What is a CMS and Why should you use WordPress

CMS stands for Content Management System; when you hire a freelance web designer in Singapore, they will provide the option for you whether you would like to build the website in Content Management System or a static informational website. As a business owner, you may be new to many terms in website design like CMS, Domain, Hosting, SEO, SMM, SEM etc. that your web designer refers to; in this article, I would detail the most popular acronym CMS used in the website design industry and also about the widely used CMS.

What is a CMS and Why should you use WordPress
What is a CMS and Why should you use WordPress – Subraa, Freelance Web Designer in Singapore

Content management systems are your solution to efficiently manage the content yourself without waiting for any technical team. In simpler terms, you can edit, create, and manage content with an easy-to-use interface without knowing how to code.

Why should you use a CMS?

If you need to create a website, you must know how to code; although you hire a website design freelancer to build your website, managing the website also needs technical assistance. CMS websites are easy to manage without coding knowledge the software does that for you; we will explore a few more benefits of using CMS. With content management systems it is easy to build an online store, create blogs, create functionality websites with prebuilt plugins.

Know the difference between Static Websites and CMS Websites.

Static Informational website design and development is done in HTML; they are simple websites suitable for businesses who need an online presence and are not frequent in updating their website. CMS websites are built using a software application with all the prebuilt web building tools that help create, edit, and manage content with a simple, easy-to-use editor.

Static websites have their own advantages and disadvantages, like lower development cost, faster page load, higher maintenance charges etc. We would see more about static informational websites in my other article and would concentrate more on CMS websites in this article.

Content Management Systems are easy to use; many free plugins are available, which help to develop the functionality required with ease. Plugin customisation needs coding knowledge, and your freelance web designer can help you with that.

Static Vs CMS Websites
Static Website Vs CMS Websites – Know the difference, Subraa – Freelance Website Designer Singapore

Now that you know the importance of a Content Management System for your new website. When you hire a freelance web designer in Singapore, you would have heard the term WordPress CMS. We will now see the advantages of using WordPress for your next website design and development.  WordPress is the most popular CMS widely used over the web; with its easy website building features, you can easily create your website within your budget. Business websites or any online portfolio websites built has the main purpose of attracting clients; when I say clients, it is quality customers. When you have a website that is easily accessible and works well on all devices, you are probably at a higher chance of attracting your potential customers; responsive websites are mandatory for any website design and development. To stand out from the crowd with a unique website design for your business is crucial. Subraa provides unique website design and development for his customers based on their business needs. You can now contact Subraa for affordable WordPress website design and development.

Why WordPress - Subraa, Freelance WordPress Website Designer
Why WordPress – Subraa, Freelance WordPress Website Designer

WordPress has lots of themes and plugins available for free to customize based on your requirements; it is easier to build a website of your dreams using WordPress than static websites. Below are a few of the key advantages of using WordPress for your website.

WordPress is free to use

WordPress CMS is free to download and modify based on your website design needs. Your website designer will help to install, modify and customise based on your business requirements. When you hire Subraa, freelance web designer in Singapore you get a custom WordPress website design based on your business needs with free* domain and hosting. 

WordPress CMS is easy to use

Easy to use backend with flexible features makes WordPress easy for novice users. A simple dashboard with the options to create pages and customise menus etc., makes it more preferable to use by beginners.

Free Plugins

Starting from backup to customisable forms, most of the plugins are free in WordPress; however, if you have any specific requirement, your freelance web designer will customise the plugin for you or provide you the option to go for premium plugins. Your website designer will be able to advise you on this.


Be it WordPress themes or plugins; they are easily customisable based on your requirements. Although there are many free website templates to choose from, it is advisable to go for custom WordPress website design and development based on your business needs.

Drag and drop options, free backup plugins, analytics and regular WordPress updates make it more preferable among website designers and business owners.

Subraa, Website Design Offers
Subraa-Freelance Web Designer Singapore- Website Design Offers

If you are a business owner who frequently updates your website, then the best option is to go for WordPress CMS website design and development. Bespoke WordPress website design and development are not cheap, website design requires lots of effort and man hours and it cannot be cheap, however Subraa has affordable solutions to help boost the new business owners. If you would like to know how much will to cost to build a WordPress website, it depends on your requirements. The hours to build your website also depends on your requirements. The timeline is crucial to have a quality website. If you would like to have a WordPress theme customisation then you can call Subraa to learn more about the process involved. WordPress CMS can be used to create many types of websites, starting from the blog, business websites, eCommerce Websites etc. I hope this article helped you understand more about WordPress website design and development, and the difference between static and CMS websites. Subraa, freelance web developer in Singapore has over 14+ years of experience in the industry, helping clients of various domains build their online presence. Subraa, also specialises in Logo design, SEO and SEM. You can now avail the startup package at a more affordable cost to help boost your business.


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