readers. Sometimes you don’t need to be so focused on backlink because your ultimate goal is to make a popular online presence and gain more social media followers. In case if you are not aware of the process of guest blogging, google allows guest bloggers to post on its blog. Don’t just settle with one site do guest blogging for as much as you can because the more you do the more exposure your site will gain. Don’t forget to add your social media domains while guest blogging, it will help the readers to easily follow you.

4. Build Internal links:
Internal links play a major role in maintaining a successful blog. With a good hierarchical good interlinking structure it will greatly result in increased user experience. There are tools that will automatically create internal links for your websites especially if you are using wordpress. But doing it manually would be effective. Matt cutts recommend the webmasters to keep the internal links below 100 for usability and SEO.

5. Promote your content:
Even great content can go unnoticed if they are not promoted well enough. You have to reach out and explore all the possible ways to outreach your quality content. One of the best ways to do this is to contact bloggers who promote other’s content. You can also contact webmasters and approach them a quick introduction to your website and send them the link to your quality content if they are impressed they may link back to you.

Search Engine Optimization is like an ocean no one can conquer but you can sail on it if you know the sea well enough and have well built ship likewise to succeed in SEO you should have a well built website and have deep knowledge about SEO. Backlinks are just some precious supplies that you will help you very much while sailing.

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