--> Interactive Design Guide - Tips & Tricks for Freelance Web Designer

Quick Guide to Interactive Design – Tips and Tricks for Freelance Web Designers

Guide to Interactive Design – Tips and Tricks for Freelance Web Designers

This article serves as a good source of knowledge for beginners who are interested in learning about Interaction design in web designs. If you are a freelance web designer or an Interaction designer yourself, read through the article and share your comments.

As web designs advances from a mere text and pictures to creating elements in the website which a user can click, tap or swipe. Freelance web designers or web design Singapore freelancers should also upgrade their services to provide the options for the clients, hence it is vital to learn and understand the importance of interaction design.

As you work towards the goal of achieving a successful freelance web designer you need to know the importance of upgrading your skills to success in web design market.

What is Interaction Design?

Interaction Design (IxD) defines the structure and behaviour of interactive systems. A meaningful navigation is created between the customers and the products. For instance, a Get Started button linked to a contact form is a part of interaction design. Simple, a meaningful interaction evolving around your website or product is referred as interaction design.

Know your Goal

When a website or an application is developed, the main focus should be on the audience. Knowing our audience and reaching them more aptly is the key to success of a good web design. When a website is built the design should be focused on satisfying the specific needs as opposed to showing all your latest technological skills in the websites or applications.

A survey of your target market or reaching out to the specific age group will add values to your web design. A good website design is always goal driven and begins with how users wants to interact with your services.


Usability of a website starts from the design stage. Usability as such comprises of the below factors

  1.     How easily can the customer navigate through the menu?
  2.     Customers should understand where they are in your webpage.
  3.     Give simple instruction of what you want them to do
  4.     How do you support them when they face issues In your web page?
  5.     How efficiently can the user perform the tasks?
  6.     How appealing is the design visually?
  7.     Does the interface adhere to the web standards?


A simpler design is much appreciated and always considered more by customers than a complicated one. Fonts should be easy to read and the size of the fonts should be judged based on the audience group. However, a standard font size can be used to attract both and a 1D representation of the same is easier to read for the audience. As a freelance web designer, you need to take into account the design which will create models in a user’s mind how the website will work.

Plan your design and deliverables

Planning a design of web page is the key to kick-start the website and   the interaction designer / freelance web designer is a key player throughout the entire development process. A logical navigation of the user interface is always accepted by customers and the smooth navigation always make visitors return back to your website.

Having a understanding of the elements that is used in the design and knowing how they should work logically paves way for a perfect interaction design. As a freelance web designer in Singapore I have shared my understanding of the interaction design for the readers to get to know the basics.
Always try to have a broader vision when it comes to the design, and you can be a successful freelance web designer. I would see you all in my next article.

29 Jan 2024

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