--> The importance of Digital Marketing to Business in Singapore in 2019

The importance of Digital Marketing to Business in Singapore

When you have plans to start a business, your main focus will be to drive customers to your shop or make them subscribe to your products etc. To make this happen few may try all the traditional marketing ideas however few make use of the Digital Marketing which helps to reach your business to a wide range of customers.

The importance of digital marketing to business by Subraa, Digital Marketing Analyst in Singapore
The importance of digital marketing to business by Subraa, Digital Marketing Analyst in Singapore

Potential customers are more in digital marketing and the reach of the message by social media is more than expected. Doesn’t mean that your service should reach only people who live around you. If you run a restaurant in a local food court, doesn’t mean you have to attract only the people who live around the food court, you could make use of digital marketing to attract customers island wide and also make the tourists aware of the food you provide and the specialities in your restaurant.

The Modern day Digital Marketing

Today, Digital marketing is everywhere, From Time Square’s digital billboards to the emails advertisements that you receive daily. Everything has its own merits and demerits, you just have to select for yourself by approaching a digital marketing agency. Are you aware that there are many digital marketing categories which could help you popularise your business. You need not avail all the listed digital marketing categories, however can avail the services you feel would be apt for your business. Have a consultation now with Subraa at +65 97957890 to learn about the services you can avail for your business.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO), 
  • Search engine marketing (SEM), 
  • Content Marketing, 
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM), 
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), 
  • Email marketing,
  • Phone marketing, 
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • TV commercials, 
  • Radio Commercials etc.

These modern digital marketing tools have registered its worth and conquered the marketing world. Digital marketing has become inevitable due its effectiveness and wide consumption.

There are a few main features of digital marketing that has made it “inevitable”

Social media

Social media has become the most widely consumed media. This is due to the connectivity it provides and many other features. Social media is a platform where the investors can advertise to people who are already interested in buying their product.

Yes! They can do that. Have you ever noticed? 

You would have searched for a beard trimmer on Lazada but you’ll get advertisements of trimmers on your facebook. Have you ever realised this, how is your data being shared from search engines to your social media and also to the ads.

So with a good digital marketing strategy, you can hit the social media hard and make your brand popular.

Attract your customers 

The advanced tools of digital marketing allows you to attract your customers. With the right use of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing you can now approach your customers who are already looking for your product or services.

Digital marketing has its own benefits more than traditional marketing. With Social media marketing you get to interact more personally with your audience, know their preferences, their ratings and reviews about your product or service would help you to refine more. Your polite and friendly approach solving the queries and clarifying things would help you gain more customers. This customer friendly approach is not available with the traditional marketing. For eg: you distribute your flyers through a third party and do you think your customer is going to share their experience with the flyer distributor or will he be aware of the friendly nature of the business, nothing.. Digital Marketing should be preferred over traditional marketing in knowing the customer feedback.

Strategies based on analytics

Analytics is one major advantage of digital marketing. Think about what you can do in television or radio add and what you can do in social media ads and other digital marketing.

In television you can determine the prime time to air your ad, but you won’t even know for sure if the viewers are watching the advertisements. The impact of these ads can only be seen in the product’s sales.

Whereas in digital marketing you know the live day to day statistics of your marketing strategy and if your strategy have not attracted the customers then you could try changing it for the next day. 

The following are the data that you can get from your digital marketing

  • By what time is the ad most viewed
  • How long did the customers read through your website
  • Did the customers click through the CTA
  • If they interacted with it.
  • Do they like your business
  • Is your business being shared
  • Any action initiated
  • Have they contacted the business

When you think knowing the above data from the marketing strategy involves heavy budget, you may be wrong. Hiring a good digital marketer with strategies that yield results are never cheap, however they are not too costly either. Subraa, Digital Marketer in Singapore provides the digital marketing services at an affordable rate. 

Are you trying to avoid Digital Marketing because you are a startup or small business and think you are not ready to kickstart the marketing or feel contained of the limited customer reach locally, then it is time to revisit your thinking. Learn more about your competitors, try to gain more experience from them both positive and negative so you can act accordingly to gain leads. Your customers are growing and so as their preferences of searching the services/business while on the go, if you are not in the digital market making a presence then you are lost. Only upto 20% of the customers stick to the business on their popularity however 80% explore business over the web and find new day by day.

To conclude with Digital Marketing helps to attract a larger group of people worldwide and you make a 24/7 presence to your customers for them to learn more about you and avail the special offers, discounts, new services etc. You can interact directly with your customers and know what they are looking for from your business. Digital marketing in short helps to develop a healthier relationship with your potential customers online. Also learn more about the 5 most effective digital marketing strategies that could help you gain more insights.

Subraa, a Singapore based Digital Marketing Analyst who has helped many businesses gain online presence including logo design in Singapore and has helped them to make the best of the digital marketing services within their budget is always there to help you. Call or WhatsApp now for a free consultation at +65 97957890.

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