Why is WordPress ideal for e-commerce website development?

The internet not only offers convenience but it is also vulnerable. And, when it comes to launching an online business, safety is the key concern as the internet is equally and impartially useful for both good and bad guys. Therefore, people are always all set to shred some extra greenbacks to fortifying their e-commerce website. There is a general belief; anything that is inexpensive or free is either unsafe or inefficient. Since, it is open source and free, this misconception exists in the case of WordPress also. However, the greater part of website designers and developers count on this trustworthy blogging, content management system, and web development platform. There is wisdom behind using it e-commerce website development. Here are the reasons why it is the ideal for e-commerce web development:

  1. It is the most trusted: Over 50% websites are developed and maintained using WordPress. The number WordPress users counts to millions and therefore, those who are working on the development WordPress, dutifully and constantly strengthens it to resist various potential security vulnerabilities and threats.
  2. Security Plugins: With WordPress, the functionality of your website can be extended a great level. It has a huge plugin directory of a good number free and premium security plugins. Simply install the top reviewed one and configure it correctly.
  3. Password Security: Insecure password means insecure website. That is why plugin directory has several handy plugins for imposing some constraints to forcing the user to choose a strong and complex password.
  4. SSL certification: This certificate makes sure that the data transferred over transmission protocols like HTTP is encrypted and secured. It is the responsibility of the website admin to obtain this certificate.
  5. Trusted e-commerce platforms: WordPress supports well-accepted e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and security of these platforms have never been questioned so far.

Without a doubt, WordPress is ideal for the development of e-commerce websites. However, it cannot protect a website from vulnerabilities if a plugin, theme or the WordPress itself is erroneously configured. And, you should also take into services of an intelligent and qualified freelance WordPress developer in Singapore for your e-commerce project.

29 Jan 2024

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