The why and how’s of WordPress

WordPress has been helping over a large group of population of all ages with different skill levels. WordPress is free and anyone can download WordPress and and can easily build any kind of website without any restriction. As a freelance web designer Singapore, I always recommend WordPress to most of my Clients who approach me for a CMS website design and development.

The why and how’s of WordPress by Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore
The why and how’s of WordPress by Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore

WordPress must be installed on a web server which has to be a part of Internet hosting service or a network host on its own.

WordPress has gained so much popularity because it is not just a blogging tool; it is much more than that. It allows you to develop fully functional websites and mobile applications.

What is needed to build a website?

Websites are the door to digital world and if you are a budding Freelance Web Designer, then you must be aware of the three basic steps to start developing your own WordPress site.

  • Register a domain name – this is the name of the website that you want to create  like 
  • WordPress hosting – this is a place where the website files are stored 
  • Your undisturbed attention 

Why WordPress is the best option for a Website Developer Singapore?

  • WordPress is easy to install
  • It has a strong community and open source
  • It is quite suitable for non-technical users also
    • Also, the abundant number of free and premium plugins available helps to build a secure website with the functionality we need with much ease.

      Why is WordPress so popular nowadays?

      1. As WordPress is open source software you can use it freely without any restriction. You can also edit and redistribute it as its original source codes are publicly available. 

      As already mentioned it is free so it can be easily downloaded from its official website. You can also search for installation of WordPress on Localhost. If you are satisfied with it you can readily use it on your website.

      2. WordPress is more than a blog publishing tool. It is a good CMS to use for Web Design Singapore due to its support, flexibility and ease of use. For example you can use the WordPress to develop the below websites with ease. 
      – An eCommerce website
      – A membership website

      eCommerce Website
      eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce and WP eCommerce powers WordPress.

      A membership website
      Word press can also support membership websites.

      It allows the Website owner to add many users with different level of permission such as from administrator to author and from contributor to the subscriber.

      3. All search engines like Google and others are ranked by their search results on various predefined parameters. The more parameters the website ranks better in search results. WordPress supports all the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) features. It is SEO-friendly, mobile-friendly, and design-friendly.

      4. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of WordPress is that it is easy to use. So, every day many people are joining the WordPress community by creating their website through Word press.

      If you still find difficulty in using it then you can try the Video tutorials which are available over the web.

      5. Due to its feature of easy customization, you can easily customize the colours, design, and even features of a WordPress theme.

      Different ways to customize are as follows:

      Customizing through Panel 
      The user can get all the settings in the control panel under WordPress dashboard.

      Customizing via codes
      On the other hand, if you are a masterpiece in coding, you can easily customize a theme by editing its codes.

      6. WordPress has a large number of users and active developers. They readily solve any of your queries.  All you have to do is just post your queries and you will surely get a solution.

      7. Though WordPress is highly secured, the hackers always try to find all the possible ways to get into sites built on it. To prevent you from all these cybercrimes WordPress has provided regular updates.

      You can easily protect yourself from all such vulnerabilities by regularly updating your WordPress version. You can also use Sucuri to monitor security threats.

      WordPress has made certain security methods and by following them you can make your website safe by the hackers or other intruders.

      • WP Security & Firewall and Wordfence Security are the basic security tools of WordPress and it is the basic responsibility of a Freelance WordPress Developer. The users should always use these security tools.
      •  Always download plugins from Word only.
      • It is better to use currently updated plugins. And download plugins from a trusted source.
      • The users must check the plugin rating and a number of downloads.
      • As free themes may contain malicious codes and encrypted links, it is better to use a premium theme.

      8. WYSIWYG is a text editor of WordPress. By using this text editor you can easily insert images, video, and audio in a blog post. You can insert any media files  in your content.

      9. WordPress has a number of inbuilt functionality by default; they can be more powerful by using plugins. There are more than 41000 plugins present in WordPress.

      10. WordPress is getting better day by day. It is also improving its user-friendly interface and other features to become more popular among its users. Apart from the blog, Business WordPress website has also become popular in recent days.

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