Top 6 web design trends you must know in 2019

Trend, the most unstable and always changing term of the era. Trend is difficult to predict, it just rushes out of nowhere. Sometimes, it travels from the past too. As a website designer I could foresee the below list of website design trends could possibly make a good impact in the Singapore web development environment. Most of the domains are trying so hard to catch up with this web design trends. Web design should soothingly tempt the user, that can be achieved when they see a trendy design or color or text or everything in your website.

Latest Web Design trends you must know in 2019 - By Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore Latest Web Design trends you must know in 2019

There is a wide conception that a fancy website design can increase the conversion rate but it is wrong.

Then what is a good design?

A good website design is not having some pretty pictures, it should solve problems, achieves results, communicate a message effectively and most importantly cope with the trend.

When we talk about web designing trends, it is about monitoring the change in web design technologies and finding out the elements that has created a major drift in the way the websites are designs.

Thinking ahead of time is trend setting, if you can set a trend successfully then you will be the king until then trend fades. So, try to set a trend in web designs by innovative and creative thinking. An innovative designer will try different combinations, new elements. Over the last 2 years if you have examined closely designers have made a drastic change in use of bold colors, asymmetrical layouts, mobile responsive website.

This most the most unstable and always changing term is now stationed at a few stops. I will walk you through a few stops where trend has stationed in 2019.

1. Large and Bold texts

In 2019, screen dominating titles has become a mandatory thing in web design. They can grab the attention of the viewers and also make way for the much needed white space in your web page and add pleasantness to the page. Texts take center stage when it comes to web designing because only content coneys can directly imply the message to the audience, so if they are made to stand out by using large and bold texts it can grab the attention of the users. The more efficient way to use this technique is using it to call to action buttons and make it prompting to the viewers.

2. Vibrant colors

Today’s technology has advanced devices that can display different gradient of colors efficiently and that has enabled the designers to use more vibrant colors in their designs because vibrant colors are eye catching and they are very attractive and also liked my many. Also using vibrant colors gives a trendy and modern feel. Therefore, instead of using normal colors using modernised gradient elements should make a good difference. There a spectrum of neon colors so you can pick your suitable gradient color, the vibrant colors generally possess soft and subtle characteristics.

3. Immersive Video background

Immersive videos or 360 degrees are videos that can be created by using omnidirectional cameras and they can be used to view a 360 degree view. These types of videos are very popular and liked by many viewers thus driving the web designers to use them as their background for their web page. Using immersive videos can greatly help your website, just imagine if you are designing for a property and if you add the 360 degree view of the property then the viewers will feel like they had a virtual tour. Immersive videos are a future that jumped early, I would say. So, adding immersive will give your website credibility.

4. Breaking the grid

Have you ever noticed that many websites of 2019 has broken the grid system. Trendy web designers have started to design with free flowing composition and no restricted space. Therefore, when these restrictions are broken then the designers can design according to their wish and create UX rich designs as there are no restrictions to worry about. This liberty can push the designers to be innovative and create new elements and methods. These are perfect for tech-savvy users because they don’t need spoon feeding as they are wired with technology. Overlapping and disrupted texts have also become trendy. This is not applicable to texts but also all the elements of a design.

5. Chatbots

Since the invention of siri and google assistant people have started to like AIs and they feel fun to talk to AIs therefore, it paved the way for the website designers to add chatbox to their websites. Many UX designers have started using chatbots in their designs and also highlighting the chat box with prominent colors has become mandatory. We are only witnessing a piece of what AI can do, in the future it is predicted that AI will be everywhere and in everything.

6. Animations, graphics and 3D illustrations

Animations, graphics and 3D illustrations are very expensive but they are worth the money because people are very much attracted to them. Using these elements effectively will definitely attract people to your website. They improve user experience as they provide elegant visual cues that attracts the users. These small elements are as effective as a receptive sales assistant they will make the users more comfortable and will bring excitement in them. They can also make an average design look like a novice. Using these elements will not make your design trendy, it entirely depends on how you use it, so make sure you use them effectively.

Trend is a race that never ends, it just keeps moving from one place to another. It is very hard to predict but what you can do is, keep up with the trend and run the infinite race as fast as you can and try to stay on top as long as you can. Using these 6 trending elements will help you to boost up in the race but running is up to you only you can do it.

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