Pros and Cons of Using Animations in Web Design

Web designers have a good number of powerful tools and software for designing great web design easily and quickly. Modern web design is made up of numerous elements improving the visual appearance and usability of the website. There are many websites in which animation is an entrenched part of the design. An animation in simple words is something that breath in life into static elements used in the web design. Flash, and CSS3 and HTML 5 have enabled web designers to add feeling and vitality in a web design idea.

Benefits of using animations in a web design are:

  1. Animations often play key a role in capturing the attention of a visitor to a website.
  2. Google and MSN are search engines providing choices to flash based websites.
  3. Something that is different from others always attracts people and a website containing animations stand out different from other websites.
  4. Animations leave a lasting impression on the mind of a visitor to a website.
  5. Animations make a website live and vibrant.
  6. With the help of Flash, one can also apply 3D animations on a webpage.

With these advantages, animations do have several disadvantages. When used too many, animations increase the load time of a website. This is because of animations requiring extra code, images and other resources. An experienced freelance web designer knows when to use and when to avoid animations in a web design. Subraa is an experienced and skilled freelance web designer Singapore who knows how to use animation without affecting the performance and usability of the website. In case you need an attractive and user-friendly web design then visit Subraa now!

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