Top 5 Reasons to believe that your Website needs a redesign now

These days, every business strives to make first best impression to the audience through websites. Web Development Singapore is very vital for business of any scale. If you are not owning an easy to use responsive website, then you are losing customers.

Top 5 Reasons to believe that your website needs a redesign now By Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore
Top 5 Reasons to believe that your website needs a redesign now By Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore

Reading, searching more about the services while on the go is very popular now a day. Also customers are not ready to buy a product or avail services from someone who doesn’t have any online presence or positive review and above all it is your 24/7 marketing tool. Evaluate your website based on the top 5 reasons and try to determine whether you need a website redesign with the affordable Freelance Web Designer Singapore.

When to get started with Website Redesign

Many businesses understand the need for website and has really taken initiative to have one, few companies have made some good online presence years back however have not updated according to latest trends.

I have listed out the top 5 reasons that will help you to identify the right time to invest in redesigning your website.

1. Outdated Looks
Many companies would have built the website years back, but the design is completely outdated now. Though your company performs well without an online presence it won’t every other time. Many new customers would want to search for the products you have or the services you offer, when they land in an outdated web page then they will sure loose interest. Companies value are determined by the website they own by the customers and increases trust.

2. Your website isn’t responsive
If your website isn’t responsive, then there are chances you are losing your business. Website that are device friendly scores well among customers and of course yes it helps in SEO ranking. Google recommends mobile friendly websites.

3. Poor Navigation
Not knowing where to go, what next should be done or where to do the checkout or contact you is equivalent to not having a website. Websites may have heavy graphics but always should be easily navigated. A clear call to action button, contact information is a must to have feature in the website. If your website misses those aspects, then you must definitely consider redesigning

4. You aren’t getting the result you wanted
Your website looks fine, developed very recently, responsive etc. fine, but is it getting the results you need? If you aren’t happy with the results then hire a professional freelance web designer to re-evaluate your website, analyze the missing aspects and help in redesigning to meet the conversion goals.

5. Better content Strategy
Namesake content is not effective anymore, customers need effective content and real time figures. Relevant content in your website will help you to retain the customers. Quality content will not work if placed in a wrong place, you need to redesign your website based on the placement of content relevant to customers. Include a call to action in the content for the customers to make contact.

Apart from the reasons listed above, few websites would have used third party plugins which would have been outdated and the function is not working anymore as expected. Then you may need to consider redesigning the website. You can read about website design mistakes to avoid during website development in my Freelance Web Designer Singapore Blog.

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