Minimalist Web Design – A Guide To The 4 Essential Features

Websites can be designed by heavy graphics, medium graphics or minimalist. When you hire a freelance web designer Singapore, your design preferences are considered before kickstarting the website layouts. When I say minimalist web design then I am referring to the Less is more design methodology. Minimalism is not just reducing the usage of graphics and using text, it is not easier to achieve the desired output even if it looks simpler. Minimalism is everywhere and it is gaining popularity in design and will create a high wave in designs. In this article I have shared the essential features of a minimalist website design.


Minimalist Web Design Tips
Minimalist Web Design – Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore

What is minimalist design?

Less is more, this is what minimalist design is known as and you would have heard many of the creative designers or web designers or logo designers say this. Minimalistic also refers to creating design around the content, usage of more white spaces and a limited color palette sticking to your brand. A better compatibility of the design among different screen sizes and better speedy websites are some of the advantages of minimalist website design. In other words, you convey the message directly to your users without too many elements that are distracting the visualisation.

What are the benefits of minimalist web design?

Good designs with focus on key points in the website are achieved through simple web design, this doesn’t mean heavy websites are not effective. Simple website designs help in conversion.

Minimal designs help to focus on content, according to the latest Google algorithm content is king. Customers can easily focus and find the key services without much distraction.

Website loading speed is also an important factor in ranking your website in SERP. Minimalist design helps to achieve faster loading speed of the website.

Your website should work best in all screen sizes, as mobile users grow in numbers, shopping on the go or searching for services while on the move is increasing and minimalist design helps to display the key information to the best without much change in layout.

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4 Essential Features of Minimal Web Design

A seamless user experience is created with minimalist design, following are the key essential features of creating a minimalist design which helps in conversion.

 1. Content and Space
While designing a website, take the essential features and build your design around these essential contents. Remove all unwanted elements or the elements which is distracting the key components. First segregate the content and the features, keep only the essential features in the website which are important for your audience. How do you distinguish between key content and generic content? When you are done with the write ups for the website and decide the functionality of the sections of the web page then revisit the writeups, try to figure out whether this content is essential or is it only for decoration purposes. If you are not able to know whether to keep this content or let it go then you can hire a freelance web designer in Singapore who can guide you through the process. Web Designers like Subraa start designing the website by first doing the wireframe based on the writeups. This helps to place the essential contents in the home page and move everything else in the inner pages or help to move the contents out with excess details.

“ Top page for the most relevant contents. Conversion of Visitor to prospective customer is based on the first content they see in your website”

2. Fonts / Typography
A clean and legible typography contributes more to the minimalist web design. Fonts are a more important choice that needs to be considered. Thin fonts or bold fonts doesn’t matter, you need to be creative in the usage of fonts and make sure it grabs the attention of your visitors. When in minimalist web design usage of images and animations are reduced the usage of content plays the major role in defining the hierarchy. Fonts helps to let your visitors know where they should go in your website to know the details or services. Usage of fonts should be consistent across the website and in devices. A crisp and clean font style is preferred for minimalist approach and the preferred choice of font by most of the web designers is Sans Serif fonts.

“ Font sizes determine the design of the web page, it can make your design or distract the design”


Web Design Tips by Freelance Web Designer
Website Design Tips-Subraa, Freelance Web Designer in Singapore

3. Choose Images
The influence of image on visitors is proven and designers try to use the images at the right place and in the right size so they could visually appeal to the customers. Minimalist web design is not just the usage of fonts and removing all the images or illustrations in the web page. Your Website Designer Singapore will help to identify the places where you can use the images. The right proportion of usage of images is allowed in minimalist web design. You create a focal point of your key services or CTA with the usage of images. Images should be of HD quality and not blurry images. Images of good quality helps to gain user attention when I say images, it should not be only for filling up the space and for decorating the web page relevant usage of images like if you have products a good photo shoot of your product in a bright background helps. If you offer services, then images related to your services help.

Web Design Tricks by Freelance Web Designer
Web Design Tips-Subraa, Freelance Web Designer in Singapore

4. Play with Colors
A background color texture for your web page can also make the difference, it is not necessarily an image that should be used in the main landing page. Colors can be used as a contrast to the background or it can be used to highlight the key functionality of the website. Experimenting with colors will only help to achieve the best results. There is no definite choice of colors in minimalism and designers achieve the greatest combinations of colors only through experiments. But make sure to use a limited number of colors in your website, highlight your elements with contrasting colors that help to gain attention and colors also help to influence the emotions of the user. A good visual presence is achieved with the contrast colors.

Website Designing Tips, Subraa Freelance Web Designer
Website Design Tips-Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore

What are the challenges?

As a freelance web designer Singapore when it comes to accomplishing minimalist website design you could have faced difficulties in clearing the visual clutter as clients reach out to you to design a minimalistic web page, however overload the page with too many contents and elements, where they believe that everything is necessary to project their values. However professional web designers can help to add in more white spaces, segregate the elements based on the hierarchy and come out with a good design which clients need to understand. Too many things in a section can cause distraction and deviating from the key CTA.

Minimalism requires experience and only a web designer with good flare to design and ample experience can help to achieve the results. Many times inexperienced designers understand the concept of minimalistic design as just using white spaces and make the webpage ineffective for the usage missing all the key details and navigation systems. The hidden navigation system as a user with less knowledge in websites is difficult to figure out and hence leading to the higher bounce rate.

To summarise, highlight the key CTA with contrasting colors, usage of sharp fonts and high quality images will help to nail down the design. Minimalist design approach is a trend which has been evolving through the ages and no wonder it will continue to evolve and will have a unique significance among other websites.

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