Which Are The Technologies I Should Learn To Be A Web Developer?

If you are an experienced and skilled web developer, money will spin around you. A lot of individuals are making a good amount of money in this profession, a lot of them, not every web developer. If you are restricting yourself to coding only, you will get limited opportunities. The rule is simple, more skills more money. Having knowledge of a programming language does not make you a web developer. Here are the technologies you should learn to be a complete web developer:


The data used and created by the user of a website is stored in the database. If you are developing a website in PHP, you have to have write SQL queries or stored procedures in PHP programs to perform CRUD operations on the database. Therefore, you should have knowledge of basic queries to perform operations on RDBMS.

Data Format

Data formats are structures that define how data will be stored in the database. In the present scenario, JSON is the most popular data format being used in the industry. Apart from JSON, XML is also a widely used data format.


Web applications and websites run on browsers. The browser receives the request from the client and also gives the response from the server. To test a website, the developer needs to have the knowledge of various browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and more.


Frameworks are required for working with programming languages easily. Frameworks make programming easy and fast. WordPress, Ionic, Meteor, Bootstrap, Foundation, Angular.js, Backbone and Ember.js are some of the frameworks you should learn.


API stands for Application programming interface. An API is created by one developer and it can be used by other developers. A code that is used by many developers is written by one developer. Other developers will simply use that API in their web app or website.

Programming Languages

Any application running on a desktop, mobile phone or over the web is developed in at least one programming language. Python, Java, PHP, PHP, Ruby, Swift, Go, CoffeeScript and there are many other programming languages used for the development web applications.


The backend is made up of server and database. Whatever is happening in the backend should not visible to the user. Execution of methods and manipulation of data takes place in the backend.


The protocol defines rules that govern the way two computers communicate. Web applications and websites are accessible on the internet and the internet is a network of networks. So, you have to be familiar with protocols such as HTTP, FTP, RTP, DHCP and UDP.


The request made by the client is received and processed by the server. The server then sends the response to the client. For receiving a request, processing the request and sending the response, server-side coding is required. You should have to know how to deploy a website on the servers like Apache.


Libraries allow you to add functionality to the website without writing code. For example, when you need to validate date or email address, you need not write validation code in JavaScript. Simply use functions provided in the jQuery library.

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