As the world is fighting towards putting an end to Coronavirus, the Government of Singapore has requested us to stay at home and avoid unnecessary visits outside during this pandemic. As a freelance web designer Singapore, I have shared many articles about web design, logo design and digital marketing, however during this crisis as we are working together to break the chain I thought this article of mine would help the individuals who are working from home or staying at home to have an idea of how they could keep themselves engaged and spend their time efficiently and effectively.

You have been busy for most of the time and many would like to explore things, chit chat with friends, meet up for lunch or coffee etc. It is very difficult to restrain from these activities all of a sudden and be at home. However, now the need has arisen to keep us safe and secure from the virus and help the country in breaking the chain.


Here are the top 10 activities which you can do when you are at home.

Workout – Strengthen your immune system

Any sort of physical activity while you are at home helps to keep you in shape. Regular exercises have a positive impact on your mental and physical strength. Your body needs a good immune system to fight back against the virus be it corona or any other. A regular physical activity helps to increase your energy levels, helps to improve your mood and decreases the feeling of depression, stress.

An intense workout isn’t necessary, a moderate physical activity is more than enough to burn calories. We have a tendency to eat more when we are at home, hence a good exercise routine is essential to burn calories and stay fit.

Cook Together – Improves family bonding

Cooking at home helps in healthier diets. Healthier choices of meals are always advisable as it can boost your metabolism. Help your partner to cook meals, engage your family members in the preparation of meals. Plan for the meals along with your family, cook each member’s favourite meals and make sure to keep a count on calories. A healthier home cooked meal with love brings joy and is a great way to relieve stress. Cooking is definitely not boring and believe me you can invent more recipes. Eating together at home brings your family closer together. Stay healthy with healthier ingredients.

Play Together – Bond together with your kids

Playing together with family helps in creating a bonding. In your busy schedule you might have spent a very less time with your kids, now is the time to spend with them. An active play with the kids helps in developing coordination. Kids spend their natural energy which in turn helps in good sleep and appetite. Playing also encourages relationship building with the family, cooperation and boosts creativity, communication.

Movie Night – Helps to create memories

Watching movies together with family helps to create special bonding within family members and it would help to create long lasting memories. A good family bonding movie or the one with the humour works well.

Read Books – Improve your memory function

Reading books helps in mental stimulation and also will help to improve your vocabulary and knowledge. A good read of the genre you prefer helps to relieve your stress. When you start reading your book you in turn develop patience and concentration, you will be an effective communicator.

eLearning – Learn something new

We are moving very fast in this digital age and changes are very dynamic. If you have not upgraded your skills think twice. It is very important to learn new skills to be in the market. Every job requires a new skill force and employees with upgraded skills, learn some good tutorials based on your job requirements or if you are keen in changing your skill set utilice this timeframe to learn some new technologies. E learning doesn’t mean you need to concentrate only on technical skills, many online courses are available to learn how to crochet, draw, cook etc. Choose the best and utilise the most. Freelancers can improve their skills in the latest trends of web design, logo design and digital marketing.

Cleaning – Tidy home and cupboard

We were busy running to the office and back home, we might have not given importance to tidy up our book rack, cupboard or help your partner to tidy up the home. Keep yourself busy by tidying up the rooms. Wear a mask if you are allergic to dust, do not strain yourself and get sick.

Listen to music – Inner peace, stress free

A favourite song in the background helps to improve your emotional feel, gain inner peace and relieves stress. Listening to music helps in relieving depression, enhances your mood and also will help in good sleep. Keep your volumes low so as not to disturb your neighbours.

Skin Care – Treat yourself

Treat yourself with the best face masks or any natural facials. Keep an eye on your allergic reactions. A good facial with music in the background helps in relieving stress and getting a quick power nap. Be makeup free, so your skin can breathe, revive your skin with the natural ingredients, help your partner with the skin care facials, pedicure, manicure etc.

Plan for future – Start your business plan

In the above sections, I have provided suggestions that will help you to be stress free, however it is also very important to plan for your future. In this Covid-19 crisis we would be having some slowdown of the economy worldwide, a proper planning of our future would help us to move forward. If you are thinking of expanding your local business online then you can do so by hiring a freelance web designer in Singapore, if you already have a website and are thinking of promoting your business then hire a digital marketing freelancer who could help with your needs. An investment done at the right time helps to yield more.

The above article is based on my experience when I first started to work from home. Views may differ from person to person. You could try these steps when you are staying at home or working from home to keep you occupied, improve your mood. Let’s help in breaking the chain of this virus and make a safer future. Stay home, Stay Safe, Be Happy.

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