Top 5 Tips for Designing Navigation Menu

Navigation menu is that part of the website which greatly enhances the user’s browsing experience if designed correctly. It is the navigation menu which helps a visitor in the navigation a website. Users always abandon a website which is not easy to navigate, and this increases the bounce rate, and ultimately adversely affects the ranking of the website. Therefore, it should be designed carefully as it affects the usability and performance of the website.

Here are the top 5 tips a good freelance website designer Singapore always consider while creating a website navigation menu:

  1. Number of Menu Items: Navigation menu populated with too many menu items not only looks unappealing but also waste the time of the user as he needs to read more. A good website serves the purpose of the user’s visit quickly and easily. Therefore, it is recommended to keep navigation menu items not more than seven.
  2. Descriptive Titles: Menu items with descriptive titles are easy to understand for the user and the search engine as well. Just like a visitor, the search engine crawler also reads the content of the navigation menu while crawling.
  3. Depth of Levels: Make sure that the user gets what he is looking for in not more three clicks from the homepage. More than three is neither user nor search engine friendly.
  4. Logo-Homepage Navigation: On many websites, the brand logo is nothing more than an image. However, most of the internet users click on the brand logo for going back to the homepage. If the click on the brand logo is not taking the user back to the homepage then it will make the user reluctant to your website.
  5. Drop Down Menus: The user has to navigate and read more if items are listed in a dropdown menu. When there are multiple dropdown menus in the navigation menu and the user does not know in which dropdown he can find the item of his interest, he will simply abandon the website.

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