Mosketch – Create 3D Animations Using Your Mouse and Strokes of Pen, No Coding

So far, we have published articles to enlighten you with website design and development. In this article, you will be introduced to the fastest and the easiest way of creating a 3D animation. With clicks of mouse and strokes of a pen, you can transform any 2D sketch into a 3D animation and that too without any sophisticated training. The Moka Studio and a Swiss research institute Immerse Interaction Research Group (EPFL) have collaborated to develop Mosketch, the software that can be used to create 3D animations with strokes of a pen.

Animations Methods Used In the Mosketch

Direct kinematics and inverse kinematics are two major animation methods used in this software. The direct kinematics method deals with the changes in the character’s joints. The inverse kinematics deals with the movements of different parts of the body. An artist can seamlessly use this software to convert 2D stroke into 3D animations.

According to developers, an artist, an animation studio or any individual can use this professional-grade software without any technical expertise required.

What Makes Differentiates It from Rest of the Pack

This software makes the creation of 3D animations much easier by automating the natural flow of action of the artist. Unlike traditional animation software, this software enables the artist to focus on visual cues. The rest of the job is done in the background. The software user can totally rely on the visual interaction without worrying about the coding. An artist working on the software needs to use mouse and pen to create a 3D animation. Traditional animation software, on the other hand, necessitates for an artist to focus on detailed coding.

Is It Available For Personal Use?

They have released the beta version of the software that is available for download. You can Google “Mosketch software” for more technical details about the software and download its beta version. You can download the software and register online for personal use.

If a freelance website developer in Singapore uses animations in the website design, this software is going to slice off a good number of working hours and coding efforts.

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