Writing SEO Friendly Website Source Code

A few years ago, search engine optimization was considered after the website was developed and deployed. However, in order to compete and strengthen their online presence, clients these days are expecting website developers to consider search engine optimization right from the website design and development. And, this is the reason why a freelance website developer considers SEO while designing and developing a website. Clients should always look for a developer who in addition to the website development is also aware of SEO. Web browser, Google, and all other search engines read the code of a website.

The title tag is one of the essential and most important elements of a web page. When the user searchs for something, whatever is there in this tag appears as the blue colored title of a result available on Google search engine results pages (SERP). A developer having knowledge of SEO always uses one important keyword in the title tag. Meta description is another important piece of code found in the head tag along with title tag. Meta description is the text appearing just below the title of a result on Google SERP and it should also contain important keywords associated with the webpage.

H1 heading tag contains the main heading of the page. Apart from being engaging, it should also contain an important keyword. Internal links and anchor text are other two important elements of a webpage and both get the attention of the search engine. Image alt tags are also important, especially for eCommerce websites. Google relies on this tag to know what the image is about and uses the text inside this tag to include that image in searched results.

To develop an optimized website, it is important to write optimized website code and this is what Subraa does. Subraa is an experienced freelance website developer in Singapore who also stays up to date with SEO to develop user-friendly and optimized websites.

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