The need for Digital Marketing for your Business in Singapore

Internet users are increasing in numbers and users go to google to search for everything online. Digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing as you have the exposure to interact with your real time audience. Digital marketing has now become an essential part of every business rather than just an optional part. Every business should have an online presence along with online marketing strategies to reach their customers else you are lost in the crowd.

The need for digital marketing for your business by Subraa, Digital Marketing Analyst in Singapore
The need for digital marketing for your business by Subraa, Digital Marketing Analyst in Singapore

Few years back it was considered that having an online presence for a business is important to showcase it to your targeted audience, as the users increase so as the number of businesses. Further the numbers are increasing and your audience are now search everything on the go, so would you for your needs. And you believe the businesses which ranks top in search engine along with the reviews, so isn’t it a must for your business to rank in SERP.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing in simpler terms is marketing your products/services online. For example you are following some business in facebook for eg: you are following Subraa, Digital Marketer in facebook and you receive promotions from Subraa in your facebook feeds. You are now experiencing Digital Marketing through feeds of Subraa whom you are following. Subraa would have shared promotions, tips on website design and development, logo offers etc. Likewise when you search google for “freelance web designer singapore” you receive search results from Google, this is also an online marketing experience.

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?

Traditional marketing or Digital marketing has its own benefits. However, digital marketing is now cost effective means of marketing compared to the traditional methods.

  • Through Digital Marketing you are now focusing on a wider group of audience. Your business in based in Hougang Singapore, but you are spreading the news about your business Island wide. Not limiting to just Singapore, but also spreading the news of your business presence to other countries.
  • You now interact with your prospective audience directly through the live chat you have and learn more about your customer needs for your services/products
  • Save a few dollars that you would have spent on traditional marketing and targeting local audience. Spend the dollars in online marketing to reach wider space.
  • You can now keep track of your marketing ROI through the Analytics and Google Dashboards.

Do I address a bigger group of audience in Digital Marketing?

YES!! The potential audience reach via online marketing is wide compared to the local audience you attract via traditional marketing. For eg: you are running a F&B business for instance a vietnamese based cuisine restaurant and you are fairly known to your local audience or around your area through word of mouth. Though you have a secret recipe and the best in services you only attract few of the local people. When this F&B business does a digital marketing through a professional digital marketer then your business first will have a complete branding then your marketing professional will help you to put up an online website showcasing your services and cuisines and start to help your website rank organically in SERP. You could also opt for Google Ads which is a paid form of advertising in Google. Now that your website is getting listed in Google and people search for Vietnamese Cuisine you rank in top and the tourists who visits your place will have your restaurant in the places to visit. You are now being noticed world wide.

Can I start Digital Marketing now?

Digital Marketing is for all business be it small or large. Now that you have come out of the shell that your business would evolve over time and has chosen the most effective approach. Your customers are already online searching for businesses like you and it is definitely high time to get connected with them. All you must do is approach a good freelance digital marketing person who helps you with branding, building online presence, setting up your marketing strategy within your budget.

I don’t sell products online, do I also need Digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is not just for businesses who sell online, it is a way of spreading the business to the people where they spend most of their time. Social media is not just for buying your products, customers interact directly with your brand and get to know more about you. A simple enquiry from your customer can turn to a prospective lead.

In general as like any marketing methods, there is definitely an initial investment required to get traffic to your website. Though you are on a budget, or a small business the need for digital marketing is a must and you have the ROI. Real time tracking of your customers, their interaction with your ad, chat with your brand helps to build a clear marketing strategy. A user friendly website design, branding, social media presence helps to build a positive image of your business. Your competitors are already online and you are losing business every minute, start your smart investment in Digital marketing now to compete in this modern economy.

Are you looking for a Digital marketing services for your business, contact Subraa, a professional freelance Digital Marketing Expert in Singapore and logo designer Singapore, promote your brand and increase leads to your business at an affordable price in Singapore. Reach him at 97957890 or [email protected]

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