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Reap the Rewards of Responsive Website Design

It was 2008 when Mary Meeker, a well-known analyst predicted the potential of small devices to access the internet. Mary stated that 2014 would be the year when the number of individuals accessing the internet using mobile devices would surpass the number of individuals using computers. And, this happened. In the present scenario, more than 80% of the internet users own a smartphone. If your website is not mobile user-friendly, you are missing a huge part of your prospective clientele because according to the latest stats, 60% of the internet is being accessed on devices that the user can easily keep in his pocket. Unfortunately, 91% of small businesses do not have mobile optimized websites. This might be because of lack of awareness about responsive website design which is incredibly important to rev up the online marketing and sale. On April 21, 2015, Google started rewarding websites offering same browsing experience on screens of different sizes.

Responsive website design: It is a blend of different techniques empowering a website to acclimatize to the device being used by the user. The website content is rendered without any loss of accessibility irrespective of the size of the screen. This is accomplished with the intelligent use of CSS, and flexible grids and layouts. In simple words, it makes the website to respond as per the user’s preferences.

Responsive Website Design

How much beneficial it is

  • Saves time and money: The need of maintaining separate dedicated websites for different devices has been completely eliminated. Content, SEO, CRO everything is merged into a single website. No need for different online marketing campaigns to target the audience separately in accordance with the device. Less time, money and other resources are required to maintain a single website.
  • Easy management: A single website is obviously easy to manage as compared to three separate websites for PC, tablet and mobiles. Moreover, you need to hire more professionals to design website and manage SEO campaign of different websites. However, if your website is responsive, fewer efforts and resources are entailed in its management.
  • Enhanced user experience: Website is a great tool to share information online. The content of a user-friendly website is easy to locate, read and share. The user needs not to go home, office or an internet café when have to access a website. A responsive website can serve to his needs on his Smartphone and tablet as well without depriving him of the valuable browsing experience.
  • Rewarded by Google: The search engine giant cares about users. Google keeps on refining its algorithms to simplify and improve the browsing experience. That’s why digital marketers listen to and follow what the search engine says. Therefore, if you are providing a hassle free browsing experience, you will be rewarded.

Your reach acts as fuel to make your online marketing campaign successful. To reap the rewards of online marketing, your message should be conveyed to the maximum of your audience. This is accomplishable only when your website is equally accessible on PCs, tablets and Smartphone. So, make sure that the professional you are going to hire should provide responsive freelance web design in Singapore.

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