Tips on how to design a Logo and use it for Watermark

Watermark your work, the most important aspect in this digital world. Businesses can use their logo to do a watermark. But do you know an impressive logo as a watermark helps to link back to your website or the original source. Professional logo design Singapore Freelancer could help you with the design of your custom logo.

How to design a logo and use it for watermark
How to design a logo and use it for watermark

You have an excellent skill of photography and have listed your photos online, and you find the same photo used by some other website user without giving back a credit to your work, you are left shocked. Many online users face this sort of copyright issue and can see the usage of their works by some other website users. To stop or avoid misusing the works we can watermark the images. Watermarks help to prevent the copying of the works and watermarks can be simple or complex. A simple watermark which is for instance your logo or your brand name can be in your image or the video which you have created to let the users know that the original source is from the website in the watermark.

This article is split into three, in the first part we will learn about what a logo is and what are the different options that are available to create a logo. In the second part of the article we will learn more about how to do the watermark and in the third part you can know more about Subraa, logo designer Singapore and how you can hire Subraa for logo design services.

Why do I need a logo design?

If you are interested in showcasing your works in the digital world or if you have a business or a company then you definitely need a logo. Logo is the identity of your company, your logo can also be your business name. When I say it can be your business name then it is must to follow the same lettering pattern, same colors etc this is where logo design comes into picture. Your work or company’s recognition is determined by logo design. Logo can give you a positive impression, a nice gesture to your users if designed properly else it could also throw a negative impact due to ametur design.

How do I get my logo designed?

Logo designs can be done by hiring a logo designer in Singapore or a logo design agency or downloading a template design from the readily available websites or do it yourself.

Template Logo

Downloading the already designed logo and just inserting your business name seems to be a good idea and is more cost effective with quicker turnaround time, however think again this logo template would have been downloaded by 1000 others before you or more than that. When you list your logo along with your business it would not have a great impact on your professional image. Your customers might have already seen this logo somewhere else. They would have mistaken you are the same business whose quality was not good or it is some other business service provider, you are now missing your potential customers.

Freelance Logo Designer

You need a professional custom logo design however have a budget constraint and are looking for affordable logo design services in Singapore then you can opt for professional freelancers. Freelance logo designers help to provide custom logo designs based on your business needs and target audience. Experienced designers have a logo design process wherein they start from scratch gathering the requirements, knowing your preferences, and then hand draw the concepts and digitalise. Freelance designers charges vary depending on the experience.

Logo Design Agency

Logo Design agencies have more than 2 designers work on a logo and come out with different concepts based on the business needs. Design agencies charge more than freelance designers and it is based on the budget business owners opt between companies and freelance logo designers.

Do it Yourself

If you think you can get your logo designed free of cost and you can do it on your own then yes you could do it, however hiring a professional logo designer helps with getting a logo that helps to identify you uniquely. You can use free softwares that is available to create the design. Logo designers always welcome users’ input while doing their design. They would first gather your preferences and then start designing the concepts. When you want to represent your work or company uniquely then it is a must to have a custom unique logo designed.

Create Watermark Logo

Now that you have designed your logo and are ready to place it in your works, the next step you need to do is get a png of the logo which is optimised to smaller size for web use. Your logo designer would have provided the various file formats along with your logo final deliverable. Png files are of transparent background and can be placed on the images without losing the quality and clarity of the image.

Watermarks can be added to the images using photoshop or Illustrator. You can also request your logo designer to provide a file of your logo in png with a watermark effect. Many online websites are also available for including watermarks. When you use your logo as a watermark make sure to place it in a position where people cannot edit and remove it. A watermark logo placed at the footer can be easily cut off from the image, so make sure to place it in a position so if erased will affect the quality of the photo.

Hire Subraa, Logo Designer Singapore

When you are searching for the best logo design service in Singapore, you need to learn about Subraa, logo design in Singapore Freelancer. Subraa has vast experience in designing logos and has designed over 250+ logos for businesses of all sizes and sectors. With a wide range of logo design services, Subraa has affordable solutions that fits every business needs. Logo concepts are always hand sketched by Subraa and digitalised based on the business needs. Starting from lettermark logo, combination logo, mascot logo design, minimalist logo design you can avail all logo design services at a competitive price and you can trademark the logo without any additional cost.

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