Why, When and How to redesign your old Website

The digital world is upgrading fast and we are adapting to technologies as we upgrade. Changes are inevitable, be it freelance web designer in Singapore or Logo designer in Singapore adapting to changes and advising the clients of the latest trends in the digital market and helping them with the needs are necessary. A very confusing rather difficult question for many of the business owners is when should I think of redesigning my website? Or is it really necessary to revamp my existing website as I already have developed spending much to a freelance web designer.

Why, When and How to redesign your Old Website by Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore
Why, When and How to redesign your Old Website by Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore

Why does my website need a redesign?

When you have a website done more recently from a cheap web design / low cost web design agency then you may not expect the website to be more functional or lead to conversion. Web Design Freelance service providers need to understand the fact that not all designs convert. Also, the clients must understand the fact that quality products are not always cheap. A professional freelancer who has experience in web design would be able to help you with the key points your website is missing to drive in traffic. Using a theme and just adding contents which are not user friendly will not work. The website is built for your customers and not for the business owners. If your website doesn’t bring in traffic or is not helping in conversion then it is time to redesign.

Website Redesign Offers and Promotions by Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore
Website Redesign Offers and Promotions by Subraa, Freelance Web Designer Singapore

Is it the right time to do a redesign of my website?

Business owners might have this question, is it the right time to do a redesign of my website as I already have a web presence. When your website is not able to accommodate your changes or has a restriction for your enhancement then yes you have to redesign your website. When you can’t update your website regularly or your website looks outdated and not keeping up with the latest design trends then it is good to redesign. Redesigning a website cannot be done as and when you require, it is must to hire a professional freelance web designer in Singapore who could help you guide through the latest trends and could also build a website that helps to convert.

WordPress CMS is powering the internet and you might have built the website in a static base and it is very difficult to update your website frequently. CMS has the power to manage your website without any programming knowledge and frequent updating of the content is very easy. Google search engine also gives priority to the websites which are updated frequently. If you would like to benefit from SEO then faster loading of the website, mobile and device compatibility plays an important role.


Design process from a client’s perspective is very easy, however it requires lots of effort from a Web Designer Singapore to layout the website. Web Design involves wireframing the proposed design based on the business needs, usage of colors, coding the website and filling up the writeups and do a thorough testing. The before and after of the website design always shows why your website needed a redesign badly. Are you ready to do a website revamp/redesign at a very affordable cost in Singapore? Contact Subraa.

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