6 Essential Components of a Visually Appealing Website Design

A user visits a websites to get some sort of information and the information has the power of influencing the purchasing decisions. The visual appeal of a website has an influence on what that particular user is going to buy. There are numerous stats, facts and figures demonstrating the effect of look and feel of the website on the mind of the user. According to Digital Influence Index 2012, more than 89% of customers count on Google to access the information they require to make the purchasing decision. Now this fact has an element of surprise, according to Harvard, a user takes only 50 to 500 milliseconds to conclude if the website can serve his needs or not.


Content is king only when the design is impressive. The first impression is the best impression and it is the design that leaves the first impressions.According to Stanford Web Credibility Research, More than 75% of the users judge credibility of a website on the basis of its design.

Therefore, the visual appeal matters a lot. Here are the 7 essential components that every website must have:


Colors should be chosen carefully to convey the message of the brand. Dull and boring colors keep your audience at the bay. They have the potential of adding an element of emotions in the website. So, choose colors that are loved by the audience.          


Just like color, font style and size used in the website also plays a key role in improving its visual appeal. Font should be based on the message you want to convey to your audience.

Images and graphics

This component of the web design plays important role not in perking up the visual appeal but also in delivering the information your audience is looking for. These days, every website is using Infographics to deliver a message in more attractive and interactive manner.


Never confuse your visitor. Simple is better. Complexity puts a spanner in the usability of the website and lures away your potential customers.


Never make your visitor to dig deep. Now you know very well, it takes a split of second for a visitor to form an opinion. So, make it user-friendly.               


Text, images and graphics should be clearly visible. Always use sharp and high quality images.

Every experienced web designer carefully embeds these 6 components in the web design to maximize its productivity. You can hire an experienced and cheap freelance web designer in Singapore for the development of your website.

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