Top 5 logo features that is essential for a good logo design

Good Logo Design, isn’t the term fancy enough to know more about logos and how do you design it right. Which feature in logo design is actually considered as good and how do you want your logo design singapore to convey about your business. As a business owner you might be able to detail about your business to your customers but do you think you can do the same for everyone over the web. This is where logo design comes into picture and a professional logo design reflecting your business helps to convey about your business to all your viewers.

Logo Design Singapore - Subraa, Logo Designer
Logo Design Singapore – Subraa, Logo Designer

When you want your business to reflect who you are and what your business does all in a simple glimpse then it is a must to hire a professional logo designer. Logo Design services in Singapore are gaining popularity and many of the business owners have started to understand the importance of logo design. Logo design is not just an image, it is a reflection of your business when it comes to building your reputation online. 

A good logo design should have the below features

  1. Simple
  2. Color
  3. Font
  4. Size
  5. Relevant

Logo Design should be simple

Logo design mainly focuses on visual components. A simple minimalistic design is the one which creates the best impression among your viewers. A simple logo design is easier to understand. A simple logo design requires a good knowledge of the business, a professional logo designer and most importantly experience in designing logos. A complex logo or too many elements in a logo is not really understandable by your customers. Logo should be simple and help to connect with your customers. Simple logo doesn’t mean 

Choosing Colors for Logo 

Colors always have an emotional influence on the viewers. Choosing of colors for the logo plays an important role, this is where your visitors will emotionally get connected to your brand. Every color has its own meaning and usage of these colors helps to make or break your brand. Understanding color psychology is a must for every logo designer. The color green exhibits peace, earthy, organic etc. red is furious. When you want to showcase a luxury feeling you could choose between gold, black and pink.

Influence via Fonts

It is not just the colors which influence visually your visitors, typography also plays a major role in projecting your business image. Typography is not just the usage of fonts, it comprises the size of the text, the style of the text whether it is bold, thin, medium or normal. The letter spacing also does influence the look of the fonts. 

Serif fonts – When you like to exhibit a professional image for your brand or an established look for your business then you can opt for Serif style fonts. A trustworthy feel is built with serif fonts.

Sans serif fonts – A casual image for your company logo can be portrayed with the Sans serif fonts. Sans serif is modern and engaging and is suitable for brands to exhibit a simple look.

Script fonts – Script fonts or the curvy fonts is useful when portraying a fancy image for your brand.

Handwritten fonts – Handwritten fonts are used when you want to exhibit a friendly look however it is not useful for professional companies.

Above all, fonts are used in the logo for clear readability of your business name. Choosing a legible font combined with the perfect color could help to nail a good design.

Size of logo

Size of the logo depends on the shape which you have chosen to represent your business. The shapes are used in different forms in the logo and it also represents different characteristics of the business. Shapes are circles, oval, curvy, triangles or rectangles. Logo designers can combine the shapes to create a new one based on the creativity. In recent years responsive logos are becoming more popular, and different mediums need different sizes. Your logo may not fit in all mediums with the same structure, it is inevitable to adjust the logo based on the need and optimise the size for the best fit. 

Responsive logo design doesn’t mean you need to have different designs for different social media platforms or the print mediums. Logo designs are responsive when it is of different sized variations with the same design. Keeping the logo design style should be consistent with the original logo.

Relevant Logo Design

Your logo design must communicate about your brand, when you think how a simple logo can help to convey the brand message, your logo designer can help you with the same. Logo designs need not just have some icons or graphics your business offers, logos should convey the value of your business or any relevant information. For example a dentist logo need not mention that he is a dentist when the logo has some details regarding the dental services. If you are opting for a simple minimalistic design, then at times it becomes impossible to portray the needed information in the design, at this time you can use tag lines to help your customers understand the nature of your business. For example, “ Web Designer + Digital Marketer” a tag line like this helps your customers understand the nature of your business services.

Determine your brand personality

Although the above five features are more important for a good logo design, as a business owner before you hire a logo designer in Singapore it is important to answer the below questions which would help you to determine the brand personality or how you like your business to be projected, answering these questions will also help you to give your logo designer a brief introduction about how you want to build your brand image.

Start answering the below questions

  1. Should your brand exhibit a playful tone or a serious tone
  2. Does your brand fall under luxurious category or is it a value for money
  3. Would you like to exhibit a modern look or a classic feel
  4. Is your brand focused on Gender.
  5. Does your brand focus on young peoples or matured peoples.

The trends in design change every year and it is important for your logo to be versatile. Memorable logos are not created or designed overnight. It requires a lot of analysis and design ideas and an experienced logo designer who has a good understanding of the latest trends and marketing needs will help to create one. You could learn more about the logo design process and how much does a logo design costs in Singapore from my previous articles. 

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