Free logo maker or professional logo designer, which is better?

Logo is inevitably the most important part of any business or marketing. Living in the digital era, having a professional logo design in Singapore is very important for any business and logo design plays a crucial role in influencing business.

Free logo maker or professional logo designer - by Subraa Free logo maker or professional logo designer – by Subraa

In the recent times free logo maker software are available over the web and many feel it is not important to hire a professional freelance logo designer to design their brand. When you have it for free why should you hire a logo designer spending money. In this article I would detail the pros and cons of the free logo maker software available over the web and the importance to hire a freelance professional.

You could create logo by two ways
1. Using a free logo maker software
2. Hiring a professional logo designer

These two methods has its own pros and cons if you want to know them all read the article completely but, if you only want to know which is better then skip to the conclusion part of the article directly. So, let’s start if you haven’t skipped already. First let’s see about using a free logo maker and its pros and cons.

Using free logo maker

Do It Yourself (DIY) logos are very cost and time effective because this enables you to create a logo for yourself within few minutes without any cost. It is a very easy process and there are tons of websites that provides this for free. All you have to do is select a template, colors, fonts and that’s it, it will generate a logo for you in a minute. Although it has several disadvantages as well so let’s jump into the pros and cons of using a free logo maker.


1. It is very easy to use, you don’t have to spend your money on hiring a logo designer.
2. It is time saving, let’s say you are a start up and you have set a launch date and it is near, so you need a logo urgently if you hire a logo designer he will take at least a couple of days but if you use an online logo maker the process will barely take minutes.
3. You don’t need any special skills to do this as the software does everything for you and you can also have as many revisions as you want within minutes.
4. The best of all advantages is that it is completely free.


1. Logos that are created using logo makers lack in professionalism and also the templates that are available are only limited so that it restricts your number of options.
2. Your logo is a reflection of your business, it represents your entire company, so if its not created by professional designers it might not reflect your true identity.
3. Uniqueness is always at stake as it might have already been used by other users.
4. After getting your logo using logo maker it will be difficult to get copyright and trademark. And you have to spend more money on downloading the template just for you compared to a logo designer.
5. The main advantage that it is cost free is not entirely true, some websites restrict your uses and ask you to pay to widen your options.

Hiring a professional logo designer to create your logo

If you want a professional logo that should represent your business and boost your brand awareness then hiring a professional freelancer would be an effective way. In this method you have to give all your requirements and information about the company to your designer and they will design a logo that will fulfil your requirements and attract your target customers.


1. Logos are created professionally and there are no restrictions in choosing a design, as the designer can go as creative as he wants and create an attractive logo.
2. Your logo can be created by considering a lot of factors like the nature of your business, you audience, your product or services etc. this will get you a logo that will reflect your company’s identity.
3. Uniqueness is the biggest advantage of this method. You will get a unique logo that will not be used by anyone else and this makes it easy to get trademark and copyrights easily.
4. Logo can be created specially for your target audience for example if your product is gender specific then using designs and colors according to the gender can attract them easily.
5. You can ask your designing agency to make corrections if you are not satisfied with your logo, this is free in most of the designing agency. We as a designing company do corrections until our clients are satisfied and we don’t charge for it.


1. You have to do a lot of calling and mailing to your designers to get a logo to your requirements if you do not hire a professional logo designer and go for cheap logo design.
2. It is time consuming to research your target audience and create a strategy and design accordingly. However a few professionals provide in a couple of days with the same quality. But waiting is worth.
3. It requires a lot of skills and your logo quality entirely depend upon the agency or the designer you have hired.
4. The biggest disadvantage of this method is that it is generally costly and can be way too expensive however, you could contact Subraa for some affordable packages with quick turnaround time.
5. Some logo design freelancers charge for design changes, you need to get the terms of revision allowed before you hire one.
Having read the pros and cons of both the methods you yourself should have got an idea of which one is better because there isn’t even a comparison. If you want your logo to mean something and represent your business, I would suggest to hire a professional freelance logo designer but if you are looking for a cheap logo or free logo you can opt for free logo maker software available.

Are you looking for a professional logo designer to design a Logo for your Company or Business, contact Subraa today at +65 97957890 or [email protected] for a free quote.

FAQ on Free Logo Maker

1. What’s the options that are available for me to create a logo?

You can create a logo by choosing any one of the below methods.
1. Use free logo making software and generate a logo.
2. DIY (Do It Yourself)
3. Hire a freelance logo designer
4. Hire a professional logo design agency.

2.How can I get a free logo?

You can get a free logo by two ways if you know the basics of designing then you can see some online guidelines to create your logo or you can generate a free logo by using online logo making software. However both of these lack in professionalism and the latter lacks also in uniqueness.

3. How long does it take to design a logo?

Creating a logo can take anywhere from minutes to weeks. It depends your requirements and quality. However as a professional freelancer can take upto 2-4 days to design a quality logo according to client’s requirements.

4. How much will it cost to hire a freelance logo designer to create my logo?

The cost for designing a logo can be anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. However, Subraa has custom packages to meet the demands of business in all size. You can check how much does a professional logo design cost in Singapore article to know the pricing.

5. Why is logo important for my business?

Logos represents your business they act as its identity and it’s also good to create a long lasting impression of your product among the public. It gives a visual appearance of your company. Living in the era of digitalisation logo is inevitable.

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